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Tommy Lee and the Street Drum Corps' Frank Zummo present Bezerk - an exclusive project commissioned by Guitar Center, featuring some of today's top drummers and artists - as part of the Drum-Off Grand Finals at The Wiltern in Los Angeles. Performing in front of a capacity crowd, the line-up of artists includes Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Matt Sorum (Guns 'N Roses, Velvet Revolver), José Pasillas (Incubus), DJ Aero, Sully Erna (Godsmack), and Jay Weinberg. Hosted by Jane's Addiction drummer Stephen Perkins and Mighty Mike, the historic evening also includes an emotional tribute to Led Zeppelin's John Bonham by his son Jason Bonham and guests Glenn Hughes and Joe Bonamassa. An exclusive collaborative performance by Tool's Danny Carey and Brann Dailor of Mastodon is a further highlight of the event. Nineteen-year-old Ramon Sampson from Cordova, Tennessee beats four other Drum-Off finalists from all across the U.S., winning a prize package worth more than $40,000 and earning the title of Guitar Center's Drum-Off champion. Guitar Center also inducts drum icons Billy Cobham and John Bonham into Guitar Center's Drum Legends as part of the evening's festivities.

Tommy drops by The Public Record booth at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Vince Neil flies out from his Las Vegas hometown on the inaugural flight of his new charter jet service Vince Neil Aviation. He heads to the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean with wife Lia, after celebrating their fifth anniversary last weekend. Vince Neil Aviation is ready to offer flight services to New York, Europe and south of the U.S. border. The company will operate a Learjet 35, a Hawker 700 and one additional jet. Vince will also use them for his solo concert tour in South America next month.

Vince launches his Tres Rios Tequila in the Caribbean with a two-hour meet-and-greet at Tortuga Liquors, where he autographs specially-priced bottles purchased during the event. Later in the evening, he performs a solo show at The Brick House where patrons also enjoy his tequila cocktails served by Tortuga Rum Co.

Vince cancels his scheduled attendance at the private opening beach party for the Cayman Cookout sponsored by Food & Wine magazine, the Ritz Carlton, and the Cayman Islands Tourist Board. He was also scheduled to play a solo concert at the Grand Cayman Hard Rock Café later in the evening.

Mick Mars attends the annual NAMM convention in Anaheim, meeting fans in the Fender and Marshall booths.

Playing a free concert to celebrate the two-year anniversary of his bar Feelgood's in West Palm Beach, Florida, Vince performs the Sex Pistols' classic No Feelings during his set. The song is also said to be included as a second cover version on his forthcoming solo album.

Mötley Crüe commences the first of ten Canadian concerts on their Dead of Winter Tour with The Joe Perry Project and Airbourne in Victoria, British Columbia before a near-capacity audience of 5,300. The stage is set-up with an imitation rock backdrop and a steampunk theme to the microphone stands and the face of Tommy's bass drum, which is adorned with different-sized metal cogs.

Nikki confirms his split with girlfriend Kat Von D by saying, "I want to wish Katherine nothing but the best in her life. She has loved and inspired the hell out of me and I know I have done the same for her in these almost two years we ruled the earth together. We are taking a break from our relationship for reasons that we will choose to keep personal. You won't find me saying a bad word about her and I don’t believe visa versa; we have too much wonderful history together to ever deface that.

Security usher a couple out their upper bowl seats in Winnipeg's MTS Centre for having sex during the first four songs of Mötley Crüe's concert. No charges are laid and the venue does not call police, deeming being kicked of the concert is enough punishment.

Nikki issues a buyer beware statement to fans: "Years ago an unauthorised biography called An Education in Rebellion was written about me without my approval or support. It was never endorsed. In fact, I disapproved and considered legal action because I felt fans were getting ripped off by being sold a book without my involvement. I feel fans have bought it under the assumption that I approved of it because the writers have collected interviews from people that make it seem relevant. These people who were interviewed have told me afterwards that they had no idea that their conversations were being used for an unauthorised book. I want to say that I do not, now or ever, approve of people riding the coattails of other people's hard work and personal lives - this is criminal, in my opinion. This is no different than what the paparazzi does or the gossipy crap that perches like vultures on our newsstands with magazines like the National Enquirer. The writer and publisher are now 're-releasing' the book with updated information based on my success with Mötley Crüe, Sixx: A.M., The Heroin Diaries and other ventures I'm involved in. It's scummy at best, to be honest. My attorneys have already sent them legal letters directing them to stop, but they know the loopholes and how to get around them. Believe it or not, the law allows anyone to write a book about anyone else without getting proper permission, which is really crazy, because my fans think this was endorsed or approved by me, and it's not. This is sad. These people are now partnering up with a company to sell ownership rights to the book's master rights, even though they are my life rights - again, bordering on scum. As a fan of music, I do not buy anything unauthorised, because I know, unless the artist signs off on it, it's hearsay, gossip, and made up to pad the pockets of the writers, publishers, etc. Their website gives people the false impression that these 'auctions' have the fans buying some portion of revenues that go to artists or songwriters. In my case, at least, nothing could be further from the truth. Nothing comes to me or my family. It's hurtful. It's this kind of thing that makes me even more excited to do the Sixx Sense radio show. I look forward to shining a spotlight on issues like this one - issues that go unnoticed and issues that may otherwise slip through the cracks. In the end, I worry about the fans being ripped off. I cannot (nor can any of my friends in the public eye) stop these bottom feeders. If you want to know about Mötley Crüe, get The Dirt. If you want to know about band members, get their individual books, but don't support this type of behaviour on this or any artists... They say they're excited to share this with fans and that may be so, but if it's not about the money... then donate it to charity."

After wrapping up their own headlining show nearby, Cheap Trick singer Robin Zander and fellow guitarist Rick Nielsen walk on stage during the Crüe's concert in Toronto and greet the band and audience.

Mötley Crüe plays the last show of their Dead of Winter Canadian Tour in front of seven thousand people in Montreal.

Tommy DJs the Superbowl Celebrity DJ Bash with T-Pain at Play nightclub in Miami Beach, Florida.

"Sixx Sense with Nikki Sixx" is launched on rock/alternative music radio stations. Hosted by Nikki, the program airs nationwide Monday through Friday from 7pm to midnight local time. Each night, Nikki discusses music and lifestyle topics as he gives listeners a backstage look at the world and mind of a rock star. Delivered with his unique perspective and attitude, Nikki welcomes celebrity guests, recording artists and fascinating characters from all walks of life. In addition, Nikki hosts a two-hour original weekend program titled "The Side Show Countdown with Nikki Sixx" from this month. He'll air top-charting songs, showcase new and emerging artists, and welcome guests from the worlds of music and entertainment. The program will be available for air Saturday or Sunday between 6am and midnight local time. Nikki will broadcast both programs from Premiere's Los Angeles studios.

Nikki says Sixx: A.M. is busy working on their new album. "DJ la down some guitars yesterday. Today is bass and a new tune we're just finishing up. Some very Sixx: A.M. turns on this album. I don't remember laughing this much in the studio in a long time. I imagine there is over two albums worth of material written, but just like last time, it will probably be a single album - the cream always rises to the top!"

The Vince Neil Band commences their South American tour in Santiago, Chile before continuing to play sold-out shows in Bolivia, Argentina and Brazil.

Discussing work on the next Sixx: A.M. album, Nikki says, "Creating new music is like a rollercoaster ride marked by the highest highs and the lowest lows. This dose of high highs and low lows doubles while writing a book that requires me to uncover things from my past I have either forgotten about or chosen to keep hidden away. Finally, flushing these waves of emotional honesty through the lens of photography whilst meshing the words and music together is exhausting, almost to the point of becoming spiritual. The last few weeks in the studio with Sixx: A.M. has been intense and exhilarating (not to mention a fucking blast). We finished two more new tunes yesterday. One will rip your heart out and leave it torn to pieces on the floor, and one is going to rip your face off. Either way, you're pretty much fucked; I know I am. I don't see this project as just another 'rock' record. This is a very important album to us as we are constantly struggling for greatness and trying to push the envelope. It's not only musically, but also lyrically condensed into these very potent little potions that I feel are open to interpretation. When the whole project unfolds, I hope people will be blindsided by the big picture. I feel we're pushing ourselves further beyond what we, as a band, ever expected."

Vince offers the self-titled first single and video from his forthcoming Tattoos And Tequila solo album to fans as a free download from after an unofficial version leaked on the Internet. The single was written and produced by Marti Frederiksen.

Tommy says the title of his forthcoming Methods of Mayhem album will be titled A Public Disservice Announcement. The first single Time Bomb will be released this month and the full album is scheduled for release in May, when it will become the world's first album created by mass-scale global collaboration. Electronic files of songs written by Tommy and his team were made available on on October 5 last year. By the end of the submission period last month, the page was viewed over 1 million times and over 10,000 submissions were uploaded. Tommy, his producer Scott Humphrey and Methods of Mayhem band members listened to about 1,500 submissions a week - over 200 a day. Tommy listened to every single submission that was uploaded, chose the best, and integrated the actual audio tracks into the album's final cuts. Tommy says, "This really was one of the most incredible experiences I've had making a record, other than the first time I made a record, because there's nothing quite like popping your cherry! This record was the craziest thing ever. Parts were sent in from all over the world by people wanting to participate. It was insane dude!" A tour for later this year is being planned and Tommy says, "There's some technology out there right now video and lighting wise that is blowing my mind. I do a rock band with Mötley. Methods is not going to be that kind of set up. I want something like Daft Punk but unique to this. I want a real robot playing bass. I want the show to start at the mixing board. I want to do everything you're not supposed to do and hope it works. This is going to be something else, something I've never done before - that's my goal."

Vince rolls out his new airline fleet to launch Vince Neil Aviation, based at McCarran Airport’s Signature Terminal in Las Vegas. His first three jets - a Hawker 700, a Lear 35 and a Gulfstream - are decked out rock'n'roll-themed furnishings and painted flames fuselage. Vince says, "The Hawker will hold eight passengers and fly non-stop from Las Vegas to New York. The Lear holds seven but will make one fuel stop en route to New York. All three are perfect for short, fast hops from Las Vegas to Phoenix, Aspen, California cities, Mexico and Canada. In fact, I took the Gulfstream down to South America for our last tour, and we stopped in Aruba for a few days’ vacation on the way home to Vegas.”

Mötley Crüe's song Girls, Girls, Girls becomes available as a downloadable song for Activision Publishing, Inc.'s Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero, as part of the '80s track pack.

John Corabi plays an acoustic show at Blackmore Rock Bar in Sao Paulo, Brazil as part of a five-date South American tour.

Mick tweets that he is working on a new solo CD in his studio.

As part of his Sixx Sense radio show, Nikki hosts a one-hour Inside Slash special featuring an in-depth interview with Slash about his first solo CD.

John Corabi will join Tracii Guns' version of L.A. Guns and Faster Pussycat for a U.S. tour dubbed The Triple Threat Tour from mid-July through August.

Mick has recorded a guest appearance on the forthcoming Murderdolls full-length album titled Women and Children Last. Front-man Wednesday 13 says, "We had Mick Mars come in and play guitar on two tracks, Drug Me to Hell and Blood-stained Valentine. He came in, spent a day and worked on the songs. It was something that Joey Jordison and I talked about. We didn't want to have any guests on this record whatsoever, but we were talking about it and we did this song Drug Me to Hell. We were about to do the guitar solo and I was thinking it had a Mick Mars kind of vibe to it. We knew someone who knew Mick, they called, it was done and he was there in three days recording the tracks. It was really cool to have a guy that I grew up idolizing playing on my record. It is a really cool thing. He is a great guitar player and I consider him to be one of the villains of rock. Our manager used to manage Mötley Crüe too so he is used to dealing with our shit. He called up Mick and it was done. It was a really cool experience and it was an honour to have him on the record. I can't wait for people to hear it, it's great and it sounds like Mick Mars. You will know it immediately."

Frontiers Records will releases the new Vince Neil solo album Tattoos & Tequila across Europe on June 4. The album includes two new songs produced by Marti Frederiksen - Tattoos & Tequila, and Another Bad Day - along with a selection of covers songs of bands that were an influence on Vince. These versions were produced by Vince and Jack Blades. The full track-listing is: 1, Tattoos & Tequila / 2. He's A Whore (Cheap Trick) / 3. AC/DC (Sweet) / 4. Nobody's Fault (Aerosmith) / 5. Another Bad Day / 6. No Feelings (Sex Pistols) / 7. Long Cool Woman (The Hollies) / 8. Another Piece Of Meat (Scorpions) / 9. Who Will Stop The Rain (Credence Clearwater Revival) / 10. Viva Las Vegas (Elvis Presley) / 11. Bitch Is Back (Elton John) / Bonus track available on first pressing in digipak: 12. Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers (ZZ Top).

Nikki tells Billboard that work on the next Sixx:A.M. album is in the final stages, "We've got a lot of songs and we're in the final home stretch of buttoning all those songs up. It's definitely going to be this year - or in a perfect world, it will be this year. I don't want to jinx it." The new album will be another concept piece, but he isn't revealing the storyline yet.

John Corabi tells Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles that he's relocated to Nashville, Tennessee where he’s writing songs for country music stars, after some writers heard material from his albums with Mötley, The Scream and Union and thought it would be cool to write acoustically with him. John also continues work on his forthcoming solo album, which promises to be a diverse affair, "As much as I love a lot of metal bands and rock bands, the bands I like were really diverse like Zeppelin, Queen, The Beatles, even Aerosmith to a degree. I just like diversity. I don’t sit down with anything in mind when I write; I just write. There’s a song that we do acoustically called If I Never Get To Say Goodbye. With the right production, it could be a country song, but it still has some balls to it. It’s got a bit of a southern vibe; I don’t know how you would word it. I just think it’s a great song. I love the song. I don’t know what category it falls into, nor do I care." In terms of plans for the songs' release, John explains, "Once I get twelve songs together, what I want to do is put four songs out at a time and get those going while I’m working on the next four. Then once we have twelve songs, put them on an album for the diehards that want the lyrics and artwork, maybe even some vinyl. It’s kind of exciting. There are no parameters and I don’t think there should be.

John also says he's been working on a TV show idea with some people in Los Angeles, "It’s a production company called The Conlin Group and a woman named Sheila Conlin. She loves the idea. It’s a really cool kind of... you know the Extreme Home Makeover show, it’s kind of like that, but not as extreme. It’s a bunch of lunatic friends of mine riding around on motorcycles like Robin Hood, doing good deeds for people.”

Vince hosts the 14th annual Skylar Neil Memorial Golf Tournament at Lost Canyons Golf Club in Simi Valley, California. The charity tournament raises money to help eradicate childhood illness.

Nikki says, "Just finished all the bass tracks on the Sixx: A.M. album this week. James and I have a few lyric re-writes before he starts laying down final vocals. Listening back to all the songs the other day really put the album in perspective on how far we've pushed ourselves. I think the biggest challenge now is lyrically to outdo what we've done musically."

The Vince Neil solo album Tattoos & Tequila is released in Europe on Frontier Records. The album includes two new songs: the opening title track and Another Bad Day, which is said to have been originally written by Nikki for Mötley Crüe's release of New Tattoo in 2000 and just missed the cut but was actually written by Nikki, James Michael and Tracii Guns four or five years ago in the lead-up to the Red, White & Crüe album but dropped because Tommy didn't like it. The rest of the album features Cheap Trick’s song He's A Whore that Vince was singing in his band Rockandi when the rest of the Mötley members first saw him sing before the Crüe formed. The Crüe also jammed on the song during the Theatre of Pain recording sessions.

Tommy organises a rave party for the fourteenth birthday celebration of his eldest son Brandon. Tommy says, "I bought a huge sound system, lights, Glo-sticks… The cops came three times and he was so pumped. He was like, 'Dad, this is the coolest thing; my party got closed down by the cops.'"

Fight Song is released online as the first track from Tommy's next Methods of Mayhem album titled A Public Disservice Announcement, due for release on September 21.

The Vince Neil Tres Rios Cantina at the Las Vegas Hilton has its grand opening. The themed bar features Vince's Tres Rios tequila along with memorabilia and photographs from his extensive collection of awards, costumes and instruments from his storied career. Vince says, "This year is all about tattoos and tequila for me with my record and new book coming this fall, and now the Vince Neil Tres Rios Cantina at the Las Vegas Hilton. Who's luckier than me?"

Tommy will star in an episode of the hit TV show Californication, playing the role of a singer who has an encounter with Hank (David Duchovny) while performing at a hotel bar. He joins previously announced Season 4 guest stars Rob Lowe and Lenny Kravitz's daughter Zoe for the show's return to Showtime across the U.S. next fall.

Poison singer Bret Michaels, who has recently battled an appendectomy, a brain haemorrhage and a mild stroke, is keen for his band to tour with Mötley Crüe next year, telling, "I think it would be killer to do something with Mötley Crüe. Me and Vince Neil are really great friends, and we're talking about doing something really cool with the two of us solo, or maybe it could be Mötley Crüe and Poison, their 30th anniversary and our 25th, and go out together. It could be the 55th anniversary of Mötley Crüe and Poison! I think that would be awesome."

Vince performs Another Piece of Meat with the Scorpions during their headlining set at the M3 Rock Festival in Columbia, Maryland.

After attending the Daytime Emmy Awards and stopping by his Tres Rios Cantina at the Las Vegas Hilton, Vince gets into an altercation with a female taking photos of him out the front of the hotel after he asked her not to, and he subsequently knocks her camera down. The Las Vegas Police Department is informed of the incident around 11:53pm and officers look out for him. Police also receive a call about an erratic driver and pull Vince over nearly two blocks away near Las Vegas Blvd. Officers detect alcohol and he is given a field sobriety test and placed under arrest for suspicion of DUI. He is taken to the Clark County Detention Center where he is booked for one count of Driving Under the Influence of Liquor and posts $2,000 bail within the hour. He is due is court on September 27. Vince was previously arrested in 2007 on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol after police noticed him driving erratically in his Ferrari, but he managed to work out a deal with prosecutors in which he pled no contest to reckless driving in exchange for having the DUI charge dropped. According to Nevada state law, people who are convicted of DUI twice in seven years must serve anywhere from 10 days to six months in jail. Vince was previously sentenced to 30 days in jail and five years' probation for the vehicular manslaughter of Hanoi Rocks drummer Nicholas 'Razzle' Dingley after an accident in 1984 in which he was driving under the influence of alcohol. He paid $2.6 million to the victims and performed 200 hours of community service.

Tommy performs on stage during the BET Awards at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, playing drums for Ludacris' performance of My Chick Bad and a rap by Nicki Minaj. He also drums on the song All I Do Is Win with Rick Ross, Busta Rhymes, T-Pain and Diddy to close the show.

Admitting he had been drinking when Las Vegas police arrested him, Vince tells MORE, "I made a mistake. I shouldn’t have been driving. I should have gotten a limo from the Hilton." Vince says he was "slightly over the limit" when he was arrested.

Vince's new solo album Tattoos & Tequila sells 7,500 copies in the United States in its first week of release and debuts at #57 on The Billboard 200 chart.

The Side Show with Nikki Sixx premieres on Los Angeles radio station 98-7fm on Saturday. The nationally syndicated weekend program from Premiere Radio Networks spotlights Nikki in his role as radio host and tastemaker. In addition to featuring chart-topping music each week, Nikki spotlights new and emerging artists, talks with guests from all areas of entertainment, and shares his personal new music picks. Nikki says, "Los Angeles has been my home since the days even before Mötley Crüe, so I am beyond excited that The Side Show has found a home at 98-7fm. This is the station I listen to - my friends listen to it, my family listens to it. It's the station I wanted to be on and I'm psyched to get started."

Wearing black silk pyjamas, Vince joins Camp Freddy on stage at The Pearl inside the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas for the event Debauchery in the Desert. Guests also wear lingerie and pyjamas while enjoying the jam set from Dave Navarro, Billy Morrison, Matt Sorum, Donovan Leitch, Chris Chaney, plus additional guest vocalists.

Nikki says he is working on a book of his photography that will also explain why the photography looks the way it does. The book goes back to him being a kid and why he sees things the way he sees them and what's the positive side of it. It will contain lots of edgy shots with a lot of messages and feeling to them, and it will tie-in with the forthcoming Sixx:A.M. album. He also says, "We're putting together all the final pieces for the Mötley Crüe movie. There'll be a tour behind that in 2011."

Mötley's classic ballad Home Sweet Home is featured in one of three new Yahoo! Lip Sync commercials to promote Yahoo!'s search engine. Developed by ad agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners and Hungry Man director Bryan Buckley, the campaign consists of three thirty-second spots set to popular tracks from Mötley Crüe, Kanye West and Lionel Richie. Each spot paints a picture of a man or woman discontent with their daily routine and introduces a purple door with a Yahoo! Ringer as a gateway into an exciting world conjured up by its dreamer. Home Sweet Home transports a man from his living room into a surreal alternate universe - complete with a NASCAR driver playing the piano while on fire, a western brawl, a mechanical bull ride, and more. At the end of each spot the dreamer is slowly brought back to reality as a Yahoo! search page appears behind them to 'reveal' their customised search results while characters from the music videos interact with them in their original environments.

Nikki celebrates the launch of his brand new 98-7fm weekend radio show The Side Show with Nikki Sixx by having a raucous party in the Hollywood Tower. He says the new Sixx: A.M. album is just about finished and it's pretty magical. Discussing his next book that is 99% finished, he says, "The Heroin Diaries was really a year in my life, and it showed my addiction and recovery. If you to peel the onion and go deeper to the core, you've got to go back to when I was six- or seven-years-old. You have to go back to what happened to me as a child and how I got from that point to being a teenager, then from being a teen to starting Mötley Crüe and becoming an addict. Then recovery… we know that story, but what we don't know is what happened when I was so young and how that, going through my brain, was filtered out into all of these different artistic things I do. I'm a photographer. All of my photography is based around a lot of what happened when I was much younger. A lot of what I do in Mötley Crüe is based around that too, but people don't know what that is. By reading the book, you're going to start when I was a kid. It's exciting for me because the book has about 150 of my photographs in it as well, so you start to see the tie-in between who I was as a kid, who I am as an adult and then what happened in that journey and how this fucked-up brain of mine works. You see why it works the way it does, why I'm so positive in my life and why all of that positivity turns into successful things that I do. Everyone I'm around is successful because I don't lose at anything I do, and it all goes back to the beginning."

Nikki also recently played bass on Hollywood Undead's version of Shout at The Devil. When asked how it came to be, he says, "Danny Lohner was producing Hollywood Undead, and he told me the guys were going to do a version of Shout at the Devil. I said, "Cool, when do you want me to show up and play bass?" And, he said, "Really?" I was like, "Yeah!" It's funny because they didn't think that they could "afford" me, and I go, "Why would I charge someone to play bass?" He started laughing! I just said, "Listen, I'll be there at 4 pm and I'll be gone at 4:04 pm. Just be sure the bass is tuned. That's how long the song is. I'm going to do one take and be in-and-out." I drove up the street, pulled into his driveway, walked in the house, the bass was plugged in, I played the song one time and left. He just said, "Do what you do!" I've never even heard it, but I loved that they were doing the song and I like the band so I just went for it."

Tommy says he's trying to get his Methods of Mayhem tune Fight Song placed with the UFC or mixed martial arts. "That song is right up their alley. I kind of wrote it for that," he says. The first single from the new album will be Timebomb and he started shooting the video for it last night. Chino Moreno from the Deftones sings on the dark and eerie track Only One, while DeadMau5 worked on the electro tune Party Instructions with him.

Vince accepts a Hall Of Fame Award on behalf of Mötley Crüe at The Relentless Energy Drink Kerrang! Awards at The Brewery in London.

Mötley Crüe kicks off their run of European festivals with a performance at England's Sonisphere festival.

Las Vegas attorney Lenard Schwartzer files a complaint in Clark County District Court against Vince for failure to pay about $16,000 in legal fees and costs, eight months after settling Vince's five-year-old bankruptcy case. In 2005, Vince filed for Chapter 7 protection after amassing $1.5 million in debts, including $4,400 in IRS claims, according to court documents. He also owed more than $714,000 in secured claims and $784,000 in unsecured claims, the documents said. At the time, Vince listed $208,000 in personal property. He is also reported to have split with his wife Lia.

A severe thunderstorm hits Sonisphere festival in Pori, Finland forcing the cancellation of Mötley Crüe's performance and causing damage to their equipment. Strong gusts of freak winds damage the stages and knock down tents and fences. Around forty people are injured and receive treatment in hospital, two of them seriously injured. Iggy Pop manages to play an acoustic four-song set while Alice Cooper borrows Slayer's kit to perform, before Iron Maiden closes the festival. Having completed their European shows, the Crüe heads back to the U.S. while the organisers say Mötley Crüe will perform at next year’s Sonisphere.

Having reconciled with girlfriend Kat Von D and had her with him on the European tour, Nikki’s relationship with her comes to an end again when she breaks off her relationship with him in the plane on the way back to America.

Nikki says the time his recently spent in Europe for Mötley Crüe's tour "was one of the best times of my life. Not only were the crowds great but I also had such a wonderful time having Kat along with me for the whole tour." He says the new Sixx: A.M. album is almost finished and his tie-in book is almost complete too, tentatively titled This Is Gonna Hurt, following his original idea of calling it Seven Deadly Sins. Looking further forward, he says, "Tommy, Mick and myself are excited to get together later this year and start pounding out some new Crüe ideas for the future. There is some stuff up this old dog's sleeve that's going to keep you VERY entertained and I promise you won't be disappointed. I've got more fucking energy than I have had in thirty years. Thank you for letting me share my life and creativity with you."

On a night-off from the OzzFest tour, Vince attends a Kiss concert in Holmdel, New Jersey after being invited by promoter Gabe Reed. Vince watches the show from the soundboard with fellow guest Lady Gaga.

Following reports that his former girlfriend Kat Von D is dating Sandra Bullock's ex-husband Jesse James, Nikki says, "My office has been inundated with requests for a statement or interviews. The only thing I wanna say is, 'I wish Kat nothing but the very best. Right now I am focusing on my family, the Sixx Sense radio show, the Sixx: A.M. album and my upcoming book.' Any quote attributed to me other than this is inaccurate."

Nikki makes a tributary speech to Slash as he is the honouree at the 2010 Sunset Strip Music Festival held at the House Of Blues in West Hollywood, California.

HarperCollins imprint William Morrow has set a March 22, 2011 tentative release date for Nikki's new book This Is Gonna Hurt.  The book is part photo, part journal - but all Nikki Sixx. It is a collection of compelling snapshots and stories that capture the rage, love, optimism, darkness, and determination that shape his work. Told with the raw authenticity that defined his New York Times bestseller The Heroin Diaries, This Is Gonna Hurt chronicles Nikki's experience, from his early years filled with toxic waste to his success with Mötley Crüe, his death from an overdose and rebirth to his addictions to music, photography, and love. It includes a foreword by his ex-girlfriend Kat Von D on "Love and Inspiration." Love story, bad-ass rock tell-all, social commentary, family memoir, This Is Gonna Hurt offers the compelling insights of an artist and a man struggling to survive, connect, and find a happy ending - a search that fuels Nikki’s being. "I want to take you on the journey I am on, in real time," he writes. "If you don't deal with your demons, they will deal with you, and it's gonna hurt."  The book will include more than two dozen of Nikki's images. He will incorporate the stories behind the pictures and how they came to be, including interviews with the subjects so readers can see "what life is like for those whom society has labelled as freaks." Following the success of The Heroin Diaries, Sixx: A.M. is recording an album to be released in conjunction with This Is Gonna Hurt. Some of the songs were inspired by the author's photographs; others inspired photographs of their own.

Details from the Las Vegas Police Department report on the 27 June DUI arrest of Vince are released and show he failed three field sobriety tests and had a blood-alcohol level almost three times the legal limit. It says he was pulled over for driving 60 mph in a 45 mph zone and for weaving between the lanes. The arresting officer detected the odour of alcohol on Vince's breath and asked him to perform a variety of field sobriety tests, three of which Vince failed, eventually giving up by saying, "I can't do this," the report states. Vince was then asked by the officer to take two breathalyser tests and, according to the report, he registered .215 and .216, which is nearly three times the .08 limit.

A woman files a misdemeanour battery complaint with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department in which she claims Vince "pushed her in an elevator" at the Las Vegas Hilton around 9:50pm. The alleged victim claims he lashed out unprovoked at her when she shared an elevator with him while heading back to her suite in the hotel. She says she recognized Vince from TV but couldn't remember his name and when she struck up polite conversation and asked Vince to reveal his identity, he allegedly lunged at her, leaving her with bruises on her arms when he allegedly shoved her up against the elevator buttons. A representative for the hotel says, "After reviewing surveillance video and interviewing witnesses, we've concluded that her allegations against Vince Neil are completely unfounded. We also understand that the local authorities have deemed her allegations to be without merit. Accordingly, we consider the matter closed."

Methods of Mayhem’s new video for the song Time Bomb makes its premiere on the TV show Extra. The video features Tommy starring in numerous fast-paced vignettes coupled with futuristic visual effects and is a stunning optical companion to the ferociously catchy song. It also features his current girlfriend Sofia Toufa, who performed as a backing singer for Mötley Crüe on the Crüe Fest 2 tour, as well as performing on Britney Spears' Circus tour.

Tommy says he quit drinking ninety days ago, adding, “I'm a lot clearer, which is scarier; you don't wanna mess with this now."

Some of the money BP doled out to Alabama in the wake of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is to be used for a Mötley Crüe concert on October 1. The city of Mobile is set to receive $1.35 million of the $65 million the state of Alabama will get to assist its economy recover from the damage done by the spill. Of that money, about $600,000 will be spent bringing bands to Bayfest, the city’s three-day musical celebration. Although Bayfest was already set to receive $100,000 from the BP pool, the additional money will allow organisers to pay Mötley Crüe $500,000 for their performance that will bring more fans to the event.

Tommy's next Methods of Mayhem album titled A Public Disservice Announcement is released worldwide via Roadrunner Records imprint Loud and Proud Records. The opening song Drunk Uncle Pete was co-written by his sister Athena and her husband James Kottak, who also sings on the track. His girlfriend Sofia has song-writing credits on the tracks Two Ways and Party Instructions.

Methods of Mayhem performs the single Time Bomb on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on NBC-TV with Morgan Rose from Sevendust on drums.

Tattoos & Tequila: To Hell and Back with One of Rock's Most Notorious Frontmen by Vince Neil and Mike Sager is released by publishers Grand Central in the USA and Orion Books in Europe. The chapter titles of Vince's autobiography are the same as the songs from his most recent solo album of the same name. In New York City, he attends the first of six book signings scheduled across the U.S.

Vince and music industry leader Jeff Castelaz of Dangerbird Records are teaming up to launch a new joint fundraising and awareness initiative for their respective organizations: The Skylar Neil Memorial Foundation and The Pablove Foundation. Both are fathers of children who lost their battles with the rare form of paediatric cancer Wilms' Tumor. They return to Children's Hospital Los Angeles, where their children were treated, and speak at a press conference with renowned physician Dr. Leo Mascarenhas, who treated their children.

Tommy's new Methods of Mayhem album A Public Disservice Announcement sells 2,900 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 153 on The Billboard 200 chart.

Vince is formally arraigned for the misdemeanour DUI and speeding charges following his drunken driving incident that took place in Las Vegas late-June. Not having to appear in person at the morning hearing, his attorney enters not guilty pleas on his behalf. The trial is scheduled to commence on January 6.

In Baltimore County, Dennis Tetso is found guilty of the second-degree murder of his wife Tracey, who was last seen going to a Mötley Crüe concert in Washington during March 2005 but failed to meet her friends there. Her body was never found. He is scheduled to be arraigned in one month.

Vince is announced as one of six celebrities who will appear this month on the new six-episode ABC TV show Skating With The Stars, described as Dancing With The Stars on ice. The other contenders are actor Sean Young, reality star Bethenny Frankel, Olympic gold medal skier Jonny Moseley, actress Rebecca Budig, and Brandon Mychal Smith of the Disney Channel sitcom Sonny With a Chance. The series from BBC Worldwide Productions will pair celebrities with a world-class ice skater as they prepare to compete in front of a live audience in a televised ice-skating competition. The skating pairs will be critiqued by a panel of expert judges and will receive a set of scores based on artistry and technique, and also by viewers at home, with one couple being eliminated each week. Vince says, "I was a figure skater when I was 12. When they called, the people in my office were laughing but I told them, 'I actually used to skate. I haven't skated for a long, long time. I like to do things that sound like fun and this sounds like fun.'"

Vince hosts the sixth annual Off The Strip Poker Tournament at the Rio in Las Vegas during the World Series Of Poker final table weekend. The star-studded No-Limit Texas Hold 'Em Poker Tournament features participants vying for $50,000 in cash and prizes, including a seat in the 2011 WSOP main event. All proceeds from the poker tournament as well as the auction benefit the Skylar Neil Foundation.

Vince has been rehearsing for Skating With The Stars each day for five-plus hours. He says, "It's tough work. Sometimes six hours a day on the ice. You fall. It's cold. You hurt. But I'm loving it, and I think we're going to surprise fans and a whole new demographic of moms and grandmothers. I think I'd been on the ice just once since I was twelve years old. So this was a whole new experience that started a few weeks ago. I'm so into it we've even been on ice-skating dates! The show, of course, isn't just skating. We have choreographed dance routines to music. My only rule has been no feathers. No pink! I'm fortunate because ABC hired my tour designer to do my outfits for the show, so we'll be looking rock smart."

Vince and his solo band plays the rock cruise vacation Shiprocked, a floating festival on board the MSC Poesia that departs Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, stopping in the Bahamas capital of Nassau and on the private island of CocoCay. In addition to Vince and other headliners Tesla and Cinderella, the bands Drowning Pool, Hail!, Broken Teeth, Lynam, Pianotarium, the Letter Black and the Niki Barr Band also perform.

Vince features in the two-hour live premiere episode of Skating With The Stars on the ABC television network. He manages to stay on his feet during his performance but scores the least points from judges.

Nikki’s nationally syndicated radio show Sixx Sense With Nikki Sixx from Premiere Radio Networks adds its fiftieth affiliate. Since launching last February, Sixx Sense is fast becoming the place to hear it first for guests from all walks of life, including rock royalty, the first man on the moon, authors, actors and everyone in between. Dave Grohl, Jared Leto, Lemmy Kilmister, Perez Hilton, Kat Von D, CSI creator Anthony Zuiker, Four Agreements author Don Miguel Ruiz, Dog The Bounty Hunter and others have joined Nikki and his co-host Kerri Kasem for their special brand of conversation. In addition, they've world-premiered albums and songs for artists and bands like Buckcherry, Drowning Pool and Slash, and hosted the announcement for this past summer's Ozzfest.

Nikki joins forces with Keep a Child Alive's co-founders Leigh Blake and Alicia Keys for the launch of the Digital Death campaign as part of KCA's larger fundraising effort Buy Life. On December 1 for World AIDS Day, Nikki and fellow celebrities including Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Ryan Seacrest, Justin Timberlake, P. Diddy, Usher, Jennifer Hudson, Serena Williams and David LaChapelle will end their digital lives and sign off from all social networking platforms, including Twitter and Facebook, in solidarity for those in Africa and India affected by HIV/AIDS. The participating celebrities will not come back online until their digital lives have been bought back and $1 million has been collectively raised for KCA. Nikki says, "Twitter has become somewhat of a lifeline for many people and I think this is a great way to support such a great cause. I look forward to my tweet confirming we've reached our goal of $1 million."

Vince and pro-skate partner Jennifer Wester become the second pair to be eliminated from the ABC reality show Skating With The Stars, after receiving the lowest combined judges' scores and audience vote. Vince says, "It was a lot of fun! It was really a great experience to re-learn something that I knew so long ago. There are some great skaters here and I'm really happy for everyone. Plus, the judges were nice to me!"

Vince is currently dating Alicia Jacobs, a former Miss Nevada USA and Miss United States and currently an entertainment/celebrity news journalist in Las Vegas. They met in 2007 at the opening of Vince Neil Ink tattoo studio at O’Shea’s in Las Vegas when Vince gave her a fake tattoo on her leg.

Nikki is currently dating thirty-nine-year-old actress Denise Richards, the former girlfriend of Richie Sambora and ex-wife of actor Charlie Sheen. The couple have been neighbours for years and have now gone on a couple of dates, including a recent breakfast in Calabasas, California on the morning after Nikki's fifty-second birthday. The couple are taking things very slowly.

Tommy spends his New Year's Eve DJing in Jakarta, Indonesia; the first of five gigs in South East Asia. Nikki enjoys a family beach vacation in Mexico.


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