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The world most powerful 2D 100% quadrilateral finite element mesh generator.

Available with complete source codes and intended for incorporation into your applications for further commercial distribution.
Quality quadrilateral mesh generation has always been a necessary requirement in modern finite element analysis. The simplest way a meshing task can be formulated is "to generate a mesh inside user-defined closed sequence of line segments". But in reality the problem is significantly more complex, due to the following fact: a real-life model always contains at least one or several additional features processing of which ultimately comprises up to 90% of the actual program code size. Here are just several of possible features:

  • internal opening(s) of various shapes;

  • internal and/or boundary points that in FEM models correspond to places where external forces or constraints are applied; such points are often surrounded by zones where large stress gradients normally appear, and therefore a very fine mesh must be generated in such zones in order to provide trustworthy evaluation of stresses and strains;

  • the model boundaries, internal and/or external, may consist of a variety of different entities, at least line segments and/or arcs;

  • inside the domain there can also be a large variety of line segments, arcs and their complexly connected combinations, not necessarily comprising closed sequences, but arbitrarily shaped instead;

  • real-life meshes may contain hundreds of thousands or even more quadrilaterals, sometimes making it impossible or too long to generate a mesh in reasonable time;

  • the user may also wish the program to automatically evaluate initially imposed requirements for a desirable step size along each entity, should those sizes turned out to be inadequate; for example, too large.

  • QUAD-BUILD 5.0 possesses all the capabilities listed above. The user can also select several additional options such as:

  • generation of QUAD8 and QUAD9 elements;

  • generation of large (compared to average size) elements inside the domain, thus minimizing the total number of elements;
  • automatic renumbering of the model nodes with the goal of minimization of the stiffness matrix bandwidth later at the FEA stage.

  • Over several years our company developed a series of quadrilateral mesh generators that would cover one or several of the additional features listed above. The new product QUAD-BUILD 5.0 is significantly more powerful than the earlier ones; it is applicable to many areas of engineering that require accurate finite element modeling:
  • mechanical engineering,
  • electronics,
  • structural engineering,

  • to mention just a few. Below we provide a number of difficult to create meshes that have been successfully generated by QUAD-BUILD 5.0. We invite you to contact us if you would like to obtain more examples or need additional information; our contact details are placed at the end of this page.
    Example 1. Concrete slab with internal line segments, openings, contsraints and refinement points.
    Example 2. Two rings, one inside another, with several small disks embedded.
    Delivery, licensing and support.

    QUAD-BUILD 5.0 is completely developed by our company and contains no third party code. We wiil provide you with full, one-off commercial licence and free support for 12 months. If you buy QUAD-BUILD 5.0 we will provide you with:

    - complete, fully commented source codes in ANSI C;

    - the product's User Manual containing detailed descriptions of input and output data structures and an example driver program;

    - and a graphical visualisation program. It allows displaying original domains that are to be meshed as well as generated quadrilateral meshes.

    Finally, our "try-before-you-buy" policy. If you send us examples of your typical geometries, we will run QUAD-BUILD 5.0 and send you the meshes created. If you are satisfied with the results, you can then buy QUAD-BUILD 5.0.

    We invite you to contact us, preferably by e-mail on or We can also help you with other mesh generation, computational geometry and general finite element analysis needs.

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