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SLAE Solvers
CMA-LS-SPARSE Software for solving systems of linear algebraic equations and Least Squares problems with large non-symmetric, rectangular sparse matrices. Learn more

New! Version 2.0: Linear solver for Least Squares problems based on the Conjugate Gradients Method with consequent iterative refinement.
CMA-SPARSE Software for solving systems with MILLIONS of Linear Equations with Sparse Matrices available with complete source codes. Learn more
FEM Software
QUAD-PLATE Software for Finite Element Analysis of stresses, strains and deflections arising in complex structures comprised of plates and beams. This product has two realeases: for 2D and for 3D problems. In both cases,a quality quadrilateral plate finite element based on the Mindlin theory is used. Both products are available with complete source codes. Learn more

QUAD-PLATE MRL - software for stress and strain analysis of 2D reinforced concrete slabs with fractures. QUAD-PLATE MRL was specifically developed for accurate modelling of the moment release lines - a special case of the stress yield lines, that allow the user to evaluate the load bearing capacity of reinfoced concrete slabs.

Examples: MODU - structural analysis of a Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit of Catamaran Type under the action of self-weight, hydrostatic and wind loading.

Perforated Panel - structural analysis of bending of perforated panel under wind loading.

Finite Element model of eight-storey building with brick walls and basement.
PERFO-PLATE Software application for Finite Element Analysis of stresses, strains and deflections arising in metal panels with complex perforations patterns. Learn more
QUAD-SHELL A new quadrilateral finite element for modeling of shells based on the Kirchhoff-Love theory. Available with source codes and intended for scientific and engineering research.
3D Meshing
 QUAD-SURFACE 4.0 Generator of 100% quadrilateral meshes on planar and curved surfaces in 3D space. It is intended for processing thin shells and plates of complex shapes, which comprise a very large proportion of structures in different engineering industries, such as aeronautical and automotive. Learn more
Examples: Jet engine nozzle - meshing of a complex axisymmetric engineering component

Point Loads and Constraints - accurate postprocessing of quadrilateral meshes with sets of points with predefined coordinates: a feature commonly encountered in structural engineering problems.

Meshing of thin-walled constructions: a floor system reinforced by beams and stiffeners.

QUAD-SURFACE allows refinement zones generation on planar components of spacial constructions. That feature is very important in FEA models containing areas where large stress gradient values are expected, so in order to obtain numerically acceptable results, zones of very fine elements must be generated.

The most recent release allows processing of internal combinations of line segments and curves on planar surfaces, which makes the product especially useful in structural engineering applications. Please follow this link to learn more.
2D Meshing
QUAD-GEN 3.5 General purpose, fully automatic quadrilateral mesh generator for processing of all planar domains: multiply-connected and/or without openings. Learn more
QUAD-BUILD 5.0 Quadrilateral mesh generator for processing of multiply-connected domains with complex internal features commonly encountered in structural engineering objects. Learn more
ANISO-QUAD Quadrilaterals-only meshing product that can generate both isotropic and highly anisotropic meshes inside one and the same domain, with smooth transition between different parts. This product is primarily intended for fluid dynamics problems. Learn more