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Automatic, general-purpose quadrilateral mesh generator for processing of complex multiply-connected domains.
Quadrilateral mesh generation for structural engeneering models
Despite significant efforts applied over recent years to development of flexible and robust quadrilateral mesh generation software, the complexities of real-life problems lead more and more research in that area. Take for example a structural engineering model presented below. It is a combination of rectangular subregions and holes, so seems to be easily processed by an average quadrilateral mesh generation application. However, the reality is that the actual mesh is far from regular, primarily because the original rectangular components have different dimensions and are attached to each other in a rather chaotic manner. This leads to the conclusion: regardless of the actual shape of the model, a quadrilateral mesh generation product designed for processing of general-case, unstructured models, must be employed in the vast majority of real-life cases.

Our company has developed a number of quadrilateral meshing applications capable of generation of structured and unstructuted meshes of domains of arbitrary degree of complexity. We invite you to visit other pages describing our products and providing additional information that you may find interesting.
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