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Finite Element model of eight-storey building with brick walls and basement.
Text part 1.
structural model of multi-storey building
back view of building structural model
von Mises stresses on face surfaces of building panels

The model contains 84,983 quadrilateral finite elements. The corresponding system of linear algebraic equations has the size of 429,900.
It was solved on PC with Intel Core i5 processor in 2 min. 46 sec.
von Mises stresses on middle plates of building panels
QUAD-PLATE-3D is available with complete source codes and the full commercial lisence allowing easy incorporation into your own applications. All our codes are written in ANSI C and will compile and run on all UNIX and Windows platforms without changes. They are also fully commented, allowing easy modification at user discretion.

QUAD-PLATE-3D is available on no-royalties and no-annual-renewals basis: there is a one-off price for the unlimited commercial lisence.

QUAD-PLATE-3D standard distribution kit includes:

- fully-commented source codes of the program in ANSI C and C++.

- the product's User Manual containing detailed description of input and output data structures and an example driver program;

- a graphical application that allows the user to visualize the input and output data of QUAD-PLATE-3D.

QUAD-PLATE-3D is completely developed by our company and contains no third party code.

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