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Automatic step size calculation in our finite element meshing software.
What is Automatic Step Size Calculation ?
A principal advantage of the Finite Element Analysis is that it delivers accurate solutions in domains of extremely complicated shapes. Quite often, boundaries of such domains represent closed sequences of linear and arc entities. Sizes of finite elements to be generated in a particular domain usually depend on a user-defined step size; the latter is normally set individually for each entity.

However, when the overall number of entities reaches several dozens or hundreds, it is unreasonable to ask the user to manually set a desirable step size on each and every entity. An automatic step calculation algorithm based on feature sizes becomes highly desirable.

Our company developed and implemented an efficient and very accurate algorithm for that purpose. Now it comprises a part of our automatic quadrilateral mesh generators QUAD-GEN 3.5 and QUAD-BUILD 5.0, which are very powerful and reliable programs, capable of generating meshes in domains of most complicated and irregular geometries. Their complete source codes are available with the full commercial license.

The following image is provided to illustrate a quadrilateral mesh generated by QUAD-GEN 3.5 using our automatic step calculation algorithm. All the user has to do is to define the entities themselves, and correct step sizes are then calculated by the program individually for each entity. It can be seen that step sizes are adequately reduced in the vicinities of short entities and increased where it is allowed by geometrical properties of the boundary.
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