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Generator of anisotropic quadrilateral finite element meshes.
Many finite element formulations in computational fluid dynamics lead to elements with large aspect ratios. Such elements can be located in a particular place within the domain, and it is often desirable to generate ordinary elements in the remaining part. That becomes even more complicated if both "anisotropic" and "ordinary" elements must be quadrilateral, with a smooth transition between the two parts.

ANISO-QUAD is a state-of-the-art quadrilaterals-only mesh generator that can generate both isotropic and highly anisotropic meshes inside one and the same domain. It can also handle a group of such domains at a time, regardless of whether their boundaries have common edges or not.

ANISO-QUAD is written in ANSI C and available with complete source codes, as well as an executable. Its source codes are designed to be directly incorporated into CFD and FEA applications. ANISO-QUAD has a single entry point: the calling procedure has to provide three simple data structures describing the geometry of the domain. Upon completion ANISO-QUAD returns nodes and elements in a format similar to any other FEA preprocessing program, i.e. comprised of nodal coordinates and the connectivity structure.
Example 1. Turbulent flow in urban area.
Example 2. Complex airfoil.
If you decide to purchase ANISO-QUAD we will provide you with a one-off, royalties-free full commercial license that allows incorporation of ANISO-QUAD source codes dircetly into your applications. The ANISO-QUAD standard distribution kit includes:

- fully commented source codes in ANSI C that will compile and run on all Windows and UNIX platforms;

- an easy-to-use GUI application QUAD-PRO (for Windows platforms) that will display ANISO-QUAD original geometries and generated meshes for the purpose of visual inspection;

- a detailed User Manual containing comprehensive descriptions of the input and output data structures, as well as example driver routines. The latter will allow incorporation of ANISO-QUAD into your own codes with minimal effort.

Finally, about our "try-before-you-buy" policy. If you send us examples of your typical geometries, we will run ANISO-QUAD and send you generated meshes. If you are satisfied with the results, you can then buy ANISO-QUAD.

Over years we also accumulated a profound experience in software development for other mesh generation problems, computational geometry and general finite element analysis. We invite you to contact us, preferably by e-mail on or

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