Computational Mechanics Australia Pty Ltd
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The world leaders in quadrilateral mesh generation.
Headquatered in Melbourne, Victoria, Computational Mechanics Australia Pty. Ltd. is the leading developer of software for 100% quadrilateral finite element meshing of arbitrarily complex planar domains and curved surfaces.

We offer complete source codes of our products, and the latter are available for immediate incorporation into full scale Finite Element Analysis applications.
Our products and areas of expertise
Generation of quadrilateral meshes in 2D domains for various areas of engineering, including:
  • civil and structural engineering,
  • analysis of printed circuit boards,
  • computational fluid dynamics,
  • crack propagation.
  • Quadrilateral mesh generation on planar and curved surfaces in 3D for meshing of plates, shells, surfaces of revolution and general structural engineering objects.

    Calculation of surface intersections in CAD systems; for example, intersection of tubular joints.