Words I have made up which are now on Urban Dictionary


These are words that I have coined and submitted to Urban Dictionary.

Retrezvous n.

(1) A meeting with someone in your past, at a location significant to you both; or (2) A secret meeting with an ex, pretty much for horizontal recreation This word also has the added benefit of a strong linguistic alignment with 'deja vu' (hey, I've been here before...)

"Hi Claire, I know it's been a while, but I have to see you again. Please? I won't tell Amy if you don't tell Brad - can we have a little retrezvous at that hotel we used to go to in the city?"

Puburbs n.

The inner, older suburbs around the central part of a large city, most of which contain a large number of small hotels or pubs. As opposed to the outer suburbs, which often have just a few 'supersize-me' mega-hotels.

Me: "Hey, wanna hang out in the puburbs tonight?"
Sian: "Yeah, let's go to West End."

Egosystem n.

A home social or (especially) work situation where there are a number of people around you with huge egos all trying to out-do each other. Also refers to the pecking order within these groups.

"Hey Bill, how's the new job going?"
"Not bad, but they're all pretty much egotistical wankers, so I have to spend my day living within a finely-balanced and delicate egosystem."

Culinarilingus (kull•in•ree•lin•gus) n.

The act of loving your meal so much you lick the plate clean.

"Ok, I know you loved that meal, but there's no need to perform culinarilingus on the goddam plate...!"

Squittance n.

A tiny squirt of liquid, used in cooking.

"Hey, how much of this hot chilli sauce do I need to put in the mixture...?"
"Just a squittance. Not too much, ok?"

Sparkarse n.

Someone who is really smart and switched-on about stuff - especially technology. Someone who can envision curious opportunities that other people don't see. Pretty much a genius who roars off and leaves people in the wake of their intellect...

"Hey, you know that Harry has just developed this out-of-left-field app that will make phone batteries last 10 times longer? Google have paid him about 200 mill..."
"Oh man, brilliant. That guy is such a sparkarse..!"

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