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Bill's little poem about WINE

A Valentine's Day card

A Christmas RAP song...!

My original, patented (well almost) Multi-purpose Greeting Card

What is a GOOGOL? ...find out the answer here.

What is life like for a parliamentary draftsman? Find out in my play - "It's all an ACT"

My 23rd birthday poems...

We got evicted from our house in Melbourne once...

The Engineer's Song!

More greeting cards I have designed

The Nanango Ultra-marathon winery walkabout weekend... Friday the 13th party invitation

Love Poem for Alison

Postcards from Mollymook

Love Sonnet (5 verses)


"The Gambler"

A surveyors lament

"The true song is seldom ever sung"

'The Australian' IT Section's "Defrag" column
'Top 10 - Readers Poll' entries...

more coming soon...