The 50-word story


The concept of a 50-word story looks quite simple - but they are quite difficult to write. Here's what you have to do:
Some points to take into account in writing the story:

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Here are some of my efforts:


The end: elevation from the misery of her parlourmaid's existence. The means: her two thousand pounds prizemoney. In the plush hotel room, she remembered countless dark mornings, and 'that infernal screeching music' upstairs. Beside her late-sleeping figure lay that old violin and her alarm clock - both happily smashed to pieces.


It was no surprise that Lloyd had been offered the job. Flames danced through ballooned Cognac. Their armchairs softly yielded to forms expanded by the evening's excesses of food and wine. Sir Eustace rang for his chauffeur and started for the door.

Pleasantries exchanged, the young man added "Goodnight, dad."


A slither of first light strikes his closed lids. Blinking, he half-wakes amid blurred, candle-lit memories of red velvet and starched white tables. Images crystallise of bubbly glasses and fireside laughter. Culinary perfection, complemented by the best vintage wine.

He rises into his cold room to type the next chapter.


The divorce was for Edward a Pyrrhic victory. She had wheedled all their possessions - but he still had Catherine. Lost time. Their still-blossoming love excitingly fresh.

He stared uncomprehendingly at her suicide note. The vaguely familiar writing on the forged biopsy report suddenly jolted him.

She had now taken everything...


The pilot's first reaction was anger. Anger at airport security. Then fear - for his life. The hostess had calmly told him there was a hijacker on board. "Wh- what do they want?" he asked, unable to even sweat. "We want this plane." she replied, with a gun at his head.


In his attempt to hitch a ride, Derek was plumbing new depths in coarse language. Through the dark rain, the saviour appeared - warm, dry, female, and very fast. The road swerved. Unfortunately, the split-second that 'seat-belt' echoed in Derek's mind was not really long enough for him to replace it.


The note ended "from a secret admirer." Smiling, her mind searched furtively through her circle of casual lovers. Several possibilities. One certainty. Yes - Noosa last year. Gloria's eyes closed around a fantasy starkly interrupted by her doorbell. 'The starer' from the office...

Nervous smile again mistaken for friendliness.

...then panic


A nation waited, speechless. Press were informed of new developments. "Our secret computer links with Moscow have detected a major nuclear offensive against us. We had no option but launch warheads into Russian territory.
Four minutes and counting. Prepare for war."

A hungry soviet mouse continued chewing into the wires.


The assistant was explaining. "With this microscope, we can look ten thousand times closer than ever before. Inside the nucleus of a single atom." he told waiting press. The eminent professor - privileged first observer - cried out, aghast. "What did you see?" they asked.

"...a-another universe," he stammered, "...just like ours."

Here are other peoples' 50-word stories I have received by e-mail:


The apartment was perfect, just what she wanted. Then the parties started next door: she tolerated them. They became frequent. Friends told her to move; she was always complaining.

Instead, with great sadness she open-fired on the wedding next door. At least there won't be live bands at the asylum.

- Susan (Australia)


"I'll stay in the boat, but don't worry, dear, the water's safe as can be," said Samantha's new husband.
Samantha felt the waves rocking beneath her surfboard. Her arm trailed in the cool water. Suddenly, pain as the shark bit away her midsection.

"Well done," said her husband as he closed the now empty tank.

- Elanor

(note: You're probably counting the words, so I better add that this is actually a 55-word story.
The story was written as part of Elanor's classwork.)

The Make-up Artist

Her nails shone with purple nailpolish. She was so proud of those nails; they’d taken ages to do right.
Her eyes were lined with kohl and her face powdered white. Her lips were painted blood red.

The makeup artist packed on foundation to cover the slit at the corpses throat.

- Sofie Amos

Temptation Reigns Again

‘No’ she screamed, ‘stay away! I don’t want to! I don’t!’ ‘Come on,’ he replied ‘you know you want to. You’ll enjoy it, I promise.’ ‘No!’ she shrieked.

But the temptation was too strong. Finally, she handed over the dollar coin for the chocolate bar. The calories had won again.

- Sofie Amos

Cowboy Antics

The horse was galloping too fast. Suddenly, it shied. He clung to the saddle for dear life, the increase of pressure startled the horse, and it bucked, trying to get rid of its discomfort. As he started to fall off, the horse stopped.

He stood and inserted another forty cents.

- Sofie Amos


Rushing, panting, dragging heels, Time was pressing on.

Perspiring, oblivious to the stranger's attention Lurking ominously close

Must hurry - footsteps quicken behind, Past dark alleyways, perfect places

Thud! Two stabs - neck and heart - limp body falls blood-stained knife glistens in the moonlight

Cut! Nice! Again Please!! Action!!

- Ian Christie

(note: 47 words)

(no title)

You made it this far. Cross now, before they see you. Run now; they'll not hit you. Look out for the rocks or your feet'll be torn. Dive into the bushes; mind the thorns. Breathe quietly or they'll hear you. Stamp out your breath; they're near you. You're here.
- submitted by Evan Sullivan

(no title)

He died the day before. She wept into the sand as they lowered the body in. She keened against the wind as the coffin neared its place. She pulled on her hair and beseeched the god she knew. He pulled her to her feet and she stumbled to her home.
- submitted by Evan Sullivan

(no title)

"You should jam the door closed. Look at the floor. There's water all over it. It'll take me hours to mop that up. It's gone through to the other room and wrecked the carpet". "Well, you should buy a better washer. I've got to go to work. See you tonight".
- submitted by Evan Sullivan

(no title)

Five more years and I won't have to be in anyone's shade. No more mere whispers of wind or snippets of sunshine. It'll be me breathing in the fiercest of gales and basking in the glory of blazing light. Oh hurry, chainsaw, and rid me of the arboreal cramper alongside.
- submitted by Evan Sullivan


Shackles weighed heavy on Harold's intoxicated mind,
And his tired, wet, weary frame,
Up to his neck in it - literally,
He struggled for air,
From out of the murk, he felt something brush his legs,
What was it?
He bragged he would be totally legless tonight?
He was half-right!!
- Ian Christie

(note: 49 words)

Change of Heart

"Actually, I’d rather burn my own words than let you read them."
And with that, I struck a match, lit a corner of the letter and watched the lingering flames devour my heartfelt apology. Then slowly I turned and walked away, leaving it to smoulder there on the damp grass.
- Emily

Alice's Angel

Alice's birthday, ten, and the angel. She knew it was an angel. No-one would believe her. Best not to say anything.

Never forgot the light, and it was tall, eight, maybe nine feet.

Now it was back, after all those years, such a long time. Best not to say anything.
- Janet Haworth

Lifeless at heart

Two years had passed since the last human contact.

The boy peered out into the vast open land. A sparkle of light crossed his eye, he ran towards it on the scorching terrain.

"Wait, wait!"

It was too late, the light faded, leaving nothing ...but a soul, lying lifelessly for eternity.
- Arpit Talwar (14 years old)

(note: 51 words)

The following four stories were sent to me via e-mail from Poland, with the following note:

I am an English teacher and I teach English in Poland.
I used your idea in one of my lessons and my students,
who are FCE level, produced some stories, which I
think are very good. What's more, they really enjoyed
writing them. So I enlose the four stories.
I hope you enjoy reading them.

Magda Savery


A man was invited for dinner by his mother-in-law. He thought that she wanted to poison him. When she left the room he gave a little soup to her cat, which fainted. When she came back he threw her through the window. The cat got up and said:'At last!'
- Paul and Dominika

My Perfect Holiday!

I was on a desert island, the weather was beautiful. I was eating good food. I was swimming in the sea. Nobody spoke to me. I didn't hear anything - it was excellent! Suddenly I noticed that I was not alone. The travel agency had organized a trip for the loudest.
- Piotr and Joanna

A Ghost

31st of October was coming. Frank decided to dress up as a ghost. His fancy dress was very good, so he was sure that everybody would be scared. That day, when he was walking through the park, he saw a skeleton and screamed. The skeleton was his best friend, Mark.
- Magda and Paul

Drowning Otylia

A woman in the ocean was screaming - 'help!!!'
Everybody on the ship thought she had fall overboard. All the sailors wanted to be a hero, so they started the rescue. The water was so cold, that all of them drowned. The only one who survived was the Olympic winner - Otylia.
- Bart, Anita and Marta


A man walked into a noisy bar with his ferocious pet tiger. He asked the bartender politely, "Do you serve Englishmen here? "Of course we do sir," the bar tender replied. Then get me one cold beer and an Englishmen for my pet tiger, the man replied with a smile.
- Kuber Raj, Hong Kong WIS

Balloon Trouble

Ten men were hanging on a rope from a hot air balloon. They pondered and asked who would bravely jump off. One man shouted that he would risk his life to save others. He gave a heart warming speech and after that, the nine other men clapped. One Man survived.
- Kuber Raj, Hong Kong WIS


He hated doing things that he didn't like. Like homework, or mundane trainings where everyone else was his inferior.

But he liked this. He liked the way skin split under his blade, blood surfacing in a thin line, then guts pouring out.

It was comforting to do something he liked.
- Huixiang Qiu

Diet (deceased)

The Chocolate Relish with double cream and fresh cherries glinted invitingly.

"May I help you ma’am?" the waiter asks.

No! Think instead of crisp green romaine lettuce with red juicy tomatoes and a drizzle of light olive oil...

Against my will I pointed.

Oh well. At least it’s got cherries.
- Elfride (Singapore)


An intense feeling surged through his body, time was running out... he wanted to run for his life but something was stopping him...... his feet refused movement and his eyes were fixed on the spot in front of him. His heartbeat fastened...... SNAP!!!......

"Thank you sir...... nice photo!!"
- Natalie Stokes (Age 14)

(note: 48 words)

The Tunnel

I had been walking for ages. The tunnel was getting darker and my light had gone out. I tryed to go back the way i had came, but i couldn't find my way. My foot slipped and I fell into a deep hole. I heard strange noises. What were they...?
- Adam Lowes

Hold on Tight

She was strapped in. Palms sweating- from up above the rumbling of an engine echoed. A quick jolt and she was off. Images flashed before her, trees and rocks surrounded her. It all went black - a scream could be heard. She stood up and calmly walked out of the simulator.
- Natalie Huelin

(no title)

Cleaning again, I placed the needle on the record and began to dance, soggy mop in hand. The actors had vanished. As I swung the stage door open, I waltzed around with my flamboyant pink feather duster, very showbiz! A pirouette, a startled gasp; I had received a standing ovation.
- Roisin Mackinnon

The Ordeal

He stood petrified, backed against the wall contemplating his fate that drew closer. The ritual archaic bell rung and it was inevitable. The rumble of footsteps...cackling...shreiking rang in his ears. He was a prisoner in his own domain. Bravely he dared to speak "Right quiet! Books out, please!"
- (anonymous)

The never ending road

It was a bright day and her heartbeat was growing faster.She was nervous about the long walk ahead. She looked like an angel and the look in his eyes lifted her heart and caught her stomach, and she knew this was the moment to say the the words ... "I DO"
- (anonymous)

Apocalypse Homer

Bart was attempting a jump on his skateboard over a bottomless pit, but he disappeared. Marge was cleaning when she left her hoover to pick something up, but she disappeared. Homer checked on his daughter. Lisa checked her weather station when she fell with Homer, D'oh, but where was Maggie?
- Kevin A

Into The Fire

The cry that issued from the fiery column was enough to scare the s*** out of any man, and it had the same effect on Sam. He felt like turning back and running home to safety, but he had a mission, so he walked into the column and was engulfed.
- Paul Aburrow

The Reckless Murder

Thick flesh, still warm, blood dripping through his fingers. The smell of rotting corpses escaping from the bin beside him. The blade glints in the light seeping through the holes in the stale curtains.
Time was running out, John was coming to pick up his steak at 4.
- Emily May


As he stood by the burning building, empty can of gasoline in hand, he couldn't help but wonder why the numbers on the mailbox were wrong. The man had paid him to burn 1434 Rosemary. Or was it the one across the street? "I'd better get more gasoline," he thought.
- Name Withheld


Nothing? But what is nothing..
The conversation went for hours, about totally nothing.
Alcohol, whata great drink, but is it nothing?
3000 mind-boggling, overwhelming words, pictures, but the intension is totally nothing.
Long nights and late days but no answer to nothing
Dirty rooms from everything to nothing.
- Ashley Oldfield


It never entered his mind, not even for a moment,
Other people never seem to have any trouble
The samurai blade was a present from a dear friend
DIY wasn't his forte, a couple of nails would do
Or would they, as the sword fell and finally entered his mind!
- Ian Christie

The Hunter

I cleaned my shotgun, thinking about my newest animal trophy; a bear who wanted to eat hunny, rather than the piglett or rabbit with him. It doesn't matter now, though, for I had bagged all three.

However...they must've been something special, otherwise Christopher Robin wouldn't have cried so much.
- Cay Mack (aged 15)

Glistening Sun

As I paddle out through the break, the beauty of the day sets in. As I'm waiting for the perfect wave, I look at my bracelet glistening in the sun. I look behind for a wave. Then turn back with a sharp pain, no arm but a pool of blood.
- Laura Stekelenburg


The day has finally come that I will walk my beautiful daughter down the isle. As we walk together, I see a tear beginning to form as she sees her husband to be. She reaches the alter I see that my daughter is in good hands. The beauty of love.
- Laura Stekelenburg


She, glowingly nubile, was the office siren. She was stunned when he, an overweight ogre, asked her out. Her "No thank you" meant "Get lost, creep".
And he knew it. He said, "Sorry to offend, but why shouldn't my hormones be programmed just like Brad Pitt's?"
She could only shrug.
- Peter Joyce
Hsinchu, Taiwan

Winter Blues

Jesse was skating down the street one winter's afternoon. He was alone.

All of a sudden a car drives out in front of him. He's throwen over the bonnet. He hits the ground, arms and legs twisted. he goes out of concisness. I step out of the car and smile.
- Wendy Lear (Australia, 14)

Jim and Betty

Betty was bigger than Jim.
Betty nagged Jim.
Jim couldn't take it any more.

Betty was nagging Jim again.
Jim thought how can I stop her, I have to stop her.

Jim walked over to Betty.
Betty pointed her finger at him she was laying it on.

It's quite now.
- Bob Hartnett


As I looked across the frozen pond, I noticed a log cabin, almost obscured by the snow. I wondered how it would be, inside, next to the fire, popcorn popping and cider in my hands. Then, I looked away from the painting, it's still Arizona and one hundred and fifteen.
- Gary Carver


Jamie was terrified of dogs.

He felt his heart jump into his throat, he walked in the door, there was a puppy that looked and wagged his tail.

Tonight would be a long night for Jamie; he was tired in the morning.

Where’s buddy? Buried in the garden mumbled Jamie.
- Carmel Johnstom

Torture Chamber

Sitting for hours while my bottom goes numb.
Trying to breathe in as little as possible. The smell is nauseating.
The lights so bright I feel a sunburn coming on.
I am so scared. Slowly I'm turned around.
I labor for breath, screaming inside.

Another bad perm.
- Sue Wilkes

Brave Heart

"Proof of a matriarchal society, with restrictive dress codes!" cried the archeologist, examining the ancient twenty-first century temple. "Note the plaque:"


"Wait!" cautioned the intern, brushing away caked-on dust.

- Roderick Young

Story of Ed

There was a man named Ed. His story is short but well said. I'll tell the story of Ed. As well as his friend called Fred. Ed was nicer than Fred. Fred got jealous of Ed, his anger made him red. Next day he confronted Ed. Now Ed is dead.
- James Renouf


She opened the door.
‘Julianne, my darling. How’s Terry?’
A frown. Obviously an argument, Pierre thought.
‘Julie sweetie, what’s the matter?’
‘The kids are in the car.’
Pierre’s face changed.
‘You what?’
‘I couldn’t bear it! I couldn’t’
Pierre sighed.
‘I’m sorry Julianne.’
Carrie peeked out of the bedroom door.

- Benny Jones

(no title)

Once upon a time there was a girl who loved stories. She wrote stories all day and all night. Then, one day, she wrote a really good story. Her mother read this story and smiled and told the girl how good it was. The girl was really proud of herself.

- Taylor Jarvis

(no title)

She pushed her long black hair back, and showed her pale face, lips twisted into a smile.

Her finger twitched. I flinched. She laughed.

Then she pulled the trigger fully. I watched as she shot herself.

Her body lay limp, a grin still etched on her face.

Now I laughed.

- Kirsty Reaich, 13

A Lovely Thought

In the beginning there was nothing.
Now we are in the middle and the world is burning up. Who will save us? We are destroying our planet and ourselves.
We are descending into the pits of hell. We will die before the end.
In the end there will be nothing.

- Alice Earle-Marsh

60’s Child

The sidewalk was broken, so the old man had to watch where he put his feet to avoid tripping. A fall would almost certainly mean a broken bone. There was a time in the 60’s when I would have been tripping all the time. He thought, smiled, and tripped again.

- Dean Andrews

Start Over

As he slammed the car door shut, John was fit to be tied. He had never been so mad. Now would be the perfect time to find a better job, better apartment a better life. Nothing will ever be the same again, he thought for the twenty-third time this year.

- Dean Andrews

(no title)

"Who is it?" she cried, the floorboards creaked, it was getting louder and the noise was resounding! A scratching noise began to occur, the girl moved back sharply. Suddenly it hit the girl right on the nose, It was her Dog! The girl never looked back to that moment again!

- Emma, Age 13

The Map

She struggled to ask her mother where he was now, where he had gone after he’d left them. But her mother couldn’t explain because the words got wedged in her mouth, and sound unable to break through. Besides, she didn’t have a map and they got confused with directions anyway.

- Zara (aged 14)

The Idea

He was in a blank place
He saw it
This thing, he needed
He knew what it was and he reached out for it
It shot into his mind
He asked for it to come
And it came to him quick
He then wrote the story he was thinking of

- Aragon


The saw glinted beneath harsh lights. All around people watched. The victim writhed and screamed, anticipating what was about to happen. The man with the saw smiled maniacally and made his cut. Again and again he sawed, the victim screaming in agony.


And then the magic show went on.

- Mike M and Ryan D (age 13)

The omniscience of youth

Damn screams the old man reading papers at the corner
Whore screams the old lady holding her bible as a shield
Hot screams the young man walking past in leather trench coat
Yes screams the young girl her chest rising in victory
I do love my low rise jeans

- Heather Showalter

(no title)

She slowly brings the elixir to her lips
She remembers the glowing fog as she sips
His eyes glazed in the heat
Love trickling down his fingers
It went so wrong towards the end
Yes he worked hard but she had always known
She was in love with her image

- Heather Showalter

Mirror image

Stepping up to the full length mirror he was nose to nose with someone who could be him in another world.
So much alike.
Yet somehow...different.
"Hopefully happier" he thought.
"And loved" he said aloud.
Then he walked away to resume his life, without joy, without love.
Without dreams.

- Tommy Henrichs


His face like a demon, he walks towards them. I hear their fear; follow him, hoping it won’t be bad this time.

He enters the room, turns towards me a slight smirk on his face, then closes the door.

I die again inside, feel their pain and then it starts again

- Karen B

(no title)

"But I can't swim in the sea " she said. "I'll help you" he said taking her by hand.

It was hard to carry her at first but then she felt much lighter.

"there now, I knew you could do it." He turned around and saw nothing but blood.

- marya

(no title)

More than enough resources allocated day by day from our own pocket, through the black hole.

He promised to protect the unstable foreign country from the dark side.

A copious amount of time passed through seems to mean nothing. A girl in Skid Row runs, stealing a bag of chips.

- Gina Choi

Inevitable Torture

As I sat here, buckled in exceptionally bulky chains, no way to run away, absent with a cup of water to dirt free away any sight of filthiness and a French bread to help out pass the two hour long period of torture, this my friend is T E. E. !

- Alex Nguyen (15)

John the Loner

Death came as no surprise to John. I’m dead, he said, but no-one heard him.

No-one ever heard John. Not even when he was alive.

I’m boring, he said. No-one argued. Even if they’d heard him, they wouldn’t argue.
I wouldn’t be surprised if I was dead already.

He was.

- Alex Nguyen

(no title)

Happy to be back, I headed straight for the French Quarter, which I remembered best. On the way, I sang along with "Do You Know What it Means". I stopped at my favorite bar, found my old friend bartender, and explained how this was my first time in New Orleans.
- Rachael

(no title)

It was a dream, but a strange one at that. A lady at some quilt show that looked a little bit deformed somehow- and that voice! I couldn’t forget that voice, and I didn’t. I still remembered it when I saw her standing there in real life two years later.
- Rachael

Nora's Adventure

She had been robbed of her upper-middle class, worn velvet comfort. Leaving Torvald had been required, after all, had it not?

But the streets jostled with the glittering excitement left over from the Christmas decorations! Who could have imagined the joy she would find with Nils? It was unspeakably naughty!
- Joanne

Winter overpowering their affection

His skin stuck closely to hers, their lips met. "Surround me!" She pleaded with her hand brushing through his hair. They new winter threatened their undying love and insecurity could conjure their fait. In one quick gush of wind the uncontrollable climate broke their faultless connection.
- Melanie Bennett (13)

Fear of hideousness

Her reflection sparkled in the full length mirror. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she thought, will I ever obtain beauty? Her reliance on image was incomprehensible, luckily before her eyes stood an artist, ready to carve a face of an angel on her precious, porcelain face.
- Melanie Bennett (13)

(no title)

Maybe we should not have disturbed the poor, willing to stand the mud and rain. Just a spiritual tourist, shining hope and community in dark paper huts, then flash we were back on the other side of the line, a memory. Were we to lie down with them and die?
- Rob Vass

(no title)

"NO" he almost shouted when we both simultaneously realised that the rope that was supposed to make him descend down and allow him to steal the diamond was too short. There was only one thing to do and as if he read my mind, he cut the rope and fell......
- Sam Davies

A Boy

One day a boy went out walking on his own. He went walking in to a shop. He bought a kilogram of sausages and laid them out on the floor. The boy began to whistle, he whistled up a tune and all the sausages danced around the room.
- euan mcnicholas


Moving through the crowd, goal in mind, must buy food.

Corner of my eye, it catches me, the sparkle.

Light dances, glare hides the price tag.

Heart fills with desire, image of self suddenly gains glamour and style.

Stomach growls, quest remembered.

Spotlight moves to price.


Cannot eat sparkle.
- Kristel Kelly


She walked the street, wet air embracing her like no person ever had. Turned a corner, streets unfolding in her mind but not her eyes. Hood pulled down to shut out the world, a most effective shield. A predator strikes. Silent scream. Light fades. World forgets someone it never knew.
- Kristel Kelly


The idea was amazing. The people sat back and mulled it over like a much loved family wine. Could they really do it? It seemed impossible.

Yet, they tried, succeeded. It was a giant leap, this idea. Father to elation, inspiration, conspiracy, doubt and innovation.

Question remains - did it happen?
- Kristel Kelly

Lawfully-Wedded Spouses

Loud music was flowing throughout the reception hall, while people danced to the catchy 80-ies tune. Having exchanged their vows, Kelly and Tony smiled lovingly at each other, promising never to forget their wedding day. But Kelly's mother still couldn't come to terms with his coming out of the closet.
- Aneta Naumoska

Meeting Jack

I met Jack when I was three years old. He was gliding through his worshippers. I handed him pink carnations. The cheering crowd parted. Jack bent down and patted his knee. I eased myself on to his lap. He smelt them. I giggled. He hugged me and the crowd cheered.
- Jeanette Ju-Pierre

The Alcoholic

Suddenly Daniel could feel somebody walking behind him. He froze. His heart raced like a hound. The foot steps inched closer then a smelly beer breath caressed his neck. Petrified, Daniel screamed then shot around like a warrior. The alcoholic toppled. He caught him before he crashed to the pavement.
- Jeanette Ju-Pierre


"The humans are a very civilised creature, they can talk in many different languages, which us crabs need highly educated translators to translate their talking. They are very aggressive over food and. OUCH!! A human just stabbed me!"

"Now you twist the knife, and place the crab in the pot"
- Rochelle Pompei

The Happy Pigeon

There was a happy pigeon who loved to sing and fly in triangles. His favourite song went, "Coo coo, coo coo". He sang it all day. Except for on Thursdays, when he danced the pigeon dance. In this dance he spins around in triangles and sings, "Coo coo, coo coo".
- Sarah Winter

The Addict

Withdrawal is always hard. Her skin was pale, she lacked energy completely. Like any addict she was desperate, begging and crying. Sweat beads were evident on her forehead, she seemed to be having trouble breathing. Sighing, her brother eventually moved away from the computer, and let her log into facebook.
- Noa Cohen, 14

(no title)

I felt the fumes that took my family envelop my body. Lying in that gas-chamber, hatred burned inside me remembering how they’d treated us because we were different; we weren’t the ‘perfect-race’ with blue eyes and cream complexion. My eyes began closing as I heard those final words "Stupid fly."
- Alex

Moonless Night

That night was moonless and i was alone in the rain. I hastened my pace when passing the creepy house, did not dare look.

I was so scared that i jolted when i got a tap on my shoulder. I thought it was a ghost but it was you instead.
- Ida Ayu Indriyani

Loving kids?

"Mum" he paused waiting for my full attention. Yes I replied delighted with our closeness. "You've been overweight nearly my whole life." Irritated I said, AND? "Well I don't want you to be anymore". The quiet gravity and intensity of his loving care burst into the core of my soul.
- Mim

Drive Full of dreams

The car was moving at a tremendous speed. Then he was hit from behind. No seat belt, He was launched out of the car but was able to hang onto the side. The car kept going, dragging him all over. Then it stopped

He stood up and inserted another quarter.
- joser dominguez

(Sofie, a copyright infringement...?) ;-)

Reunited story

His long beard seemingly pulled his upper body forward making his cane the only object keeping him from crashing to the ground. As he moved closer the smile materialized and came into view. The blood rushing to fill the now rosy cheeks expressed everything the smile missed. Few moments compare.
- Michael Lundy


It's only a joke he scoffed hurrying out of the pub to superglue a dollar coin to the pavement outside! Let's watch at the window he chuckled.

Such laughter we had that day till a workman passed by, returning with his chisel.

One tap and the funny dollar was gone.
- Hannah


Round and round it went as he listened to her scream.
Excitement building in him as he watched her.
When the ride ended, they staggered off laughing.
Later in his cabin miles from anywhere, he raised the circular saw . . . round and round it went as he listened to her scream.
- Hazel Kinvig-Paul


Sophie sat on the bench, clutching her handbag while shaking intensely. A battle was raging inside her, "should I or shouldn't I?" Suddenly she was still. The battle was over. Her hand slowly reached into her bag as she gulped. She pulled out a chocolate bar. Sophie's diet was failing.
- Megan James

Star Struck

The lights shone down on his pale face. Slowly he lifted the microphone to his lips as the crowd began to cheer. An enchanting sound left his mouth followed by even more applauding, but it was interrupted. BANG, BANG, BANG.

"Jerry! Get a move on! It's not just your bathroom!"
- Megan James

Tears of a Poet

'Tears, they trickle down my face. I can't stop them. They flow from my eyes like a stream that never ends. Shimmering, like the fish as they swim through the water, wriggling their tails. I can't bear this anymore, I -'

"I can't read anymore of this, it's too emotional!"
- Megan James


The 13 following 50-word stories were written by first-year students from the Department of English Language and Literature ("Blaze Koneski" Faculty of Philology), in Skopje, Macedonia.
In the third week of their studies (October 2009), to be more exact, in the Academic Writing classes, as a homework assignment they were told to write such a story, following the aforementioned structure. I am proud of the effort they put in, so here they are for the rest of the world to read! The first two stories, however, are my piece of work, and after them the students' works follow.
Aneta Naumoska


Charlie's Visit to the Chocolate Factory

Despite his parents' persistent negative replies for no apparent reason, Charlie kept on secretly buying Willy Wonka chocolate bars.
They even became furious when Charlie proudly found the golden ticket, meaning a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. When Mr. Wonka opened the factory doors, Charlie exclaimed: "So this is where you work Dad!"
- Aneta Naumoska

Lawfully-Wedded Spouses

Loud music was flowing throughout the reception hall, while people danced to the catchy 80-ies tune.
Having exchanged their vows, Kelly and Tony smiled lovingly at each other, promising never to forget their wedding day. But Kelly's mother still couldn't come to terms with his coming out of the closet.
- Aneta Naumoska

(no title)

The new house was amazing. Viona and Harry were truly happy that they finally found a suitable place where they could spend their life together. What they didn't know was that their next-door neighbor was a psycho who kept his dead wife in a refrigerator and observed them every night.
- Aleksandra Bitrakovska

The Greatest News

After those fifteen minutes of waiting that seemed like eternity passed, the white door finally opened.
Sue pushed the door with a straight face. Pete looked deep in her eyes when she gave him the world's biggest smile.
He grabbed her in his arms and kissed that still little stomach!
- Bojana Treneska

The Latent Potential

One molecule of uranium has the potential energy to power an entire household for an entire month. But the human race is able to extract only 0.01% of the energy, in the process producing huge amounts of radioactive material...
If we could only unlock the full potential of the atom...
- Davor Aceski

The Other Team

They knew each other and they were best friends since they were kids.
Mary and Tom were roommates at college and after college.
They lived together and shared everything. She was so beautiful.
It was supposed to be a great love. But sadly he was playing for the other team.
- Dobre Draskachov

A Deadly Dinner

Mr. Smith entered the house. He had just returned from work. Mrs. Smith was home, waiting for him to come home. She greeted him gently and asked him to sit down at the table. They were having roast beef. Mrs. Smith had just committed a very terrible and gruesome crime.
- Elena Danilova

You're Late - You Lose

He forgot about her at the shopping centre.
He shouldn't have gone into the café, but the pastries looked so nice, and WOW ...those charming green eyes...
She was no longer there when he finally remembered.
For a pair of charming green eyes and blueberry pie, tonight he sleeps alone.
- Emilija Milanovska

(no title)

Monica prepared everything for that wedding, as usual.
Rachel was happier than ever. They loved each other so much.
They'd been through everything and somehow managed to end up together.
All of their friends were there, except Ross. He couldn't accept the fact that Rachel was getting married to Chandler.
- Emilija Petreska

(no title)

It was a stormy night, when Ella and her new date Frank were sitting in a jazz bar. Frank was astonished by her. -"You are the most beautiful woman I've ever met."

Ella just smiled discretely, covering her mouth with her left hand, trying to hide her sharp vampire teeth ...
- Magda Origjanska

A Perfect Crime

Once he decided to release himself from the pain, Rascolnycov visited the old usurer Alyona that night. When he entered her room, she was sleeping.
He raised the axe above her head. Just when he wanted to do the justified act, someone opened the door and gave him a friendly smile.
- Martina Nicheva

The Girl Is Saved

There was panic and screaming! Hannah saw the little girl and grabbed her without seeing her face.
She continued running and luckily found the way out. Happy that she managed to avoid sure death, she kissed the girl's cheek and just then she realized that it was not her daughter!
- Selma Velijoska

No Feedback

Kate came into the room and kissed Mike. She gave him a hug.
He just lay there. "I need you," she whispered. He didn't reply. "Do you love me?" she asked.

He didn't answer. Kate gave up, put the photograph of Mike back on the shelf and went to bed.
- Simona Dzima


I am in love with Sofia. I like the fact that she is full of life, full of health.
I can talk all day long about Sofia, I have many beautiful things to say.
I stare at the computer every day, looking at pictures of Sofia, which is the capital of Bulgaria.
- Stojan Manchev

Life Isn't Fair

John and Maria were planning to go to Hawaii in June, five months after their engagement.
They wanted to make it their honeymoon trip. Maria was happy about this journey that she started telling everyone about it.
Unfortunately, what she didn't know was that John wouldn't be alive by then.
- Viktorija Nikoloska

Winning Numbers

Alvin loved the lottery. He picked the same numbers everyday.
His wife begged him to stop, "You’re obsessed and don’t pay me attention anymore" she cried.
She left him.
The boss fired him.

Penniless, on the streets, his gambling habit over, he reads, in the morning paper his winning numbers.
- Eric Maerov

Driving Home

Night. Red cats eyes blinking -endless procession. Shock Jock raging interspersed with sponsors. I follow the meandering snake - the endless highway. Car swaggers across the broken white interrupting the dreamer.
Impact slows, pushing the metal beast sideways. Tempers ignite. Flurry of language. Clenched fists. The unmarked bastard issues a ticket.
- Paul Ashford

Dew Drops

She lay beside me, her hair glowing in the sun, and she laughed.
Then we danced to the water's edge, where she dipped her feet into the glistening liquid. Birds sung, and dew drops fell from the damp leaves nearby. All was tranquil.

Then I woke, and she was gone.
- (someone from Victoria, Australia)


They think we're freaks, we aren't. In the evening I drink my tea...
she doesn't care for it. She sits, silently. I lie her down beside me.
Her gaze is fixed to the ceiling. I kiss her good-night, greeted with cold-silence. It's comforting; she never shut-up when she was alive.
- William Sitch


Blood-red sunset stained the evening sky as I peered over the cliffs edge, contemplating my final thoughts, living out my last moments alive. The oceans scent leered me to the edge, the hole she left was to big.

I started to fall.

Then I heard her.
- William Sitch

The Newborn

It came as a surprise to the young parents when she began to cry; she was such a well-behaved child. "We should check on her." Mother said. "Nonsense." He replied, "Tough-love never hurt anyone." Suddenly, eerie silence swept the room.

Downstairs the curtain billowed in the breeze of the open-window.
- William Sitch


The scream of a girl from my sister's movie, indicating the right time - from my hiding-spot I pounce!

The television is not on. I am alone, in the darkness. I feel the cool draft blowing through the window. I close it. I peer-through the darkness at my 'white' Nikes stained red.
- William Sitch

White Water Rafting

They watched their athletic son, fall down the waterfall to his death. The silence, only disturbed by the turbulent water hitting the rocks, the agonizing scream of the mother. He comforted his wife - holding back his tears.

Downstream, he emerged from the water. Codename SilverFox. Property of the US Army.
- William Sitch

Presidential Shame

He was concentrating, his hand on the trigger. John Manning had just been elected president. He was on the 56th floor his gun aimed solemnly. John Manning was the happiest man in the world, he now made his dream. John Manning now lay lifeless. He glared down at him forlornly.
- Jeff Joseph

(no title)

My sweet ode to Summer: You and me, the apple tree. I took the axe to the tree, true-love, then I took the axe to thee.
For you were never worthy, nor I, I admit.
Alas one of us had to die and it wasn't fucking gonna be me.
- Grace

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