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Hot or cold, this is substantial enough to be a meal in itself. It's handy for lunches or snacks.

   5 cups cooked rice
   4 beaten eggs
   500g (1 lb) cottage cheese
   250g (8oz) mushrooms chopped
   2 large chopped onions
   4 or 5 medium size tomatoes, chopped
   2 cups tasty grated cheese
   2 tablespoons sharp parmesan
   6 rashers (slices) of bacon chopped
   250g (8oz) frozen corn kernels
   salt and pepper to taste
   3 medium tomatoes, sliced
Mix everything (except for the sliced tomatoes and 1 cup of the grated cheese) well. Turn into greased oven-proof dish. Cover top with slices of tomato and then 1 cup of grated tasty cheese. Bake at 220 C (400 F) for 50 minutes to one hour until firm and cooked through.

Serves 8 to 10. We make plenty, to make sure we have leftovers, to be eaten within a day or two. If frozen, it still tastes great, but goes soggy.

Note: You can have lots of fun with this recipe. If you like, leave out the mushrooms and experiment with other vegetables. Also, the amounts of the ingredients don't have to be exact. Vary them to suit your taste buds.

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