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Gluten-free products - Australia/NZ

Here are some places to buy gluten-free products in Australia and New Zealand.

Australian Ingredients List

Cookbook author Robyn Russell provides a useful list of the gluten-free products and ingredients she buys and tells you where she gets them.

You'll still need to check labels carefully. It's disconcerting how some companies change their products and labels.

Bouncing Olive

Bouncing Olive makes a range of 8 gluten-free and organic meals sold throughout Brisbane, Queensland, Sydney and Melbourne. Products include: Gluten Free Grilled Eggplant & Spinach Lasagne; Baked Creamy Vegetable and Cashew Gratin; Sweet Indian Curry; Spicy Thai Curry with Bamboo Shoots; Sweet Indian Curry MEAL with Organic Brown Rice and Organic Chickpeas; Spicy Thai Curry MEAL with Organic Basmati Rice and Organic Tempeh Cutlets; Curried Lentil n Potato Bake; and Dairy Free Curried Lentil n Potato Bake.

The meals are frozen for convenience. "We use 100% of our profits to support kids in need," says David Anttony. Here's a list of the outlets which sell the products: BouncingOlive.com.au/OurProducts Ph +61 7 3808 3221. Fax +61 7 3808 4551.

Gluten Free Foods

Gluten Free Foods is a store at shop 7, Barkly Square, Mornington, Victoria. It sells gluten-free bread and rolls, pies and sausage rolls, cakes and cookies, pizza bases and pasta, groceries, confectionery and small goods.

Goods are baked in Silly Yaks' gluten-free bakery in Northcote.

The store is owned by Peter and Jill Cairncross. Peter is the coeliac. August, 2004.

Jo-Ann & May's Provedore Store

Jo-Ann & May's Provedore Store sells the following gluten-free products:
  • Brookfarm Gluten Free Macadamia Muesli 350g
  • Brookfarm Gluten Free Macadamia Muesli 1kg
  • Whisk & Pin Gluten Free Muesli 500g
  • Whisk & Pin Gluten Free Muesli 1kg
  • Whisk & Pin Apple & Coconut Haystacks 120g
  • Nicholsons Fine Foods Chocolate Mousse Mix 250g

More than just gluten-free sausages

Fine Freddy's Meats is the first butchery in Queensland (and possibly Australia) to specialise in gluten-free meat products. The owners, Jeff and Deb Bowring, who have a son who is coeliac, launched a range meat products in 2004. They are manufactured under very strictly controlled conditions to avoid cross-contamination with other products. The store had over 20 different meat products including sausages (5 flavours and varieties) crumbed products, burgers and rissoles and stir fries, hot pots and kebabs.

A full list of products is available on the website: www.finefreddysmeats.com.au HonestBeef - www.honestbeef.com - Ph (02) 6664 7393 - is based in Northern NSW selling beef direct from the farmer to the customer. Our animals are sent off farm only when fully consigned, ensuring the freshest possible product, and our sausages are gluten and preservative free. our delivery area covers most of the eastern states. – Peta and David Moloney, August, 2007.

Alternative Bites

A gluten-free shop in Perth called Alternative Bites has a full range of products that are all guaranteed gluten free, and also has some lactose-free products. The company has two stores - a Factory Outlet at 1/6 Capel Court, Bentley, and a new store in Whitfords City Shopping Centre. Both stores carry the company's full range of products and at the store at Whitfords you can sit down and have a coffee and a slice of cake, or a pie or sausage roll.

"Best of all our products look and taste like the real thing!" says Kimberley Holding of Alternative Bites. "I am not a coeliac and I eat all the products myself, even the bread. It's not as heavy as most available bread and tastes a lot closer to normal bread then any I have seen so far."

Contact details: Alternative Bites, 1/6 Capel Court, Bentley WA 6102. Ph: (08) 9258 8700. Fax: (08) 9258 8711. June, 2004.

Gluten Free Favourites Pty Ltd

Leanne and Luke Potter of Kallista, Victoria, Australia, have launched an online store at www.glutenfreefavourites.com.au. It sells a wide variety of gluten-free products, including baby foods, biscuits, bread, cakes, flours, pasta, sauces, confectionery and more. They also have gift vouchers. June, 2004.

Gluten-free Cookies

Gluten-free cookies from Byron Bay Cookie Company are now for sale online at www.byronshop.com.au – Paul O'Brien, Manager, March, 2004.

You can now get Brookfarm gluten-free muesli from the same online shop. April, 2004.

Gluten-Free Beer

One of my greatest finds, Gluten Free BEER! I like wine and cider, but sometimes only a beer will do www.gfbeer.com.au – Grant Vowles, June, 2007.

Fresh and Gluten Free

We produce great tasting pre-prepared meals that include things like pizzas, chicken and spinach lasagne, ricotta and basil ravioli, sausages and curried lentils, chicken b'stilla pie, pork and green apple risotto.......and lots more! Visit www.freshandglutenfree.com

We have just begun to stock our products at "The Gap Markets" which is like a deli / butcher and the coffee shop "La Dolce Vita" at park road Milton sells our melting moments, chocolate chip biscuits and breads (fruit and cinnamon loaf / pesto bread / sundried tomato loaf) Cecilia Shing www.freshandglutenfree.com.

Gluten-free bread

We sometimes buy Mauri recipe bread from our local Woolworths supermarket. The plain one is a bit boring, the fruit one more interesting. When Joanna told the Woolies baker that I thought the plain bread was boring, he quickly offered to add whatever ingredients we suggested. We've experimented with cheese and bacon, and poppy seeds. Perhaps your local Woolies baker will be just as obliging if you ask?

All About Bread at 7/95 Wanneroo Road, Greenwood, Tel 08 93434430 carry a range of gluten-free bread mixes suitable for use either by hand or in bread machine and also provide knowledge on using their products. The loaves are light and fluffy and some mixes have the consistency of a wheat bread but are entirely gluten-free. The price of baking them yourself is considerably less than bought bread (if you can get it) All About Bread also provide a mail order service delivering the products. Source of information: Anonymous correspondent.

South Canberra: Urambi Bakery in Phillip, south Canberra, make gluten-free bread each day. Phone 02 6285 3597. – Tony Whelan, June, 2007.

Gluten-free flour

Joanna and I use G.F. Roberts gluten-free flour. It contains maize, tapioca, brown rice and soy flour. Manufacturer: Soy Products (Sales) Pty Ltd, 69 Power Rd (PO Box 66), Bayswater, Victoria, Australia.

Gwyns flour mix is 1 cup Millet flour, 1 cup Rice flour, 1 cup Tapioca flour, it works well. Also we make our own raising agent with 2 tea cream of tarter, 2 tea arrowroot, 1 tea bi-carb. Rob Mitchell - August 2003

Gluten-free pasta

Casalare Pasta in Mirboo North in Victoria. Visit http://www.casalare.com.au/ to order and have their products delivered or look for their products in local supermarkets such as Superbarn. Casalare also make G.F baking products such as S.R flour, Plain Flour, Rice Crumbs and Multi-purpose batter mix. Sharon - August 2003

Penny Gregory of Gandah wrote and told me about Orgran's new pasta: "It's called Ris'O'Mais and comes in the usual spag and spirals. It is excellent and if you try it you will agree that it knocks corn pasta for six." You're right, Penny, it sure does!

Roma Food Products sent me a carton of Orgran gluten-free products to try: Ris'O'Mais Pasta, Rice Pasta Spirali Primavera, Corn Spaghetti, Corn Crispbreads, Corn Cakes, Gravy Mix, Pizza & Pastry Multimix, Apple & Cinnamon Pancake Mix, and Carob & Fruit Log. It's great to see a company making a real effort to ensure our meals are tasty, safe and nutritious.

I tried the Carob & Fruit Log immediately. It was pretty good - made with rice malt, carob, walnuts, dates, sultanas and puffed rice. It's crunchy, not too sweet, gluten-free and dairy free.

Jemima Schmidt of Roma Food Products says that the Ris "O" Mais range has been extended to include: spirals, spaghetti, fettucine, lasagne and macaroni.

(I strongly recommend the Ris "O" Mais range by Orgran. Great stuff! This company knows how to get it right.)

"We have also released a Gluten Free Bread Mix and . . . a Gluten-Free Self-Raising Flour, which is also soy free. Last year we released a WORLD first Gluten Free canned spaghetti in tomato sauce."

The Roma Food Products production plant is specifically designed with total isolation of individual process lines to eliminate any possibility of cross contamination of dust particles, says marketing manager Merrilynne Hayes. In Australia the products are sold in Coles and Wolworths supermarkets and most health food shops, and are exported to numerous countries around the world.

Orgran products are made by Roma Food Products, 47-51 Aster Ave, Carrum Downs, Victoria, Australia 3201. Phone (03) 9776 9044. Fax (03) 9776 9055. Email: romafood@ozemail.com.au

Make your own gluten-free pasta

"We are introducing Spaetzle Makers to Australia, in particular Nana's Spaetzle Maker that has been specifically designed for coeliacs to make their own gluten-free pasta (Spaetzle) in minutes," writes Isolde Obstoj, a director of the Easy Cooking Company (Phone: 07 3823 4823).

Spaetzle is a traditional German pasta, which can be made with gluten-free flours.

Gluten-free bread mix

My friend has found a bread mix that you can actually eat! It is corn based and she gets it from Basic Ingredients, shop 2, 9 Northlink Place (cnr Toombul Rd), Virginia QLD 4014. ph.(07) 3260 7655 fax.(07) 3260 7122. I tried it and it is quite nice. – Wendy Marshall

We have discovered a great gluten-free bread mix in Western Australia. It works excellently in bread machines. Available at You Can Bake It stores in Perth. There are a number of these stores in Western Australia. Roger Matthews.

Gluten-free muesli

Ray Moxom writes:

I was recently given Monster Muesli's "Free & Lo" while in hospital. It was the best gluten-free muesli that I have had.

This is what the website says:

"Monster Muesli's Free & Lo Muesli contains low allergy ingredients such as pear - considered the only low allergy dried fruit. And it tastes great because the basic Rice Flakes are enhanced with golden syrup - a low allergy sweetener. All this, plus Free & Lo has levels of sugar 1/3 - 1/2 that of most mueslis, is high in fibre, and has 25% less fat than our Original Muesli. The result... a muesli for those who have to eat it (coeliacs), but with a taste so everyone wants to eat it."

Click on products and then go to 'Free & Lo'.

Gluten-free bakery

Rosemary Hanger writes:

Allergyfree Products Pty Ltd, Thornbury, Melbourne. Ph: 03 9416 9333 have a fair range of gluten-free products including foccaccia, bread, yeast buns, swiss rolls, fruit cake, Christmas cake and Christmas puddings. They are not licenced to sell to the public but have a mail-order set-up whereby they will have delivered to your door an order providing it totals $24 or more.

We had one of their Christmas puddings this year and found it much lighter than the usual Chrissy pud but with plenty of fruit and very tasty. It was eaten by 4 non gluten-free people who all went back for seconds!

I found the bakery by accident when my partner and I were having coffee and when I told him that his chocolate cake looked "disgusting" the poor lady in charge thought I meant it! When I explained about the gluten, she told me about this little bakery at the back of them who made gluten-free bread. Sometimes it pays to complain.

Elmar's Smallgoods
The products at Elmar's Small Goods are all gluten Free. Let staff know if you are living with coeliac and they will direct persons to products.

Contact Details:
Shop 1/67 Northlake Rd, Myaree.
Ph/Fax: 9330 2304
493 Beaufort St, Highgate 6003
Ph/Fax: 9328 4050 - Wholesale: Ph 9227 1075

Bilo supermarkets
You can find a nice tasting GF muesli in their bulk food range.
Janet O'Flaherty

Bread, laksa, cookies minestrone

Howard, Diana and Matilda Trendall write:

I'm a newly diagnosed coeliac and also a cook at the cafe Love At First Bite in Tilba Tilba NSW Far South Coast. We now have a supply of local GF bread in the freezer and can substitute rice noodles instead of hokkien in our famous laksa. We also have our own Good 'n Ugly cookies made from almond meal and one of our most popular cakes is a GF Lemon Capri Torta – almond meal and potato flour. Our soup of the day is generally GF but it pays to ask. We can leave the pasta out of the minestrone.

The bakery in Central Tilba, NSW does a very bland rice loaf but the Portelli Bakery in Brogo does a wonderful heavy nutty Brown Rice, Soy and Sunflower loaf that is a great staple for me. I thought I'd tire of it but after 5 months I still salivate at the thought of it! It's baked on the first Sunday of the month and is available by mail order. Keeps well in the fridge or freezer. Portelli's e mail address is portelli@acr.net.au.

Gluten-free baby food

Motherly Cubes - Frozen Baby Food. It is 100% natural food free from gluten, dairy, egg, nut and soy products. Motherly allows single ingredients to be introduced to test for food sensitivity. Our selected quality ingredients, including organic beef and free-range chicken are cooked gently and snap frozen to lock in the natural goodness and taste of real food. Our ingredients list adds up to 100%! The frozen cubes are available in Selected Woolworths, Coles and soon IGA stores in the freezer section. Ph 07 3808 5500. – Kylie Cardwell. July, 2004.

Gluten-free in Tasmania - stock up when you can

Kath Williams writes:

In Hobart, at 8-10 Gregory St and with another entrance off Woolworth's car park in King St is My Goodness Health Foods (it's a Go Vita shop). They have the most extensive range of GF products in Hobart and that means probably Tassie as well. They not only keep the usual products like Orgran, Basco, Leda, various breads etc but have a freezer full of products from The Glutenfree Bakery in Burpengary (www.glutenfreebakery.net) and fresh pasta from Rocco Sorelle in Qld. They've pies, lamingtons, danish, sausage rolls you name it. They also keep bulk cereals, flours etc. They have a new web site which is: www.mygoodnesshealth.com.au

As a Tasmanian I know it can be hard travelling here for interstate coeliacs. They don't appreciate that many of the towns on the map are just a couple of houses and everything shuts early except the local pub which 9 times out of 10 won't cater for them. Even some of the larger centres have few products to offer travelling coeliacs. (The fact that My Goodness has to ship all over Tassie may give you some appreciation of the problem). Outside of the Launceston and Hobart areas you can really be struggling.

My advice would be to stock up on necessities when they can. If they can work it in their best bet would be to head for My Goodness first up, particularly if they're self catering. – Kath Williams, October, 2006.

Other GF products

The best place to find up-to-date addresses of Australian shops and businesses which sell gluten-free products is in the magazine of the Coeliac Society of Australia, PO Box 271, Wahroonga 2076. I strongly recommend joining the society. Society contacts.

New Zealand

  • Gingerbread Man bakery, 261 Greers Rd, Christchurch. They make a wide variety of savoury and sweet foods which are very agreeably eaten by my teenage grand daughter so that's a good recommendation! They have good bread - garlic, cheese, herb, fruit and spicy etc. Meat pies, individual little savouries, vegetarian quiches, paninis, bread rolls (a bit like English muffins) pizzas and bases in various sizes lasagnas etc. A good range of slices, lamingtons,caramel tarts etc. They will also make birthday cakes and gateaux to order and will courier for a reasonable price to country areas. Great service. – Margaret Tooley, November, 2004.
  • Gluten-free baby food. The Green Monkey Company Ltd. We have started a organic baby food company in Christchurch, NZ. We have developed an organic frozen baby food, made from 100% organic vegetables and fruit. We will move on to meat later. We pride ourselves in being: no added sugar, no added salt, no preservatives, no additives, GE free, Gluten free, home made. My sister and I will be hand making the product, freezing them in silicon trays (re-usable) then vacuum packing them in low impact resealable bags. There will be 18 portions per bag, and you pop out what you need, so you do not waste any. We have designed our product to have a 3 month freezer life, and the new packaging is low impact on the environment compared to the single serve jars and tins. Due to it just being frozen fresh produce the colours are bright and vibrant, and it tastes like food. – Charlotte Rebbeck, May, 2004.
  • Organica in Hamilton is also in Barton street on the opposite side of the road from Cafe Strata, and is an organic/health shop with lots of g/f & dairy free salads, muffins, cookies and cakes with a full list of ingredients if you need it. Both our kids have multiple allergies so its helpful to know exactly what is in everything and easy to get food they like, even 'ice-cream' which they are never allowed to have anywhere else. There is a good selection of general groceries there also, and they have a few different kinds of organic g/f bread that doesn't taste like bricks! – Jenny Levy, August 2003.
  • The Gluten Free Goodies Company makes and supplies gluten-free biscuits, baking mixes, baking powder, light, delicious cakes, biscuits, pancakes, waffles and bread, and crisp shortcrust pastry. You can also find some good recipes on the website.

  • Brumby's Hot Bread shops – this is a nationwide franchise, and have several different GF recipes in their offerings. You have to order it the day before in my local (New Plymouth) shop, but some others have it in the freezer. Loaves are quite small (about the size of a Vogel's loaf) and very expensive ($4.50 ea), but worth it if you can't be bothered making your own. Sue Martin-Smith.

  • Woolworths supermarket – I'm not sure if all branches do this, but our one (New Plymouth) has a bakery which makes GF white bread on a Wednesday. It costs $1.99 ea, (same size as Brumby's) and comes with a full ingredient list. I've seen the way they scrub down the place to avoid wheat contamination before they make a batch, and I was quite impressed. Woolworths also seem to be very aware of GF – they now stock GF pasta (Orgran) and 2 varieties of GF flour and bread mixes, along with the usual rice crackers, corn thins, and Arnotts Rice Cookies; and also "First Choice" brand GF sausages. Sue Martin-Smith.
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