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Gluten-free Recipes

The delightful recipes at the end of these links should keep you baking happily for years. I can't claim to have tried them all, but the recipes are recommended by people who like them them so much that they've gone to the trouble of putting them on the Internet, so there's an excellent chance that you'll like them, too. They ones I've tried have been delicious.

Whoa! Don't rush to the recipe links yet. If you haven't already done so, first read the Celiac List FAQ where all the frequently asked questions about coeliac disease and what is safe to eat are answered. Some so-called "gluten-free" recipes on the Internet use ingredients not recommended by the experts at the Celiac Mailing List.

Links to gluten-free recipes

Soy Products (Sales) Pty Ltd has lots of great recipes at http://www.soyproducts.com.au/d_recipes_gffree.asp. One to revisit.

Scott Adams has a great site at www.celiac.com

The Kitchen Link has gluten-free recipes, info for celiacs, grain substitutes, bread machine recipes, newsletters, a discussion group, and more. It's a great one to visit.

Global Gourmet has GF Breadsticks, GF Pretzel Rolls and GF Potato Bread.

James Jack's Gluten Hates You! has some gluten-free recipes.

Glutafin has a variety of gluten-free recipes.

Gluten-free recipe books

Don Wiss's book list. He also has heaps of links to everything for celiacs/coeliacs.

Linda Blanchard has a variety of gluten-free recipe books and offers you a chance to test her new GF recipes.

Sally Learey has a upbeat children's picture story book called Food For Me Is Gluten Free that explains coeliac disease, the gluten free diet and celebrates how great coeliacs feel on a GF diet. It is written for children both big and small.

Very useful coeliac sites

DietaryCard.com My mother offers a service at www.dietarycard.com making personalised cards in English and translations for people with food allergies and coeliacs in particular. Her best friend has been all over the world with her cards, including Australia, and has never experienced any difficulties they have allowed her to experiment off the beaten track. – Louise Russell, July, 2004.

Celiac Disease On-Line Support Group in the Health and Wellness section at Delphi Forums. They have for free daily 20 to 30 new gluten-free recipes in their gf recipe section. Mireille is a great gf cook and has a number of gf restaurants in Canada. She often contributes to the gf recipe menu. She has been great in helping many people including myself gf our non-gf recipes. I can recommend her expertise and insight to many. – Anne Smith, July, 2005.

Lots more recipes - some gluten-free, some not

Mimi's Cyber Kitchen has an impressive recipe collection.

Recipes Archive A searchable index of recipes collected from a newsgroup. Amazing range of recipes for virtually anything.

Coeliac message board

Message board

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