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You can eat this either as a dessert or with a salad. If you're making it for a crowd, make plenty. People will come back for more. Warning: make sure that the marshmallows you use are gluten-free. They often aren't. You can use fresh or canned pineapple and mandarin pieces.


440g (14oz) pineapple pieces, drained
220g (7oz) mandarin pieces
220g (7oz) gluten-free marshmallows
125g (4oz) desiccated or flaked coconut
1 cup seedless grapes
2 cups sour cream
teaspoon salt


Combine everything in a bowl and chill overnight.

Alternative suggested by Deanna Polakowski : "Add 1 large bottle of drained maraschino cherries. Besides adding another flavour to the recipe, they also make it a very festive pink colour."

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