Best gluten-free recipes

and coeliac/celiac disease

Seeking delicious gluten-free recipes? Look no further. My favourite gluten-free recipes are here. If you don't have coeliac/celiac disease, don't worry -- it's not contagious. New gluten-free recipes will be added . . . um . . . irregularly.

Wipe your feet - this site is gluten-free.

My latest favourite gluten-free recipes
Including Joanna's gluten-free Chicken Casserole, gluten-free brownies, easy gluten-free macadamia ginger cookies, yummy gluten-free cheesy biscuits and the best macaroons in the galaxy - gluten-free of course - with a lactose-free version, too.

50 Fabulous Gluten-free Recipes . . . and hundreds more
There's no need to waste frustrating hours searching the Internet for delicious gluten-free recipes. My electronic recipe book contains more than 50 delicious gluten-free recipes - and gives you lots of links to take you straight to hundreds more wonderful gluten-free recipes on the Internet.
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An expert's gluten-free recipe books
If you like my recipes, why not try the three best gluten-free recipe books - written by Bette Hagman. I've made arrangements so that you can buy them here at fabulous discounts.

Info for coeliacs . . . and celiacs
Advice for new coeliacs, gluten-free baking hints, gluten-free products, an Australian/New Zealand gluten-free dining guide. A doctor's in-depth look at coeliac disease. A doctor answers coeliacs' questions. A letter from a man who says his coeliac disease has gone into remission.

Gluten-free restaurants
Australian and New Zealand gluten-free restaurants and cafes. Safe dining out places, recommended by coeliacs.

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Best Gluten-Free Recipes:

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