Gluten-Free Restaurants and Bakeries Australia/New Zealand

Would you like to recommend a restaurant in Australia or New Zealand which understands what "gluten-free" means? With your help, we can make this page useful for coeliacs all around Australia and New Zealand.

Cafes and restaurants, as well as coeliacs, are welcome to submit names of eating places. If I receive complaints about a place, I'll delete the name.

Before visiting any of these eating places, I suggest you phone first and check that they still provide gluten- free food. Ownerships can change fast.

Gluten-free restaurants and cafes

Restaurant chains, franchises

Ali Baba - kebabs etc, franchise stores from ACT, NSW. We have used their stores at Goulburn (NSW), Canberra (ACT) and Penrith (NSW) and have found staff extremely knowledgeable, and gluten-free menu items and ingredients all well marked, well-advised by staff, and delicious. – Mark and Alison Tempany, July, 2007.

Hungry Jacks nationwide: as with Macca's, staff always extremely helpful and able to organise "grill only" style versions of burgers. – Mark and Alison Tempany, July, 2007.

McDonalds Family Restaurants nationwide: BRILLIANT, we have used Macca's nationwide and always found staff to generally understand our needs, and managers always able to produce detailed company-policy menu ingredient references at our request. Have never had any problems with ordering suitable meals (e.g. "Aussie Burger without the bun", or "as grill") and the simple convenience and opening hours of this major international food supplier is fantastic. McCafe's always maintain GF choices, and the Macca's website contains all menu options for anyone's inspection at any time. – Mark and Alison Tempany, July, 2007.

Montezuma's. In the past we often went to Montezuma's on the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast or near our home in Taringa and were pleased to find they offer gluten-free meals. – Ken Thomason, November, 2005.

Muffin Break. Gluten-free muffins they have been available at every Muffin Break store I have visited. They usually have 2 varieties available and apparently they cook them first in the morning and use special tongs to serve them with. They are also the same price as the other muffins! I actually prefer them to the regular muffins (I'm not a coeliac). The texture is lovely. – Rosalind Williams, April, 2007.

Nando's restaurants specify which items are GF or not. – Belinda Cardillo, December, 2005.

Nandos - update. Nando's is a chicken restaurant chain which has a menu identifying all items that have gluten and/or dairy, and many that are both dairy and gluten free. – Cat, April, 2007.

Pizza Capers Gourmet Pizza have 10 locations around Brisbane and make a very yummy gluten-free pizza base. GF is slightly more expensive around $18 for a 24cm pizza which serves 1-2 people. The toppings are delicious and all processed meats used are gluten-free. Menu and locations can be viewed at – Elizabeth Baines, October, 2006.

The editor of PMQ (Pizza Magazine Quarterly) in the USA has said that Pizza Capers has the best gluten-free pizza base in the world! We were delighted to hear that. – Jason McNamara, Pizza Capers.
Toscani's Restaurants at Chermside, Brisbane, and Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast do a great selection of gluten-free dishes. If you go to the web site you'll see they have a lot more info including a copy of the menu, which identifies the gluten-free, vegetarian and heart smart items. – Anthony Power, October, 2006.

MOST Indian restaurants we've ever used are brilliant as most of their curries (including pappadams) are GF. – Mark and Alison Tempany, July, 2007.

Icecream shops chain

Baskin Robins. They have a book that will tell you all the icecreams you can have that are gluten-free. – Cheryl Sommerfeld, December, 2005.


  • Canberra
    • Australian Pizza Kitchen in Woden (just outside the plaza) do incredible gluten-free gourmet pizzas. Rumour is they're looking at bringing in gluten-free desserts. – Tim Bosnjak. July, 2004.
    • Bees and Co, Yarralumla Shops, Yarralumla, ACT. GF bread on request. Great breakfasts and lunches. – "Clean Living Matthew", June 2004.
    • Bernadette's, Ainslie Shops, Ainslie, ACT. Well known veggie place with good range of GF meals clearly marked as such on the menu. – "Clean Living Matthew", June 2004.
    • Cedars Lebanese Resturant in Canberra City (Ph: 6230 6252) were really great with GF. The waiter knew exactly what was on the menu and what each item contained. There wasn't a lot of choice for GF however they adapted the menu and brought me a wonderful meal. It's the only place that I've been to that could guarantee that everything on my plate was GF. It really was a great experience! Antoinette
    • Cream Restaurant, Canberra City Heart. They have a wide selection of gluten-free variations on their menu. The staff were very obliging and were aware of the requirements. The food was sensational... A very pleasant dining experience. – Gail Glanville, August, 2007.
    • The Italian Kitchen at the Kaleen Shops caters somewhat for gluten-free diners with their menu (if in doubt the chef is happy to clarify). It is not extensive yet, and they have not included gluten-free pasta. However, the food is great. – Renee, December, 2001.
    • Deek's Bakery at Pearce shops in the ACT is a bakery devoted to a wide selection of gluten-free breads, biscuits and cakes. – Alison Gurr, April, 2006.
    • Deeks bakery & Café. Just wanted to let you know about a fantastic bakery and café in Canberra called Deeks bakery & Café. They sell both gluten-free and grain-free food that tastes really good! They've got bread (about seven different sorts), cakes, pasta, biscuits, quiche, French toast and other yummy stuff. My favourite is the pasta. It isn't gritty and takes only 60 seconds to cook. How's that for convenient. – Cyberteej, May, 2006.
    • Lee's Inn. There are heaps of good Asian restaurants in the ACT. Lee's Inn is about the cheapest and best the best non-Mackers, gluten-free feed around. To go up market a little, the Taj Mahal Indian restaurant is fantastic, but sadly you have to avoid the naan bread. – Stephanie.
    • National Museum cafe. Loads of cafes in Canberra have GF bread available (including the National Museum!), which puts Sydney cafes to shame. – Angela Maier, October, 2006.
    • Pizzazz cafe/restaurant, Kingston Shops, Canberra. Has GF rice bread available and delicious breakfasts. – Angela Maier, October, 2006.
    • The Gods at ANU offer gluten-free bread on request. – Alison Gurr, April, 2006.
    • Purple Pickle Cafe at ANU offer very nice gluten-free tarts and friands. – Alison Gurr, April, 2006.
    • Rama's, Pearce shopping centre. Phone: 02 6286 1964. Type of food: Fiji Indian. BYO (no corkage!) Minnie has owned this restaurant for about 10 years and is most accommodating for most dietary requirements including GF. She's open for dinner Tuesday to Sunday. December, 2001. – Alex.
    • Robertos Cakes and Fine Foods, 76 Victoria Rd, Rozelle, have an excellent range of GF cakes and muffins (including cheesecake, sticky date pudding, chocolate cake, lemon muffins), frozen pizza bases and mini-pizzas/finger food. – Angela Maier, October, 2006.
    • The Urambi Organic Bakery, 25 Altree Court, Philip, tel/fax: (02) 6285 3597 do quite a nice GF, yeast bread daily and by order a range of fruit and or nut breads and buns, pizza bases and hot cross buns at Easter. –Kat Watson, October, 2006.
  • Griffith
    • Rubicon. We live in the ACT and have found a restaurant called Rubicon at the Griffith shops that has several meals on their menu they classify as gluten-free or can adapt to be gluten-free.It is good to find a restaurant that knows what you're talking about when you ask for gluten-free. My husband is a coeliac and has found also that the best bread he has had so far comes from Brindabella Bakery at Chisholm. They bake once a week and also do a fruit loaf gluten-free. – Bernadette Scott.

New South Wales

  • Albury
    • Taco Bills Mexican Restaurant, Dean St, Albury, opposite the Cinema Centre. The food and the staff there are fabulous. Choose what you like on the menu and they will tell you how they can adapt it to suit your diet. – Julie, May 2004.
  • Armidale
    • Caffiends in the Mall, Armidale, NSW. I had a gluten-free friand there but my husband also noticed that they had gluten-free toast and fruit bread. Their breakfast menu had 4 different Gluten Free items. The owner, Sonia, told me that they were making their own GF bread so they could now offer more options. I tried the GF lamington, which was very nice. There were more GF options on the blackboard. – Judy Ireland, October, 2007.
    • McCafe in Armidale. NSW keep some gluten-free items and as well the Byron Bay cookies that are sold there. – Judy Ireland, August, 2007.
  • Bowral
    • Coffee Culture. I wish to recommend my favourite coffee shop that I educated to put soya milk on their menu. They have GREAT coffee, a whole range of flavours, roasted on the premises, and a comfortable environment. The place is Coffee Culture, behind the Empire Cinema, Bowral, NSW. See you all there on Saturday morning. – Lou..
  • Bateman's Bay
    • Aussie Pancakes. I was recently in Bateman's Bay. N.S.W. There is a restaurant/coffee shop which is, to the best of my recollection, called Aussie Pancakes. The lady who owns it is herself wheat intolerant and she makes THE BEST gluten-free pancakes. November 4, 1998. – Shirlee..
  • Bathurst
    • Rachael's Coffee Lounge, Howick St.
  • Berry
    • Peppercorn's Cafe. Ph: 02 446 42035. The gluten free range includes biscuits, scones, cakes, muffins, soups, bread, focaccias, tortes, sausages, nachos, and we do have other meals that are gluten free and we also try to adapt other meals if we can. – Margaret & Harry Muilwyk.
  • Bondi Beach
    • Bondi Social had menus with the gluten-free options highlighted for me (I rang in advance). – Anon, August, 2005.
    • Icebergs at Bondi Beach have a special gluten-free menu. To my absolute delight, this was designed specifically for coeliacs after I complained that they didn't cater for us properly! It's a beautiful restaurant, great for a special occasion. – Anon, August, 2005.
    • Mu Shu in Bondi had menus with the gluten-free options highlighted for me (I rang in advance). Take your own tamari to Mu Shu and you'll have many more options. – Anon, August, 2005.
  • Byron Bay
    • The Cardamon Pod, Byron Bay. Vegetarian cafe with all food labelled as appropriately as GF, DF etc. Essentially Indian cusine, but with a little Thai too. Dine-in or takeaway. – Justine Speed, August, 2005.
    • Fundamental Foodstore, Johnson St, Byron Bay (next to Post office). A great little cafe with all kinds of coffee, cakes and meals. Many are GF. Also a health food store. Dine-in or takeaway. – Justine Speed, August, 2005.
    • Santos, Johnson St, Byron Bay (opposite Woolworths). Has a great selection of salads, snacks and cakes. All marked appropriately with GF, DF etc. Takeaway only. It's also a health food store, with a wide variety of gluten-free, dairy free and organic products. – Justine Speed, August, 2005.
  • Brunswick Heads
    • Brunswick Health Foods, Brunswick Heads, Byron Bay shire. Absolutely the best GF chocolate cake! To die for! Usually has 3 or 4 GF cakes on display. Also many salads and snacks. Daytime only. – Justine Speed, August, 2005.
  • Camperdown
    • Camperdown Travelodge. Details anyone?
  • Castle Hill
    • Pizzacutters in Castle Hill has a senational range of award winning gourmet pizzas available on a gluten free base for only $2.50 extra. –Sam Lumbroso, October, 2006.
  • Coonabarabran
    • Mathew Flinders Motor Lodge Restaurant, Oxley Highway, Coonabarabran, NSW. I have just been diagnosed a coeliac and cook several nights a week at the above restaurant, Although we do not specifically cook gluten-free food, we are happy to supply food that is gluten-free e.g. roast beef, steak, steak dianne, salad, vegetables. – Sue Hawker, January, 2001.
  • Cronulla
    • Surfeit, shop 8, No. 2 Surf Road, Cronulla, NSW. Ph 02 9523 3873, . Gluten-free items are marked on the menu. – Margaret Jasinska, July, 2005.
  • Darlinghurst
    • Tapas Bar.185 Darlinghurst Road. Nothing too exciting to report on the menu unfortunately. Usual amount of seafood in sauces available GF. – Stephen O'Rourke
  • Dee Why
    • Alfo cafe, Pittwater Rd, Dee Why. My wife and I have recently taken over a rather run down cafe/takeaway and spent the past 4 months renovating. We are now gradually launching our new menu which is a mix of standard food and gluten free. At the moment we offer the following gluten free and wheat free options: Gluten Free Breads - Open Toasties with anything from our sandwich lists. At present we do not provide gluten free meat but we are working on this! Gluten Free Pasta - Penne pasta with a choice of simple Mediteranean, Amatricianoor creamy sauce. All our sauces are made in-house from gluten free ingredients. Gluten Free Pancakes - 3 Pancakes, maple syrup, ice cream and gluten free icing sugar Gluten Free Shakes, smoothies and chocolate. We are introducing more over the next months including home made burgers (with gluten free meat), chilii con-carne and our own range of cakes and breads baked on the premises. The baking will be the ONLY baking in our kitchen and we will not be baking wheat or gluten cakes/breads. The general idea is to offer gluten free as a standard not as an option! – Adrian Shiel, March, 2007.
  • Five Dock
    • Simple the Best, 77 Great Northern Road, Five Dock, NSW. We had lovely gluten free dim sims, chicken, ginger and shallots, lime beef and bbq pork. Beautiful food and William, the owner, is only too happy to advise what you can eat. Best to book - very popular even on a week night. Small restaurant - well worth a visit and not expensive. – Bruce Rooke, February, 2006.
  • Glenbrook, Blue Mountains
    • Andra's Cottage (02) 4739:5908, Ross Street. The Brookdale Restaurant in Glenbrook has had a change of ownership. However, they still have a small range of gluten-free (and vegetarian) items on their menu. They are also happy to oblige if you provide them with prior notice. – Fay Plummer, October 1999.
    • MASH cafe in Glenbrook, NSW, has a good range of gluten-free foods at breakfast, lunch and dinner. It also has some GF cakes and biscuits. – Jenni Holland, October, 2006.
    • A number of coeliacs in the Blue Mountains have been educating the local restaurants and now The ORI at The Oriental Hotel Macquarie St Springwood will oblige if you speak to the chef. There is also the Blaxland Thai Kitchen Great Western Highway, Blaxland, and the Springwood Thai Kitchen, Macquarie St, Springwood, where just about all the dishes can be eaten. Another gem is The Harvest vegetarian restaurant in Evans Street, Rozelle. They have a fantastic menu with many and varied gluten free dishes. Bookings are essential as this place is always overbooked as the food is delicious. – Fay Plummer, October, 1999.
  • Griffith
    • Chittery Bit, 350 Banna Avenue. They have a variety of gluten-free products, including pizza. – Bev Hynoski, December, 2004.
  • Hazelbrook, Blue Mountains
    • Vthree Gourmet restaurant, Shop 1 Hazelbrook Plaza, Hazelbrook, Blue Mountains. Phone 02 4758 7003. My wife Brooke and I own a new popular pizza, pasta gourmet takeaway. We have recently introduced gluten-free choices in our range of pizzas, pastas and main meals. The chef is always happy to cater to customers' needs. My grandmother ate her first pizza in about 14 years and absolutely loved it. We cater for dine in and takeaway. We also deliver to the local area. We have received very positive feedback from the local community regarding our gluten-free range and many customers tell us that we have the best pizzas in the Blue Mountains. – Matt Vassallo, July 2005.
  • Lismore
    • Goanna Bakery & Cafe, in Lismore, NSW. Fabulous. They bake a great range of gluten-free breads, cakes, tarts and the best gluten-free pizza base I have ever tried. Also they have a wide range of meals, juices and smoothies that are gluten-free (there is a separate gluten-free menu) and are open for breakfast and lunch. Their hours are Mon to Fri 8am-5.30pm, Sat 8am-2.30pm. Great food, atmosphere and staff - well worth a visit. –Vicki Curnow, October, 2006.
  • Marrickville
    • Rowie's Cakes 78 Livingstone Rd, Marrickville, NSW 2204. Phone: 02 9550 0346. A fantastic bakery that produces a small yet orgasmic selection of cakes and cupcakes. Rowie is more than helpful and the bakery has a little sit-in cafe on the site - open Monday to Saturday. Check the times. Indulge in gourmet coffee and gourmet cakes. Drool. I cannot recommend her cooking enough! – Dave Follet, August, 2007
  • Mogo, near Batemans Bay
    • Caretta's Tea Rooms. Ph: (02) 44744480. We were travelling down the east coast of New South Wales and came across a little town called Mogo (just in from Batemans Bay). The sign out the front said "Gluten Free Hot Scones with jam and cream". They were delicious, and they had other gluten free dishes as well, all made on the premises. The staff were very friendly and helpful. – Heather Hutchinson, September, 2007.
  • Moore Park
    • Ablaze Grill & Bar, The Entertainment Quarter, Shop 211, F01 Driver Aevenue, Moore Park, NSW, 2001. Ph 9360 0097. We cater to coeliac and gluten-free diets. We have made several changes to the menu and now include the labelling of all gluten-free options on our menus. – Alex Erskine, May, 2007
  • Narooma
    • Eats & Treats, in the main street, Narooma. I have eaten regularly at this cafe/take-away and the owners are careful when preparing my meals as I have coeliac disease.I eat there at least twice a week and have never had a reaction from any of the food. – Joanne Kocwin.
  • Penrith
    • Parkes Cafe, at shop 1/100 Henry St, Penrith, NSW 2760. Ph 47210930. The owners are Fred and Norma. They offer a lot of gluten-free products that they cook fresh daily. They also support the Tony Ferguson dieters too. – Anne Mcliver, June, 2007.
  • Port Macquarie
    • Cafe Buzz, Port Macquarie. We discovered that both the Cafe Buzzes have gluten-free options. We had coffee and I had a nice almond biscuit in the one in Peachtree Walk and the other one in Settlement city had a nice rhubarb and apple muffin. – Judy Ireland, October, 2007.
  • Surrey Hills
    • Trinity Hotel on Crown Street, Surry Hills, NSW), can supply a menu showing all the gluten-free options on their regular menu, upon request. The food is fantastic and it's a great pub too. – Imanta Harris, April, 2007.
    • Hog's Breath, 455 Great Western Hwy, St Marys, NSW 2760. Phone (02) 9833 7788. I went to the Hog's Breath at St Marys, near Penrith a few days ago. The managers on that day were David and Hika. Hika is coeliac and guided me through the menu. I had a SUPERB meal with all the trimmings including calamari, steak with avocado with bearnaise saice, dime cake with berry sauce and to top it all off a gluten-free cappucinno! Best gluten-free meal ever. Just ring the day before and ask for the Manager! – Maria, September, 2004.
  • Wahroonga
    • Pizzacutters in Wahroonga has a senational range of award winning gourmet pizzas available on a gluten free base for only $2.50 extra. –Sam Lumbroso, October, 2006.
  • Sydney
    • Big Brekky cafe, 316 Stanmore Rd, Petersham (inner-west Sydney). tel: 9569 8588) Have gluten free rice bread available, and do delicious all-day breakfasts! They also have gluten free brownies. – Angela Maier, March, 2006.
    • Crispy Inn Bakery, 203 King St, Newtown (inner-west Sydney). tel: 9557 3243. Have gluten free bread available (but weren't able to provide a list of ingredients). – Angela Maier, March, 2006.
    • D.A.R.E delicious and responsible eating, my food outlet in The Rocks in Sydney. 0412266177. We have a great little store, making all our own food. Juices, smoothies, amazing salads (using chemical-free chicken only), no preservatives, and most of our food is gluten-free. Our coconut pancakes with blueberries and freshly sliced fruit are very popular and we have chicken and beef kebabs. The chicken is completely gluten free and is served on gluten free bread. We also offer white or wholemeal. We make our own felafel (also G.F), and Turkish pide gluten free. Tuna and brown rice bake or frittata with free range eggs only also all g.f. We bake our own muffins daily and hvae a fantastic selection of GF slices and smalls (choc brownies, raspberry and coconut, lemon and lime slice, organic dried fruit and oats etc. We have a fantastic response from people who wander through The Rocks or see our ad in The Rocks magazine and find the amount of GF food we have - all homemade, no MSG or preservatives. – Lee Freeman, April, 2007.
    • Cafe, 100 Clarence Street, Sydney. My husband is a coeliac and we have a complete wheat/gluten-free menu. – Jamii Hart, July, 2005.
    • Hugos Pizza in Bayswater Road, Kings Cross, have gluten-free bases, probably the nicest I’ve had. The pizzas are fantastic too. I’ve found it best to share with a couple of friends who don’t mind eating GF - one flavour of pizza can be a little bit boring. – Stephen O'Rourke, October, 2005.
    • Ironbark. My wife Jan is a coeliac. We have found a restaurant called Ironbark that serves gluten-free pizzas. It's at 208 Pittwater Road, Manly Phone (02) 9977-2255. It has a wood-fired oven and all its pizzas are of a medium size. The high temperature of the wood-fired oven results in a short cooking time and enhances the taste with a mild smoky flavour. If you call the day before they will have some gluten-free ingredients ready. Sometimes we have called and they have them there, ready today. They do home deliveries, but I guess that this would be limited to nearby areas. They have indoor and outdoor dining. – Bill Skinner, November, 1997.
    • Ironbark is open 7 nights a week from 5.30pm including all public holidays (closed Christmas Day). Although Ironbark specialises in gluten-free wood fired pizzas, there is a very diverse menu including gluten-free desserts. Coeliacs can also enjoy O'Briens gluten-free beer when dining in. Bookings essential. – Bill Samson - Ironbark, October, 2005.
    • Kwality Curries, 21 Hill Street, Camden, New South Wales (south-western Sydney) is a great Indian restaurant. The chef knows all about gluten free as his friend is a coeliac. Phone 02 4655 9404. – Margaret Jasinska, June, 2005.
    • Malaya Restaurant at Kings Wharf in Sydney has a separate gluten-free menu and the Singapore Noodles are sensational. It was so nice to be able to order without quizzing the waiting staff on the ingredients! – Imanta Harris, April, 2006.
    • O-Organic Produce, 487 Crown Street, Surry Hills, Sydney. Phone (02) 9319 4009. My dear friends, Mick and Shane, run an organic catering business and cafe. They are both fully qualified chefs and their recipies are created with specific food intolerances/allergies in mind. They cook up some of the most delicious, wheat/gluten/dairy free foods I've ever eaten (especially famous for the sweet things!) Wherever possible, all produce used is certified organic and sourced as locally as possible. The eating space is intimate (seating probably a maximum of 8-10 inside and 8 outside at any one time) but they prepare take home meals and bulk orders and the shopfront stocks a pretty good supply of specialty grocery products (foods, sauces etc) in keeping with the theme. The menu changes daily (apart from some standard favourites) so specific cases might call prior to making any big plans but otherwise, I'm confident they'd always find something on the menu to suit their needs as well as totally inspire and delight them! Check out the website (special diet requirements can be ordered on line too!) at They are open Monday-Friday 8am. - 4.30pm. Saturday 9am. - 4.30pm. – Kyi van Hooff, June, 2005.
    • Pan D'Arte, 374 Victoria Rd, Chatswood, Tel: 9884 7155. This is a bakery/cafe which has a range of GF breads, biscuits and pastries. They can also make GF sandwiches. The raspberry jam slice is heaven, and is dairy free too. (There are other Pan D'Arte shops in Woollahra and North Sydney but I haven't been to them so can't say whether they also have GF options.) – Angela Maier, October, 2006.
    • Twelve Cafe, 218 King St, Newtown (inner-west Sydney). tel: 9519 9412. Have gluten free pizza bases. They are also quite accommodating and are aware of gluten-free options on the menu. – Angela Maier, March, 2006.
  • Terrigal
    • The Letterbox Restaurant. All the gluten-free meals on its menu are marked.
  • Tilba Tilba
    • Love At First Bite cafe at Foxglove Spires Garden, Corkhill Drive, Tilba Tilba, NSW, is very coeliac friendly. I'm a coeliac and I'm the cook. We always have one gluten-free cake (Lemon Capri) available and often two (Date and Almond Torte). We keep bread from the bakery in Bermagui in the freezer for toasted sandwiches. Our soup is always gluten-free and we can use rice noodles in our famous laksa instead of hokkien. At the moment we have smoked trout in crepes with a garlic aioli on the menu and we have riceflour crepes on standby for the coeliac population. Most of our dishes can be adapted quickly and with the minimum of fuss. Our front of house staff know what they're talking about and can be trusted to relay the information to the kitchen! We seem to have a coeliac in every day and most are so excited and grateful! – Daisy Trendall, April, 2006.
  • Tweed Heads
    • Supreme Kebabs, Tweed Mall, Cnr Frances and Wharf Streets, Tweed Heads. I thought my chances of finding a gluten- free takeaway lunch, on a Sunday, in a shopping centre with few food-court outlets open, were slim. But when I noticed the fresh salad at Supreme Kebabs, I asked the staff if the beef, lamb and chicken sizzling on the vertical rotisseries were gluten free. The manager went out of his way to phone the supplier (as the meat is already seasoned when delivered), and was able to then advise me it was gluten free, it wasn't marinated and the seasoning was pure herbs. So I chose my filling served on a plate, instead of wrapped in Lebanese bread, and the only out-of-bounds salad was the tabouleh. We were served a mountain of a meal, and it was delicious. – Daphne, May, 2006
  • Wagga Wagga
    • Cafe Europa in Johnston Street. If you ring ahead Pauline will do a wheat-free pizza base ready for whatever topping you want. Also has wheat-free pasta. – Josephine Stanton. September, 2004.
  • Yamba
    • Asif at Yamba in Northern NSW is a fast food outlet that sells fish and chips, seafood and kebabs. It is great because coeliacs can have their fish (and anything else) crumbed. My daughter thinks it's great. – Tamara Tesolin, April, 2006.

Northern Territory

  • Alice Springs
    • Bar Doppio, Todd Mall, Alice Springs (actually in a little lane just off the Mall at the southern end). This cafe is open for breakfasts and lunches and has a range of salads, frittatas and gluten free cakes. The staff are helpful. – Annie Ernst, January, 2006.
    • Casa Nostra has various rice and corn pastas, and they prepare some suaces w/all natural ingredients. I have a 5 year old boy with coeliac disease. Casa Nostra was our favorite restaurant before his diagnosis, and has been ever since. – Mary Mozingo. I found it excellent - it was overwhelming to go to a restaurant and have so much choice! – Margaret Jasinska, September, 2005.
    • Flavours of India, Undoolya Road, Alice Springs, has a number of gluten free main dishes and staff who are very helpful and will double check everything for you. Open for evening meals. – Annie Ernst, January, 2006.
    • Jolly Swagman Coffee Shop: Shop 10 John Cummings Plaza, Todd Mall, Alice Springs NT 0870 ph: (08) 8952 3633. Gluten free cakes are available. – Margaret Jasinska, September, 2005.
    • Oscars Cafe: Shop 1 Cinema Complex, Alice Springs, NT 0870. ph: (08) 8953 0930. The staff are extremely helpful and the chef is well aware of gluten intolerance. I went there for lunch and there was not much choice on the day, so I was able to choose anything from the breakfast or dinner menu. Delicious food and great service. – Margaret Jasinska, September, 2005.
    • Red Ochre Grill Restaurant, Todd Mall, Alice Springs. Helpful staff who will ensure that the meal that you order is served to you totally gluten free. This is a good place to go if you want to sample different meats (eg crocodile, emu, kangaroo etc). If you are not a keen meat eater it may not be the best place for you. – Annie Ernst, January, 2006.


  • Bowen
    • 360 on the Hill (Flagstaff Hill): Gluten free muffins, and they also do gluten free meals but you need to let them know ahead of time that you will be requiring it. – Rikki, April, 2007.
    • The Club Hotel: Speak to Jackie the Chef, she will organise gluten free meals for you. – Rikki, April, 2007.
    • Horseshoe Bay Cafe: Have some gluten free meals and products available now. – Rikki, April, 2007.
    • Queens Beach Take Away - Owned by a couple and the husband is a coeliac. Their chips are gluten free and they do GF grilled fish as well as gluten free sandwiches. They also do GF Kabanas and a number of other GF products. They have crumbed fish and chips that are gluten free available now. Just check with the shop assistant as the owner is going on holidays for a year, and someone else will be managing it during this time. – Rikki, April, 2007.
    • The Yacht Club: Speak to Collin the Chef, and ask for something gluten free. – Rikki, April, 2007.
  • Bribie Island
    • The Village Deli at Bongaree, Bribie Island, is run by Darren and Randall who are very coeliac aware. They stock a fantastic range of gluten-free gourmet products including the best pasta I've had, imported from Italy. Darren's mum regularly bakes a yummy gluten-free chocolate cake (and their coffee is terrific too!) not what you'd expect on our sleepy little island, but they're doing great trade because there's no one else close by. They also order in SOL breads and other bakery items on request. – Lesley Schultz, July, 2004.
    • The Anchorage restaurant on the waterfront at Bongaree, Bribie Island, does not advertise gluten-free meals, but the chef & staff are very aware, and make great gourmet meals - and it's not a problem for them, no pre-booking of special meals required! (gotta love that). – Lesley Schultz, July, 2004.
  • Brisbane
    • Avanti Cafe & Pasta - 63 MacGregor Terrace, Bardon. Many of their main meals can be made gluten-free, and they also keep gluten-free pasta on hand. – Nikki,June, 2007.
    • Blue Frog Wine & Dine (formerly Amore on High), 1/29 High St, Toowong, Q 4066. has all of our menus and details about our restaurant and its elegant wining and dining. We have lots of gluten-free meals available. – Mel Mears, October, 2006.
    • Bare Pear Cafe, 148 Queen Street, CBD (Corner Queen and Bourke) focuses on health through nutrition. Most of their food is organic, and they have a great range of wheat and gluten-free fare such as muffins, soups, toasties, salads, smoothies and sweet treats. The muffins are particularly good as they are made from organic soy and buckwheat flour, and do not contain cane sugar. Healthy, yummy AND wheat/gluten-free options - what more could you want! – Louise Dwan, October, 2007.
    • Barzuka on the Brunswick St Mall in Fortitude Valley does really good food, and has some really good cheap specials, and have their menu marked with all the gluten free options. I highly recommend this restaurant! – Stacey Brennan, November, 2006.
    • Bombay Bliss, 634 Gympie Rd, Chermside (07) 3350 1488. All the curries are free of gluten. – Belinda Cardillo, December, 2005.
    • Bread & Butter Bakery & Patisserie, 166 Ashgrove Ave, Newmarket 3356 7913: They make some great GF selections – by the slice or whole and are reasonably priced, which is an excellent change – and what is great is that they do offer the usual orange and almond cake but quite a few other options too! – Donna Hickling, October, 2004.
    • Café XS on the upper level of Westfield Carindale carries a large range of gluten-free cakes and slices. They also have gluten-free breads, and are happy to help where ever possible with making meals gluten free. James and his staff are always friendly and helpful. All you have to do is ask for your order to be gluten free and they will do everything in their power to assist. – Tamara Menteith, June, 2007.
    • Carlyle's BYO Restaurant, Cnr Raymont Road and Blandford St, Grange, Brisbane, 4051. We have been offering the majority of our a la carte menu for coelaics for about the last two years. As a natural course our regular menu is marked with coelaic compatible meals and generally it is 85% or more. We have a large regular coelaic patronage, with the Coelaic Society supporting us with functions as well. We also have a line of pre-packaged food we produce for coelaics - like TV dinners which you order and we then make fresh for freezing, to give you optimum life on the product. Our website - has the order form for these meals on it. – Shane, Jodie & Ziggy Solczaniuk, April, 2005.
    • Cinco Bistro, 589 Old Cleveland Rd, Camp Hill, Brisbane, caters well for the gluten free community. The current menu for November/December 05 is 100% gluten free excluding 2 out of 6 desserts. Fabulous food with great service and buzzing atmosphere. – Peter Stubbs.
      I can also vouch for Cinco Bistro at Camp Hill. It has numerous divine meals available to coeliacs with wonderful service. – Elizabeth Baines, October, 2006.
    • The Coffee Club in Springwood, Brisbane, offers a large range of wheat-free and gluten-free breads and cakes. Just perfect with a large latte. – Sonia, October, 2004.
    • Cream Patisserie, Shop 1, Cnr Sandgate Rd & Boyd St, Nundah. Ph: (07) 3256 8667. The white chocolate cheesecake is incredible. I'm proud to say of all the birthdays I've been to this year mine has been the only one where the entire cake was demolished with requests for seconds - funny I was kind of hoping for some leftovers when we ordered it! – Donna Hickling, October, 2004.
    • Cream Patisserrie, Shop 3, Cavendish Central, 380 Cavendish Rd, Coorparoo. Ph: (07) 3324 2713. The owner there is also coeliacs; they have an amazing range of cakes, and also do heavenly GF Ricotta Pancakes for weekend breakky! – Kerrie. November, 2003.
      Yes, they have a brilliant array of GF desserts. They have a list of their entire menu available on request noted with what is GF. – David Uhlmann, April, 2004.
    • Diner33. Shop 1 186 Moggill Road, Taringa, Brisbane. Phone: 07 3870 5633. We provide a number of gluten-free dishes. My wife, who is the chef, has a sister who is coeliac and so she understands the needs of the diet. Gluten-free food doesn't have to be an afterthought and with a little bit of planning tasty gluten-free meals can be provided. – Danny, September, 2007.
    • Double Cream is the restaurant next door to Cream (where the owner is a coeliac) and the food is divine. – Nicole Fairweather, April, 2004.
    • Cuddly Cod, Wilson. Details anyone?
    • Earth 'n' Sea at Wilston in Brisbane is really good. We go there regularly with our three young children and they can make any of the pizzas on their menu gluten free. They can also do gluten free pastas. – Tamara Tesolin, April, 2006.
    • Earth and Sea Pizza on Chatswood Road in Coorparoo keeps GF pizza bases in his freezer and will make up most of his pizzas with them. – Nicole Fairweather, April, 2004.
      Earth & Sea regularly stocks gluten-free pasta. He occasionally is out of stock. However, the more people who ask for it, the more likely he will keep it in stock! – David Uhlmann, April, 2004.
    • Earth and Sea Pizza at Oxford St, Bulimba, do GF bases, around $2 more than a regular base. Need to be selective when choosing toppings though. – Elizabeth Baines, October, 2006.
    • E'cco Bistro, 100 Boundary St cnr Adelaide St, Brisbane. Ph 3831 8344. It has a copy of the menu listing dishes that are gluten/wheat free, dairy free or vego. – Robyn Russell, November, 2004.
    • The Fez Bah at Tenerriffe in Brisbane and the Jazzy Cat Cafe at West End offer a range of gluten free choices. – Michael and Kate. August 2003.
    • Fitzy's restaurant, Bryants Road, Loganholme. I have had many wonderful experiences with Fitzy's. Absolutely all their sauces are made free of wheat, gluten, dairy, egg and nuts. So when you order off the menu, you choose a base that you know you can eat and not have to worry whether the gravies etc have any allergens. Even if the meal you want has mashed potatoes, you just have to request they make it with out butter and/or milk/cream and it's no problem. Well done, Fitzy's, Gold Star thoughtfulness and quality! –Deborah, March, 2006.
    • F.I.X. at the Port Office Hotel, cnr Margaret and Edward Streets, I think. They list foods as gluten-free, light or vegetarian. Great food, too. – Christian Dahl, October, 2001.
      F.I.X at the Port Office Hotel in Brisbane CBD has great food at very affordable prices. They have GF next to meals, but this does not necessarily mean that the meal is gluten free – it means they are happy to make a gluten free version of it. For example, they will give you the meal exactly as on the menu, but leave the gnocchi out for coeliacs. Their gluten-free pizzas are fantastic. – Jacqueline Rogers, May, 2004.
    • Food Bazaar in Kenmore (Cnr Kenmore Road, and Brookfield Road). I used to go to The Food Bazaar as a gluten eater, and will now go there as a gluten-free eater. They have gluten-free chocolate cake and gluten-free apricot and almond cake. – Raechel, October 23, 1998.
    • The Forest, 124 Boundary St, West End, Brisbane. The Forest is a vegan cafe. We use mostly organic ingredients and we have a focus on wheat free and gluten free food, as well as onion and garlic free and low fat, low sugar. – Mahk, November, 2005.
    • Freestyle Dessert Cafe at the Emporium Anne St, Fortitude Valley. Some of their amazing desserts are gluten-free such as creme brulee and chocolate cake. They are very gluten aware and always ask that you remind them when ordering so they ensure the plate isn't dusted with icing sugar. – Elizabeth Baines, October, 2006.
    • Get Hooked - Oxford St, Bulimba. This is a fish & chippery with a difference, and their large range of gluten-free options are clearly marked on their menu. Many of their burgers can be made with gluten-free bread, and their staff are knowlegeable and happy to customize anything to your preferences. – Nikki, June, 2007.
    • Giardinettos, on 366 Brunswick St, the Valley, Brisbane. Ph 32524750. A great restaurant. Everything on their (quite delicious) menu can be made without gluten (pastas, breads, you name it!). – Michael Ng, July, 2004.
    • Gourmet Magic, Brookside Shopping Centre.
    • Green Mango Thai restaurant in Macgregor Tce, Bardon, does yummy wheat and gluten-free food - eat in or takeaway - also low fat. – Melinda Nugent, November, 2004.
    • Hilton. Victoria's at the Hilton carries a gluten-free mud-cake (and a diabetic cheesecake - but not gluten free). – Nicole Fairweather, April, 2004.
    • Happy Tums, 92 Old Cleveland Rd, Capalaba, Qld 4157. Phone: 07 3823 5966. All products are free of wheat, gluten, dairy, egg, nuts, soy and yeast. No added chemicals, colours, artificial flavours or preservatives. Fresh ingredients and organic where possible. low salicylates and low amines products. "We customise orders", have cakes, puddings, biscuits, muffins, scones, dampers, loaves, savouries, pies and other hot pastries (they don't use any processed ingredients of any kind in any foods. happytums make its own pastry with safe ingredients for everything), meals, sushi, lollies and treats. "Also stock a large range of other manufacturers products that meet our high standards. Lots more being added to the list all the time." You can even dine in like a cafe for lunch or just a cuppa. – Heather M, September, 2007.
    • Jindalee Hotel, Jindalee, Brisbane. We recently had a pleaseant dining experience at "Nicks" at the Jindalee Hotel, Jindalee. Their a-la-carte menu has gluten-free (and I think dairy free) mains and entrees. The staff were very helpful and patient when we were ordering and took the time to go and ask in the kitchen when we had enquiries. Well done Team! – Ray Hembrow, April, 2005.
    • Jocelyn's Provisions, Centro on James complex, James Street, cnr Doggett St, Fortitude Valley. Ph 3852 3799. This patisserie does a only a few (but sensational) gluten-free nibblies and cakes. – Hansa Kerr, December, 2005.
    • Ki Bar & Bistro on the corner of Ann Street and Edward Street in the Brisbane CBD is owned by a fantastic guy called Joe – their philosophy is to make fresh food with no preservatives etc. so if you ask him, he will make anything gluten-free for you – cakes, muffins etc. He gets a lot of coeliacs for business lunches etc. and so normally has some gluten-free pasta on hand, but best to always ring beforehand to let him know you're coming, or bring your own with you. – Jacqueline Rogers, May, 2004.
    • La Chantilly Continental Cakes, Rochedale. Any cakes made there he will also make GF, and always has at least 5 varieties in the cabinet to purchase. – Kerrie, November, 2003.
    • Mama Rina's at the Compton Centre, Compton Rd, Sunnybank Hills, on the south side of Brisbane has started carrying a gluten-free cake, pasta and pizza on their menu. This was in direct response to a request from us so that my son can go and enjoy a cup of coffee and piece of cake. – Kathie Ryan. December, 2002.
    • Michael's Oriental, Sunnybank Plaza, Mains Road Sunnybank 4109. Ph 07 3344 2888 Fax 07 3344 4888. I have eaten there many times and have never been disapointed. Micheal and staff understand our needs and will construct a meal around our diet. If a dish has to contain some "poisonous" substances they will tell you. – Alan Elphinstone.
    • Miss India, Aspley Shop 10/ 1378 Gympie Rd, 4034. Ph: (07) 3863 3355. Coorparoo, 178 Cavendish Rd 4151. Ph: (07) 3397 2928. St Lucia Shop2/ 191 Sir Fred Schonell Drv. 4067. Ph: (07) 3899 9390 OR...(07) 3870 3595. All curries are gluten free, also cater well for dairy free. – Heather M, October, 2007.
    • Mondo Organics, West End. I had a great meal (gluten-free choices explained happily by waiter). – Melinda Nugent, November, 2004.
    • Mount Coot-tha Gardens Restaurant.
    • Nut Shack, Indooroopilly Shopping Centre, Level 3.
    • Pl8, Cnr Eildon and Lutwyche Road, Windsor. Ph 3857 8375, Fax 3857 8395. My husband was recently diagnosed with complete wheat allergy. He telephoned P18 and spoke to the chef, who was very happy to help. He assured my husband that he had meals to suit and if we came in a little before the rush period his wife would go through everything on the menu that was wheat free. True to his word, the service could not have been more helpful. Better yet, were the extraordinary tastes of the Mediterranean set in an adorable little restaurant on the main street of Windsor. The atmosphere took us away from Brisbane and had us tucked in a neat little restaurant somewhere in Italy. We were so happy with the experience we thought you might like to know about this treasure. –Ruth Nicol, December, 2005.
    • Piccolo's, shop 7a 29-31 Alexandra Rd, Ascot. (PH) 3262 3011. I regularly eat at Piccolo's. They always have a copy of the menu with what is suitable for coeliacs. The food is very very good and this year they were awarded the best BYO in Brisbane. – Robyn Russell, November, 2004.
    • Pizza Capers Gourmet Pizza have 10 locations around Brisbane and make a very yummy gluten-free pizza base. GF is slightly more expensive around $18 for a 24cm pizza which serves 1-2 people. The toppings are delicious and all processed meats used are gluten-free. Menu and locations can be viewed at – Elizabeth Baines, October, 2006.
    • Planet Matterz, Wynnum Road Morningside. An organic good store that has a side café with great organic and gluten-free options. – Meg Northcott, May, 2007.
    • Powerhouse Markets on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month are a great source of gluten-free risottos, soups, pastas, cakes, muffins etc. – Jacqueline Rogers, May, 2004.
    • Restaurant II, Brisbane City, don't specifically have a GF menu, but will cater for any special needs, no fuss no bother. We had one of the BEST dining experiences of our lives there. – Kerrie. November, 2003.
    • The Scandinavian Bakery, 3 Dennis Road, Springwood, (07) 3208 1067, has a few GF cakes and sweets, in particular the absolute BEST Orange and Almond Cake EVER. – Belinda Cardillo, December, 2005.
    • Sheraton. You might be interested to know that the Sheraton Brisbane has a big range of gluten-free cakes (as well as food for other specialist diets). So, the next time you get a chocolate cake craving . . . help is at hand! :-) Alex, September, 1998. Carriages restaurant at the Sheraton carries gluten-free bread all the time (they are lovely little nutty muffins). – Nicole Fairweather, April, 2004.
    • Simply Good. located in Morayfield and also Alderley and they sell a lot of bread flours and gluten free products. Check out their website Symonds
    • Squirrels have some gluten-free options on their menu, which is online at The entire menu is dairy free as well. (The restaurant is at 184 Enoggera Rd, Newmarket. Phone 07 3856 0966) – Denis Lalor.
    • Tanja's cafe restaurant, 377 Cavendish Road, Coorparoo, Brisbane, is an excellent restaurant where gluten-free items are clearly marked. Phone 07 3847 6711. –Margaret Jasinska, June, 2005.
    • Thai Pochana Cafe at Oxford St, Bulimba, ph: 3217 9600, know about gluten-free requirements and note it on the bottom of their menu. They use GF sauces (on request) and will advise which dishes are suitable. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week. – Elizabeth Baines, October, 2006.
    • Thynne Road Deli at Morningside (cnr Thynne Road and Ison St). They have a large range of gluten-free cake and slice options (usually about 7-10 choices from $3.50 - $6.50). They always have gluten-free bread available for sandwiches, or toast at breakfast. Usually also some gluten-free salads or frittata at lunch-time. – Elizabeth Baines, October, 2006.
    • Tidy restaurant in Hawken Drive in St Lucia. They don't specifically mark their meals as gluten free, but were incredibly helpful in suggesting what you can and can't eat. Very good tapas and main menus at affordable prices. – Jacqueline Rogers, May, 2004.
    • Toscani's restaurant at Garden City has a good selection of GF meals – and they are noted as GF on the menu. The menu also states that they have GF pizza bases and GF pasta available (although we haven't tried those yet.) – David Uhlmann, April, 2004.
      Toscanis in Little Stanley Street at Southbank. They mark their menu with GF. – Jacqueline Rogers, May, 2004.
      Toscani's at Wellington Point Qld 4160 have a range of marked GF meals which are really nice and also the Cafe at Wellington Point itself are happy to do GF meals and they usually have a GF cake or two as well .. .and not the eternal Orange and Almond either. At both places the staff are very very helpful. Love them. – Lynne McGee, June, 2007.
    • Vitality Store, Centro on James complex, James Street, cnr Doggett St, Fortitude Valley. Ph 3852 5212. Has a great range of gluten-free food products. They also make gluten-free sandwiches, which are delicious. – Hansa Kerr, December, 2005.
      Vitality Stores in the James St Complex at New Farm has great options for gluten free. It's a deli/health food store with good food mainly takeaway. – Stacey Brennan, October, 2006.
    • Waterlily Restaurant & Bar, 109 Margate Pde, Margate, Queensland 4019. Phone: (07) 3283 3366. We have a separate gourmet menu just for coeliac and sell gluten-free beer. We also cater for vegetarians. I don't think there are too many restaurants that actually have a separate menu of our standard of food for coeliacs so it is a real treat for them. – Leanne Christmas, March, 2007.
    • Watt Restaurant, New Farm, Brisbane have a HUGE range of Gluten Free meals on the menu, infact they actually have the GF beside them! – Kerrie. November, 2003.
    • Wicked Sisters Café, Riding Road, Hawthorne. The Café has delicious breakfast and lunch meals and lists which meals are gluten free. I recommend the corn and bacon cakes. – Meg Northcott, May, 2007.
    • Wildpepper, 75 Hardgrave Rd, West End. Ph: 3844 1262. Wildpepper is a fantastic gluten free restaurant. I believe it does the best pizzas ever. They cater for all allergy types. They have a huge range of veg pizzas for the vegetarians, Also available are alternative cheeses for vegans. But best of all they can do any of their pizzas on a gluten free base, fresh from Sol Breads down the road, which is extremely delicious. – Tess Wrigley, January, 2006.
    • Zen Bar at Post Office Square (Adelaide Street end). Although not advertised as gluten-free meals on the menu, the chef/waiting staff are particularly helpful and will advise what you can and can't have with regards noodles/sauces. Extremely tasty and highly recommended. – Kerry.
      I can also vouch for Zen Bar in the city as being gluten aware (limited choices though). – Elizabeth Baines, October, 2006.
  • Cairns
    • Bayleaf Restaurant, Lake St - behind the Cairns Base Hospital. Indonesian/Balinese restaurant. The menu is mostly GF except for prawn crackers. Staff are GF-aware. – Angela Maier, October, 2006.
    • Crocodiles Choice.
    • The Ambulance Station Cafe (Coffee Shop built on the site of an old restored ambulance station) on the corner of Grafton and Aplin Streets makes absolutely delicious gluten-free cakes and always has a range to choose from. It is a great place to visit for a coffee before or after a movie (movie theatre across the street). – Angus, January, 2001. The Old Ambulance Station Cafe has a wonderful range of gluten-free cakes and desserts. If only we had time to test every one they had on display! – Lynn Taylor, May 2001.
      The Ambulance Station in Cairns is magnificent. If you are a coeliac and are really missing mud cake then the Ambulance Station will be what you need! Their cakes are the best GF products I have ever seen. – Bryan McGrath, August 2001.
    • Fusion Organics, corner of Grafton and Aplin Streets (was an old ambulance station). This great cafe has lovely food that is gluten free, and food for all sorts of different allergies. Would this be the same cafe mentioned in your list for Cairns? We recommend it. We hardly ate anywhere else as my sister and I can't eat wheat. – Marilyn Jones, July 2005.
    • The Sebel Reefhouse, 99 Williams Esplanade, Palm Cove, phone 07 4055 3633. I am gluten intolerant and when I had my birthday I was told to find a restaurant I could eat at - the Qld Coelic Society provided me with a huge list of places... I phoned the Cairns Raddisson (changed hands to Shangri La) and asked if they served coelic meals. The answer was "Is Celia staying with us?" Well, I hung up! Anyway, we ended up going to The Sebel Reefhouse at Palm Cove and they said to come in and speak to the chef if I was concerned - so I did and then made a reservation for that night - the staff were notified I was present and I had a great waiter - I ended up having a fancy and filling dish for $30 of half a Roast Chicken (or choice of duck - they had plenty of meals they were happy to adjust to GF) with vegies, sweet potato etc - was by far and wide the best meal I've had as a GF person that I didn't make! Then I ordered dessert and they adjusted the dessert to make it GF and gave me an option of three or four to choose from. One of the staff was not told I was GF and when the dessert came out I didn't notice the biscuit which the GF ice cream was sitting on to stop it melting and I'd had one bite then had three waiters and the manager decend upon me and whisk away the dessert before I could blink. They fixed it then returned ever so apologetic with a whole new dessert. How many times would someone have made a mistake and ignored it because they didn't want to be embarrassed or fired? Not this restaurant - they are up to speed with GF requirements and very happy to assist. The manager came around later on in the evening to everyone's table and spoke to all guests like they were important to him. Great place - and I'll be going back there again. –Jen E, June, 2005.
    • Specialteas Of Cairns, Shop 1, 46 Spence St, Cairns 4870. Phone (07) 4052 1313. Deli and "specialtea" shop. We cater for the tea lover and coeliacs with a sweet tooth. We have beautiful gluten-free cakes locally made and also a lot of Byron Bay cakes and biscuits, soon expanding into savory foodstuffs as well. Friendly atmosphere, a nutritionist on staff to help with information and smiling helpful staff. We also offer a 20% discount if you are a member of the Australian Coeliac Society. – Rae, July, 2005.
    • Tamarind Restaurant at the Sofitel Reef Casino Complex, Wharf St, Cairns. The meals were delicious and the staff very helpful. I have multiple food intolerances and staff were able to consult a complete allergens reference directly related to the current menu. I was able to enjoy my meal with full confidence and I was even given choices, which is extremely uncommon for me. – Tanya Gleeson, October, 2006.
    • Tha Fish Seafood Restaurant Cairns (changed name from 2 Fish) at the marina in Cairns. Ph: 07 4041 5350. We have numerous dishes that are gluten-free from our signature of choosing a fish fillet from our list and matching it with the 7 cooking styles, 5 of which are gluten-free to our pistachio and chocolate torte for dessert. As we have many options available for gluten-free we also provide menus with highlighted options for gluten-free and lactose intolerant diets to make it easier. All welcome to come and join us. – Sheldon Wearne, August, 2007.
  • Daintree Village
    • Papaya Cafe, Stewart Street, Daintree Village, Nth Qld 4873. Papaya Cafe is very gluten free aware. We are constantly trying to find gluten free alternatives for base products, use rice flour wherever possible for grilling, and don't use coated chips products. We try to ask that anyone staying in a B & B in the village lets us know in advance of any special dietary requirements - so we can do our best for them. – Jan Moon, October, 2007.
  • Gold Coast
    • Bellissimo Italian Restaurant, Gold Coast Highway, Broadbeach. Chef can adapt sauces to be gluten free - had a beautiful creamy mushroom veal meal recently. – Lisa Wilson, July, 2005.
    • The Doghouse Grill and Blues Bar, Broadbeach Mall, which used to have gluten-free mains and desserts, has turned into a Mexican restaurant. Anyone know where the previous owner went?
    • Earth 'N' Sea, Showcase on the Beach, Marine Parade, Coolangatta. Phone: (07) 5536 3477. During Wintersun we ate there. I had spaghetti bolognaise. It wasn't the nicest I have ever eaten but it sure was nice not to have to settle for a salad. They also do gluten-free pizzas. A bit on the expensive side at $16 for small (the only size available in GF) but my big beefcake husband ordered a small size for himself and he had trouble fitting it in. The toppings are really generous and the staff are really great. Add to this the ocean views and it is now my favourite pizza joint. They also do take away. – Lisa-Jane, August, 2007.
    • Gourmet Deli, underneath the Beachhouse, Coolangatta. They had rissoles and salmon patties made gluten free, and falafel on a plate or in a container with salad. – Cheryl Sommerfeld, December, 2005.
    • Julio's Italian Pizza and Pasta, Pacific Fair Shopping Center, Broadbeach. They have a range of gluten-free menu items, including pasta, risotto, pizza, toast (normal for breakfast and beautiful French toast - sweet and savoury), and usually at least a couple of GF cakes. They are centrally located near City Beach and Healthy Life (who also stock some GF foods). – Lisa Wilson, July, 2005.
    • Palazzo Versace, 94 Seaworld Drive, Main Beach QLD 4217. Ph (07) 5509 8000. Vie at Palazzo Versace effortlessly catered for our gluten-free diet (with a seven-course degustation menu!) and it was possibly the best meal of my life. It would want to be for the price, but it was so worth it. – Nicole Fairweather, April, 2004.
    • Robina Tavern, Ron Penhaligon Way, Robina. The chef can make gluten-free sauce for your steak/chicken etc, but would prefer advance notice. Often have creme caramel on menu for dessert which is GF. – Lisa Wilson, July, 2005.
    • SAKS Restuarant - Sea World Drive, Marina Mirage. Phone 07 47794167. My family and I have just recently visited the Gold Coast. We came across SAKS Restuarant and they offered a full alternative menu that was gluten free. It was nearly the same as their standard menu. Entrees, mains and desserts. It was the best meal we have ever had at a restuarant. We are always looking for a nice restuarant, but we are limited with the choices and it was great to find one that catered for gluten and dairy free diets without needing any special requests. Hope this helps others who visit the Gold Coast. – Paul Grady, April, 2007.
    • Somni restaurant, at Dreamworld Drive, Coomera, Gold Coast, caters exceptionally well for gluten-free meals. Just let Shannon the head chef know and he is only too happy to create 95% of the meals gluten free. The taste of his brilliant creations is still the same with or without gluten. – Danielle Shingles, June, 2007.
  • Gympie
    • The Brown Jug, Mary Street, Gympie, is a great little coffee shop and eatery. They have a small selection of gluten- free food for coeliacs but they are particularly yummy. Gourmet Friands and Almond Cake anyone would love, not just coeliacs. The lady there, Dianne Wallace, was so lovely, we got chatting and the next time I dropped in she had written down many gluten-free recipes for me to try. – Leisa Cooper, April, 2005.
  • Hervey Bay
    • Chamomile Bed and Breakfast, We are coeliac friendly as our son is a coeliac. Located 500 metres from the Marina at Hervey Bay Qld. Hervey Bay is where the best whale watching is found in July to Nov and is also the departure point for Fraser Islands. Great fishing, beautiful sandy beaches (no surf though) and all round lovely place to holiday and live. Our phone no is 07 41251602. – Kathie Ryan. December, 2002.
    • Pier Restaurant & Cocktail Bar in Hervey Bay caters for coeliacs (as well as diabetics). We have received medical approval on the recipes used in the restaurant and go to great lengths to ensure that any dietary requirement is catered for. Our address is 573 The Esplanade, Urangan, Hervey Bay, Qld 4655. Phone 07 4128 9695. Web address: Our chef is award winning - two years running has picked up awards in the Mushroom Mania/Aust Meat & Livestock sponsored annual event, and has just picked up the State Winner in the L'Oreal/Target/Family Circle sponsored "Women Who Dare in the Workplace" award. – Chris Dunlop, updated September, 2004.
  • Innisfail
    • Roscoe's Pizza Italian Restaurant, 3b Ernest Street, Innisfail, Queensland 4860. Phone: 07 40616888. (near Cairns) Ross and Estralita are great hosts and the restaurant is a delight in every way. They are both totally switched on gluten free and can produce a variety of dishes including delicious gluten free pizza and desserts. Call ahead so they can make sure any special needs are met. The restaurant is on the southern side of town and is well signposted on the left and is about one hour south of Cairns - and worth the drive! Open for lunch and dinner - you can also call ahead and pick up your pizza as you pass through town. First class, don't miss it! – Kim Macpherson, April, 2006.
  • Palm Cove
    • Far Horizons Restaurant at Angsana resort, 1 Veivers Road, Palm Cove, Qld (25 km north of Cairns). Phone (07) 4055 3000. My wife and I celebrated our wedding anniversary there. We were pleasantly surprised when we found that there were dishes on the menu which were marked as coeliac friendly. The food was excellent and we had a fantastic evening. – Bertil Smark Nilsson , August, 2007.
  • Sunshine Coast
    • Buderim
    • The Hungry Feel Eating House, Main Street, Buderim. This my favourite - very helpful. Excellent meals and if they don't have something gluten-free that you like, they'll make adjustments for you. Brilliant! – Cheryl Sykes, October, 2007.
    • V.I.P. Pizza and Pasta, King Street, Buderim. Completely gluten-free and all baked fresh on the premises, eat-in or take away. Highly recommended. – Mary Meeks, November, 2005.
    • Caloundra
    • Alfie's Restaurant, near the Boardwalk at Caloundra, has high quality meals - good steaks and fish. It's a great place for lunch, with a wonderful view of the Pumicestone Passage. They understand the meaning of "gluten" and can tell you which items are gluten-free. – Allan Gardyne, May, 2006.
    • Re-energize, between Amazen and Milano Gelati, 82a Bulcock Street, Caloundra. I have a little eatery in Caloundra. 99% of the food baked on the premises is gluten free. All the burgers, vege fritters, lasagne, cakes, fresh fish cakes etc. are gluten free and often dairy free and very tasty. We are sit down or take away, inexpensive, friendly with a huge variety of fresh and even some organic food. We are also a juice and smoothy bar and do all our frozen bases from scratch so we know what's in them. Hope to see you soon. – Rose Callander, May, 2006.
    • I strongly recommend Re-energize. It's just a little place - no fancy atmosphere - but the food is delicious and the people are very friendly. – Allan Gardyne, May, 2006.
    • Eumundi
    • Stall near the stage, Eumundi Market. I recommend this lady's fabulous gluten-free food. As you could guess, she is also a coeliac. (Eumundi Market is held every Saturday and Wednesday.) – Suzannah Laborie, August, 2005.
    • Maroochydore
    • Organics Cafe in Ocean Street, Maroochydore, has a fabulous selection of gluten-free foods. They put a mark beside the GF dishes on the menu so this means that you don't have to give specific instructions to the kitchen. – Cathy Forbes, October, 2004.
    • Toscani's at the Sunshine Plaza (as it is at every Toscani's) has a lovely selection of goodies for coeliacs. They put a mark beside the GF dishes on the menu. – Cathy Forbes, October, 2004.
    • Mooloolaba
    • Spirit of Tibet Restaurant in Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast, Queensland. – Ross Thompson. May, 2007.
    • The Waffle Bar, in The Outrigger Resort, Mooloolaba Esplanade, Sunshine Coast. Phone (07) 5452 6699. All but three of our menu items are gluten free. All meals can be presented on a gluten-free waffle. We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner on sweet and savoury waffles. Examples of menu items: Breakfast: Farmhouse Waffle - Hash-Brown waffle served with poached eggs, bacon and tomato. Lunch: Spicy Beef Salad accompanied by a gluten-free waffle. Dinner: Mushroom and Cashewnut Stroganoff served on a gluten-free waffle. Desserts are endless: cheesecake waffle - cheesecake and ice cream served on a gluten-free waffle. Rocky road waffle - chunks of rocky road with hot chocolate sauce. I am one of the owners. My best friend developed coeliac disease as a bi-product of chemotherapy. I see how she struggles to eat out so put my chefs to the test and they have delivered the goods (and they ARE good). – Menny Salmon, June, 2005.
    • Mudjimba
    • Rocco's Italia. My restaurant is called Rocco's Italia and we are at 4/15 Mudjimba Esp, Mudjimba, on the Sunshine Coast. We have an extensive gluten-free menu and all the fresh gluten-free pasta and pizza is made and sold to the public from our premises. Hope to see you there. Salute, Mark Rocco. June, 2004.
      I also must comment on Rocco's at Mudjimba - we get takeaway GF gourmet pizza from there all the time and it is FABULOUS! – Cathy Forbes, October, 2004.
    • Noosa Heads
    • Fusions on the River, 271 Gympie Tce, Noosaville, Ph 07 54741699. Fusions on the River has a selection of gluten-free pizzas and pastas designed for coeliacs. We offer this additional item on our menu at no extra cost. Guests do not need to pre-order their meals. All pizzas and pastas are made with the freshest local produce from the area. Our gluten-free pasta is made fresh daily by Roccos Italia in Mudjimba. – Shannara Goddard. July, 2004.
    • Noosaville
    • Native Sun Cuisine at Thomas Street Noosaville was great. I asked for food with no wheat flour (cop out I know) but the chef then came out and asked if I was a coeliac and was a great help. The food was the greatest too. May 19, 1998. – Claire Bielski.
    • Perigian Park Homestead.
    • Woombye
    • Woombye Seafood and Takeaway, Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Woombye has gluten-free chips and occasionally will batter gluten-free fish fillets and potato scallops. – Ross Thompson. May, 2007.
    • Yandina
    • Elements Restaurant, Fairhill Nursery, 120 Fairhill Road, Yandina Q. 4561. We have recently taken over this restaurant and have been producing an ever increasing range of gluten-free products in our restaurant. We have our menu marked to show the gluten-free meals and we have a wide range of gluten-free desserts and treats which are always changing. – Mike and Wendy Reilly, October, 2005.
    • Spirit House, Yandina. The Spirit House has many gluten-free meal options. The chef is wonderful and the food fabulous. – Ross Thompson. May, 2007.
  • Rockhampton
    • Demedios Cafe has a gluten-free menu and usually has gluten-free cakes. – Katrina Mitchener, November, 2005.
    • The Coffee House has gluten-free options listed on its menu. – Katrina Mitchener, November, 2005.
    • Restaurant 98 is very accommodating and always has gluten-free options. – Katrina Mitchener, November, 2005.
    • Feast on East has gluten-free sushi, noodles and salad options as well as cakes. – Katrina Mitchener, November, 2005.
  • Toowoomba
    • Ferdinandos Gourmet Pizza restaurant, High Street Plaza, phone 4635-6800. They have a separate menu of totally gluten-free pizzas and the owners are absolutely wonderful people. – Sheri. May, 2004.
    • Georges, Margaret Street, Toowoomba. They have gluten-free meals and desserts. – Mark Wright, January, 2006.
    • Jilly's. (181 Margaret Street, Toowoomba.) My cousin who lives in Toowoomba has just been diagnosed with coeliac disease and she says that a restaurant called Jillys is great. The old chef was a coeliac and they have all sorts of gluten-free goodies. They serve excellent meals at reasonable costs. I have eaten there myself and highly recommend it. It is in the main street area.– Kev and Chris.
    • High Court Cafe, 169 Margaret St.
  • Townsville
    • Benny's Hot Wok on Palmer Street, Townsville, has a special gluten-free menu which indicates what you can and can't eat. – Jana Naude, October, 2006.
    • Blue Bottle Cafe on Gregory Street, Townsville. The friendly staff will be able to tell you what is gluten-free, and often have gluten-free specials (such as linguine and other yummy GF stuff hard to find in restaurants!), as well as a large range of GF cakes. Their GF Thai calamari salad is TO DIE FOR. I keep on going back for more, it is by far one of the most popular meals on their menu for both coeliacs and non-coeliacs alike. – Jana Naude, October, 2006.
    • Broadway Cafe in Castletown Shopping World has a large range of gluten-free products and they are intending to make the menu 100% gluten free. – Naomi Manser, July, 2007.
    • Cold Rock Ice cream places (such as the one on the Strand and in Flinders Mall, Townsville) offer gluten-free icecream. Just ask them and they will be able to tell you. – Jana Naude, October, 2006.
    • Lucabean Coffee Shop at Cannon Park (opposite Readings cinemas) have heaps of gluten free items on their menu. They can also make a few of their non gluten free main meals gluten free for you too (such as the chicken burger). – Rikki, April, 2007.
    • Yotz on the Strand, Townsville, has a special gluten-free menu which indicates what you can and can't eat. – Jana Naude, October, 2006.
  • Yungaburra
    • Nick's Italian-Swiss restaurant in Yungaburra, the Tablelands of North Queensland. Nick is the chef and caters fantastically for coeliacs. Their menu is also marked with gluten-free options. – Naomi Manser, April, 2007.

South Australia

  • Adelaide
    • Beyond India at 143 O'Connell St, North Adelaide 8267 3820. The manager knows my girlfriend (she's the coeliac, not me) and gets gluten-free papadams especially for her. – Sundance O. Bilson-Thompson.
      Very helpful and accommodating. – Emma Barry, October, 2006.
    • Beyond the Red, O’Connell Street, North Adelaide. They have GF, preservative free, MSG free choices available - when ordering let them know. – Maryann Horton, September, 2007.
    • The Birkenhead Tavern, Birkenhead. They are able to adapt their meals to suit and will even bring a special side dish of vegies so that you don’t have to worry about cross contamination of the salad/vegie bar. The Garlic Prawns are the best in Adelaide! Their Risotto is also delicious! Excellent customer service. – Carly Thompson, August, 2007.
    • Café Bravo, West Lakes. They are happy to adjust their items to be gluten free, their risottos are delicious! – Carly Thompson, August, 2007.
    • Double Shot Espresso Bar, Shop 3 16/20 Wyatt Street, Adelaide. They do a gluten-free lunch range including chicken schnitzel rolls, butter chicken, and various cakes and banana bread, as well as great coffee and to die for cheese cake. I highly recommend the schnitzel rolls, just get there early as non-coeliacs eat them too. They also own Fresh Temptations so you can pick up pre-ordered pizza bases from here. – Angela Crimes, July, 2007.
      Double Shot Espresso have great coffee and a large range of GF. – Karen, August, 2007.
    • GoodLife organic pizzas 170 Hutt St, Adelaide, Ph (08) 8223 2618, and Level 1, Cnr Jetty Rd and Mosely St Glenelg, Ph (08) 8376 5900, have gluten-free pizza bases available with organic toppings. – Jake, July 2004.
    • Café Bravo, West Lakes. They are happy to adjust their items to be gluten free, their risottos are delicious! – Carly Thompson, August, 2007.
    • Gourmet To Go, Stall 42, Adelaide Central Market. 8231 4226. A shop at Central Market that also sells GF baked items - savoury pies, sweet cakes etc. Owners were very understanding and keen to learn more. – Jane Newbery, May, 2007.
    • Grange Jetty Kiosk, Adelaide. Very helpful and accommodating. – Emma Barry, October, 2006.
    • The Exeter Hotel, Adelaide. Very helpful and accommodating. – Emma Barry, October, 2006.
    • Joy Discovery, Bent Street - off Rundle Street, Adelaide. This little cafe is a gem. A great choice of vegetarian meals including gluten-free options (bread, muesli, soup, sweet slices). The staff are very friendly and accommodating. I have eaten there on numerous occasions when visiting the city - breakfast, lunch or early dinner. – Meredith Schulz, June, 2007.
    • Kylie's Gluten Free Baking & Specialty Cakes, 4 Aroha Tce, Forestville, S.A. 08 8293 4407, Adelaide's only completely gluten-free bakery, specialising in quality products baked on the premises. Over 150 home-baked products available to purchase or order. From bread to biscuits, pies to pasta bakes, cakes to Choccy Slice. Other dietary needs also catered for including vegan and most food allergies, especially nut, egg and dairy. No nut products baked on the premises. We have a huge range of about 600 grocery lines from the major suppliers (you know, those that they stop stocking at the supermarket). Also a cafe. Come in and be pleasantly suprised. – Kylie Mangelsdorf, August, 2007.
    • The Lakes Resort Hotel - Bistro. West Lakes. They have "coeliac" written next to menu items to assist with selecting main meals, they also made me a special fruit salad for dessert, which was delicious! They were happy to go out of there way for me! – Carly Thompson, August, 2007.
    • Montezuma's Mexican Restaurant at 134 Melbourne St, Nth Adelaide 8239 0949. The manager has a friend who's a coeliac, and has a handy reference card showing which meals are gluten- or wheat-free and which aren't. I don't know about the other Montezumas scattered around the country. – Sundance O. Bilson-Thompson.
    • Parade Thai, 128 The Parade, Norwood. 8364 4243. Great Thai restuarant and they have over 20 choices of GF meals to choose from. The day we were there there were 26 choices! Staff very interested in GF, and willing to advise and help. – Jane Newbery, May, 2007.
    • The Salad Box, Gawler Place, Adelaide city. They do GF lasagne, soups, frittatas, cakes, salad dressing and risottos. – Bill Hann, October, 2004.
    • A Taste of Jamaica, 243 Grenfell Street, Adelaide, SA 5000. Phone: 08 8232 9912. Fax: 08 8232 9881. It is not only Adelaide's only Jamaican restaurant, it has the largest and most varied gluten-free menu. We are also the only West Indian and the only Caribbean one as well. The recipes I use are those learned from my family. And while even the most homogeneous Jamaican can't taste a difference, a few culinary modifications have been made to make all the meals gluten free. We offer vegetarian and vegan meals and we use no nuts in our restaurant. We particularly pride ourselves on being able to cater to many people with varying food allergies. Hours - Monday & Tuesday CLOSED. Wednesday-Saturday 6pm-late. Sunday 5pm-10pm. dine in, take away, gluten-free function catering, corporate event catering, private function venue for hire, full in-house audio/visual. – Rohan Richards, August, 2007.
    • Tin Cat Cafe, Adelaide. Very helpful and accommodating. – Emma Barry, October, 2006.
    • Spices - Thai & Malaysian, Glenelg. Most of the menu is gluten free, and they are able to assist in checking the menu items just to make sure. – Carly Thompson, August, 2007.
    • Taste of Spice Restaurant, Gouger Street, Adelaide, right opposite Central Market. It's run by someone who has a coeliac family member. I was given individual attention to work out which meal to order, there was a great deal to choose from and the food is delicious. – Kelly, October, 2007.
    • Vagabondo, 41a O'Connell Street, North Adelaide. Ph: 08 8239 2311. They are fantastic. – Dee Scown, July, 2007.
  • Angaston
    • The Alphorn Swiss restaurant at 31 Murray Street, Angaston, Barossa Valley, SA. They know all about coeliacs and their food was delicious. – Claire Bielski, May, 1998.
  • Balhannah
    • Fresh Temptations, Balhannah, behind Balhannah Hotel, open Wed to Sun. Ph (08) 8388 4272, 0411 076 525, Fax (08) 8388 4253. Pizza that tastes great. Pan-style gluten free bases which my husband who isn't a coeliac likes. They do gluten and lactose free, and gluten options as well. Nearly all desserts are gluten free, with great range of cakes and to die for New York cheese cake. Also do other eat-in such as yiros and Moroccan lamb, heat and eat meals and wholesale. You can also buy take home pizza bases to do your own or can organise pickup from city. – Angela Crimes, July, 2007.
      Fresh Temptations at the Balhanna junction shopping centre has a huge range of gluten-free products including pizza. They also won the best pizza in Adelaide 2007. They have a large range of GF desserts and the best baked cheese cake along with GF heat'n'eat meals eg butter chicken, Thai beef/chicken, Moroccan lamb and lots more. The owner Deanna will also cater for all your needs so go along see the friendly staff and enjoy your meal. They can be contacted on – Karen, August, 2007.
  • Broadview
    • New Saigon Restaurant, Gouger St.
      Vietnamese. May not suit all tastes.
  • Clare
    • Skillogalee Winery & Restaurant at Clare, South Australia. I just wish to report my great meal there. I was able to have a brilliant 3 course meal and there was no problem at all getting the kitchen to adapt recipes or suggest what was suitable when I asked. Recommended. – Jane Newbery, November, 2006.
  • Cumberland Park
    • Clay and Coal Indian Restaurant, 482 Goodwood Road, Cumberland Park. Their menu denotes which dishes are GF and lactose free. Huge range. – Emma Barry, October, 2006.
  • Henley Beach
    • Estia Greek Restaurant have a separate gluten-free menu which is pretty much the main menu with just a few options taken off, but still having plenty of choice. – Wendy Roxbee, March, 2007.
  • Hyde Park
    • Kibbi's Cafe, 185 King William Rd, Hyde Park, Adelaide. GF options are noted on menu. – Emma Barry, October, 2006.
  • Marden
    • Cafe Tiamo, Marden Shopping Centre, Port Rush Rd, Marden. Pizzas, Foccacias, pasta, toasties, the lot. – Emma Barry, October, 2006.
  • McLaren Vale
    • Awganix Brasserie, The Marienberg Centre, Cnr Main & Chalk Hill Roads, McLaren Vale, S.A. They have a menu with all gluten-free dishes to choose from. We just wanted coffee and cake (lots to choose from) but the peppermint slice was delicious. – Heather Hutchinson, September, 2007.
    • McLaren Vale Hotel, in McLaren Vale. We dined at a local pub who bent over to accommodate our daughter and her dietary needs. This is especially difficult with a 3 year old! The pub was the McLaren Vale Hotel in McLaren Vale and they deserve a mention for their efforts. Another pub worth mentioning is the Robe Hotel, in Robe, S.A., who have an attitude that people with dietary difficulties must be able to dine out and cooked a wonderful dinner for our child. – Annabel Fitzpatrick.
  • Murray River
    • Aboard the paddle wheeler Murray Princess.
  • Penola
    • Pipers of Penola I had a delicious meal there. The staff were exceedingly helpful when I mentioned I was gluten intolerant, giving me advice on what dishes were gluten free. Best of all when they walked out with the bread (the moment I hate most eating out, when my companions get hot rolls to nibble on in front of me and I get nothing) to my surprise she placed two pieces of warmed bread on my plate and smiled when she said, "It is gluten free." A very enjoyable experience. – Sonrisa, April, 2007.
  • Prospect
    • Babanusa Restaurant - Sudanese food. Basically all meal options are gluten-free as long as you go for the rice or maize dumpling accompaniment, rather than the cous-cous. The bread with the entree dips is not gluten-free, but they are happy to provide vege (carrot, cucumber etc) sticks as an alternative. – Wendy Roxbee, March, 2007.
  • Stepney
    • Sagarmatha Nepali restaurant, 62-64 Payneham Road, Stepney, SA 5069. Phone 08 8363 6291. Serves gluten-free dishes. – Deepak Bista, September, 2007.
  • Stirling
    • Ruby's Organic Café, Main Street, Stirling, next to Bakers Delight, Ph 8339 6262. Do breakfast and lunch. Owner is a coeliac so have gluten free options for most items, including pancakes! Great range of cakes, I recommend the individual chocolate gateaux, and pizza for lunch. Do take away. Love their coffee. Open 7 days and most public holidays. – Angela Crimes, July, 2007.
  • Tailem Bend
    • BP Roadhouse in the Main Street at Tailem Bend has a sit down cafe with a wide range of gluten free soups, and breads, toasted sandwiches etc. Very handy when you're on the road! – Emma Barry, October, 2006.


  • Battery Point
    • Jackman and Mcross, 57-59 Hampden Road, Battery Point. 5 minutes walk from Salamca Market and less than 10 minutes from Hobart City Centre. This fantastic award winning bakery and cafe offers a small selection of gluten-free choices on their standard menu, and sometimes has extra on their specials menu. The vegetable fritata is very very good, and they have a delectable moist and firm orange and almond cake and a seriously decadent chocolate mud cake. Macaroons are also on the desert menu. Eat in or take-away. Very popular with locals. Casual hot spot for the well heeled. Takeaway and eat in. Very reasonable prices. Highly recommended. – Nicole Spence, October, 2006.
  • Burnie
    • Fish Frenzy, West Beach, Burnie 03-64321111. (They also have one in Hobart.) Say you are Gluten Free and they will give you a special GF Menu. The fish is lovely and the setting is spectacular. Their Grilled Blue Eye and Caesar Salad (sans Croutons) is my pick. – Grant Vowles, June, 2007.
  • Hobart
    • The Bay Leaf Bistro in Sandy Bay Rd, Sandy Bay (short distance from central Hobart and near the casino) has an extensive gluten-free menu and one of the few places where they really understand the condition. You get real food not just a wilted salad and a cracker. Good prices and good quality food prepared on the premises by a trained chef. – Kath Williams, October, 2006.
    • Latte, 16 Mathers Lane (off Liverpool Street, next to Les Lees), Hobart, Tasmania. This is a lovely restaurant tucked away in a lane. For lunch it serves wonderful gluten-free meals such as hamburgers, pasta, bread, homemade pies and sandwiches and more. The service is great and the prices low. They are next to the park they also serve your meals in the park. – Mandy Rosen, September, 2007.
  • Penguin
    • Wild Cafe Restaurant, 87 Main Road, Penguin, (03) 6437 2000. A very interesting café with helpful staff who will modify anything on the menu to suit a GF diet. This place is my favourite and comes highly recommended. Bookings advisable as it is very popular. – Grant Vowles, June, 2007.
  • Richmond
    • Ma Foosies Café, 46 Bridge Street, Richmond. Great range of gluten-free sandwiches and cakes. There were pumpkin scones when I visited last. Open for breakfast and lunch. Made my holiday. Well worth a visit. – Angela Crimes, July, 2007.
  • Sorell, just outside Hobart
    • Marlene Gooding and her husband run a B&B called the Blue Bell Inn. Her restaurant has extensive wheat-free offerings on the menu. Great place to stay as well. – Josephine Stanton, September 2004.
  • Yorktown
    • I recently had a holiday in Tasmania and stayed at a Bed and Breakfast run by a lady who is gluten intolerant. She is only starting to find her way around the perils of gluten but is more than happy to accommodate any dietry requests. The address is: Yorktown Manor, West Tamar Highway, Yorktown – North of Beaconsfield, Tasmania, Ph 03 6383 4647 – Jeff Hobbs.
  • Moletema, near Devonport
    • Villarett Tea Gardens at Moletema (20 mins drive from Devonport) Phone No. 03-6368-1214 are just great with my diet. They even cook me special Brandy Snaps and other sauces, etc. Good to give them some advance notice so they can be prepared. – Colin Overton.
  • Ulverston
    • The Blue Wren Tea Gardens.


Western Australia

  • Darlington
    • Darlington Estate Winery, Lot 39 Nelson Road, Darlington 6070, Western Australia. Phone (061) 08 9299 6268. Fantastic service! I asked them in advance when booking if they could cater for coeliacs to which they answered "Yes." When they rang back to confirm the reservation they asked again if a coeliac was dining that evening - they had written it down. That night, they were prepared with meal options that were suitable. Couldn't fault this restaurant at all! – Michelle Coates, November, 2006.
  • Fremantle
      Red Herring Restaurant in Fremantle will cater for coeliacs. They will advise which meals are safe, and which ones they can alter to suit. Fantastic meals and serving sizes with reasonable prices. – Michelle Coates, November, 2006.
  • Mundaring
    • Little Caesars Dial A Pizza in Mundaring has a fantastic range of gluten free pizzas! –Lárissa Daniels, October, 2006.
  • Mandurah
    • Scusi, Shop 6, 4 Old Coast Road, Plaza Shopping Centre, Halls Head, Mandurah W.A. Ph 9586 3479. I would like to recommend this restaurant. The Sous chef, Paul, has a 5-year-old daughter who has coeliac disease and when she was diagnosed the kitchen team put together a special coeliac's menu which has a large range of VERY yummy dishes and are most definitely gluten-free down to the ingredients in the sauces etc. (I have discovered many places in Perth which claim to be gluten-free have not checked the ingredients in their ready made sauces.) If people would like to double check the menu, ask to speak to Ashley (Head Chef and owner) or Paul as they can help with any queries. The restaurant can also cater for gluten-free functions and can do takeaway. – Tonian Abbott-Robbins, October, 2006.
  • Midland
    • Jades Restaurant, 9 The Avenue, Midland, WA 6055, Ph (08) 9274 6555. Here's some good news for coeliacs in Perth. We dined at Jades, which has a good selection of gluten free items on the menu. Best of all, they are clearly marked alongside the items themselves, with GF for gluten free, LF for lactose free and V for vegetarian. The owner is knowledgeable about the details of gluten intolerance so you can eat with confidence (at last!) Prices are quite moderate for a restaurant. There is a small dining area for smokers in an enclosed and sheltered outdoors position, while the whole of the inside area is smoke free. It is licensed and I think you can BYO as well. – Ian Pavey.
  • Perth
    • Alternative Bites bakery and coffee shop, Perth. I work there so I can guarantee you all of Alternative Bites' products are wheat and gluten free, and we offer some wheat, gluten and lactose free products as well. We sell a selection of breads, cakes, pastries, pies and quiches, pizzas, biscuits, and lunch items including focacias. We also do these products frozen to take home, including family size quiches and pizzas. I have no allergies and can eat what I like, yet I eat the food we sell because it is so delicious. I honestly cannot taste the difference between regular products and our own. Winthrop Village Shopping Cntr Shp10/ Somerville Blv, Winthrop WA 6150. Ph: (08) 9332 5971. – Sarah, April, 2005.
      Alternative Bites is a wonderful shop with everything gluten free and their bread is the best there is. – Carol Smart, June, 2010.
    • Atrium Buffet at the Burswood complex, Perth, WA. I had the pleasure of eating at the Atrium Buffet at Burswood. They are very helpful when it comes to gluten free. The chef actually came out and went around and showed me which items I could eat and said if there wasn't enough selection they could make me something else. I thought this was excellent service. – Dawn Cresswell, October, 2007.
    • Nicholson's Bar & Grill at Canning Vale, Perth, WA. I can recommend them. Very helpful when it came to selecting a gluten-free lunch, they can adapt all items to suit a gluten-free diet. Delicious food at a reasonable price. – Dawn Cresswell, October, 2007.
    • Pa's Patisserie, 297 Morrison Rd, Swan View, Perth, Western Australia, does a range of gluten free products i.e. bee stings and tea cakes and you can order birthday cakes - very delicious! – Astrid Higgins, May, 2006.
    • Sassy's, at the boat shed on the Esplanade, Perth. They do fantastic breakfasts with GF toast and they also have GF raisin bread. They also do lunches, but as yet I haven’t tried them but they look delicious. – Keren, February, 2006.
      I agree with Keren on Sassy's ... they do a great GF breakfast. – Karin Woolhouse, October, 2006.
    • Sebastians in Vic Park is a café on the strip that has GF meals identified on the menu. GF pasta is available for only $2 extra. – Michelle Coates, November, 2006.
    • Sirrocco's restaurant at the Holiday Inn at the Burswood complex, Perth, WA. I was pleasantly surprised. They have a wonderful selection of gluten-free items on their menu. I can definately recommend their delicious corn bread as a starter and their chicken caesar salad was wonderful. – Dawn Cresswell, October, 2007.

New Zealand

  • NZ chain
    • Hell Pizza (NZ wide) or 0800 666 111 now do a GF base for an extra few dollars. It makes a nice change from the homemade pizzas. Several weeks ago they advised everything but their pizza sauce was GF (I used to bring in my own) but they have now make tha sauce GF as well. – Justine Maxwell, Febrary, 2006.
    • Hell Pizza, throughout most of NZ, do GF bases for a small extra fee, delivered or pick up. – Mia, Febrary, 2006.
  • Alexandra
    • Nuno's takeaway/restaurant, 73 Centennial Ave, Alexandra, Central Otago. Ph 03-4485444. Nuno's cooks fresh fish and chicken. They grill it with herbs on top so I can still have fish and chips with everyone else. The staff are very aware of gluten intolerence and will take the time to discuss what they can do for you, even on a busy Friday night. – Reid Long. November, 2004.
  • Amberley
      Norwester Cafe in Amberley (north of Christchurch) has a great range of gluten-free meals marked with a GF on their menu. – Rachel Goodchild, April, 2005.
  • Arrowtown
    • Cafe Mondo, Ballarat Arcade, Buckingham St, Arrowtown. Phone:03-442 0227. Cafe Mondo does gluten-free meals and also great gluten-free cakes. It's open 7 days and hours are 8am till 9pm. This is a really neat place to eat. – Reid Long. September, 2004.
  • Auckland
    • Berries Cafe, cnr Greenlane and Manukau Roads (next to Huckleberry Farms), Epsom, Auckland. 240 Green Lane W One Tree Hill. 0-9-630 8312. They have a wide selection of GF foods. They also cater for lactose free. – Mia, Febrary, 2006.
    • Bosco Verde (Italian), 583 Manukau Road, Epsom, Auckland. Phone: 625-4319 Yummy pastas and puddings! BYO. – Sarah Cate April 2004.
    • Chutney's - Parnell Road, Auckland. Award winning curry house. My husband is affectionately known as "wheat boy" there as they know exactly what he can and cannot eat. – Lyndsay, February 2003
    • Elite Delicatessan, Howick, stocks an amazing range of gluten free products as well as fresh prepared meal options (and cakes/slices) which they label clearly as gluten free. If you get them on a not so busy day they'll make awesome GF waffles with bacon, banana and maple syrup. I think it's fantastic how Jan and Graeme have gone out of their way to learn about coeliacs and create an environment where I not only feel safe eating there but love the food! So nice to not just have GF food but where thought has gone into making it delicious. – Justine Maxwell, Febrary, 2006.
    • GF Bakery at 15 Maskell St, St Heliers, Auckland. Tel 0800 458 836/09 575 4472. Outstanding range of GF pies, muffins, bread, cakes, biscuits and other treats. No wheat gets past the front door (compared with the supermarkets who make GF bread next to wheat products)! – Lyndsay February 2003
    • Sp'getti Restaurant (Italian), 8 Anzac Rd, Browns Bay, Auckland. Ph: 479-6039. Fully licensed. Offers yummy gluten- free pasta and pizza bases. – Stephanie, August 2004.
    • Revive, 16 Fort Street, Auckland Central. Ph: 09 307 1586. There is an amazing healthy, vegetarian cafe that caters for gluten-free eaters and also lots of allergy free dishes! – Emily, June, 2007.
    • Trinity of Silver cafe, 911 New North Rd, corner of Mt Albert Road and New North Road, Mt Albert, Auckland. 0-9-815 8591. Most items on their menu can be ordered GF. I was suspicous of their bread because it was so good, but it's definitely GF. They also use organic, free-range eggs and bacon. They close around 3, because they're open very early, so make sure you go for breakfast or lunch. I can't get enough of this place. – Mia, Febrary, 2006.
  • Christchurch
    • Berries Cafe, Riccarton Mall, next to Briscoes, Christchurch. 0-3-343 4467. They have a wide selection of GF foods. They also cater for lactose free. – Mia, Febrary, 2006.
    • Drexel's Breakfast Restaurant at 106 Hereford Street have really yummy food. Almost everything can be made gluten-free but they especially have gluten free waffles, pancakes, toast etc. Quickly became my favourite! – Sam, April 2007.
    • East Coast Cafe, Ferry Road, Ferrymead, Christchurch, does excellent carrot cake and delicious GF brekkies. Her GF scones and toast are really worth a try. She is very aware of the need for safety around GF cooking and I trust her consistent vigilance as well as admire her commitment to creating new and tasty options for GF eating. – Diana Hickey, January, 2006.
    • Filadelfios" pizaria on Colombo St, Christchurch. They can make a gluten-free base for their pizzas which is really good.– Karen, June 2005.
    • Ginger Bread Man" Bakery on the corner of Wairaki and Greers Rd, Christchurch. They also have another store just opened on Colombo St. Their chicken pies are the best. – Karen, June 2005.
    • Pepperoni Pizza, Stanmore Road, Richmond, Christchurch, makes delicious gluten-free pizza, always fresh ingredients and gourmet options. She also makes GF pasta dishes and the best chocolate brownies bar none as voted by coeliacs and non coeliacs! She is very aware of the need for safety around GF cooking and I trust her consistent vigilance as well as admire her commitment to creating new and tasty options for GF eating. – Diana Hickey, January, 2006.
    • Pepperoni, a cafe/restuarant on Stanmore Road is my favourite eatery. Shayla, the owner, must make the best gluten-free pizzas on the planet. If you didn't know better, you'd swear you were eating the so-called real thing. She serves both glutenous and gluten-free pizzas and pastas, as well as having yummy GF squares and desserts, including a brownie to die for! If you're ever in Christchurch, you'll have to try it! – Kiri, March, 2006.
    • Strawberry Fare, Peterborough Street, central city. They do the best gluten-free puds. – Katrina Leslie, September 2001.
    • Megawatts - Manchester St, Christchurch, NZ. Nearly all the menu can be offered gluten-free. The chef really understands GF and bakes GF bread and rolls. Biscuits and cake baked GF to take away also. – Glenda Hamilton February, 2003.
    • Zydeco, a cajun restaurant, opposite the casino in Victoria St, Christchurch. It provides a large variety of gluten- free dishes which are fantastic. – Chantelle Rakich, February, 2006.
  • Dunedin
    • Arc Cafe, 135 High St Dunedin, Ph 474 1135. They are vegetarian and vegan and offer a range of gluten-free options - pizza with toppings made to order, muffins, sweets, curries, soup, lasagne. very relaxed friendly place with a venue for live music and performance during the night. – Antony Deaker, October, 2006.
    • Bean Scene Cafe, 16 Octagon. ph 471 7372, offers a large range of gluten-free, dairy-free, fair trade & organic meals without compromising on flavour or ingredients. A busy cafe by day, turns into restaurant at night with exquisite food to tantalise all taste buds. – Andy Aitken, November, 2005.
    • Vino Veno in George Street, Dunedin, have a number of meals on their menu that are gluten-free or can be changed to be gluten-free. Just ask one of the friendly staff and they will check with the chef as the menu can change. I had the most amazing gluten-free Mediterranean chicken! 03 479 0110. – Tenielle Roberts, November, 2006.
  • Golden Bay
    • The Naked Possum, Kaituna Valley, Rockville. Great gluten free meals - everything GF marked on menu. Very aware of GF requirements. Fantastic bush setting next to Kahurangi National Park. – Audrey Godfrey, Christchurch, January 2006.
    • The Paddlecrab Kitchen, Farewell Spit, Golden Bay. Has an information centre attached. GF pre-packaged snacks available and will accommodate to suit GF requirements for meals. Amazing setting overlooking Farewell Spit and the bay. – Audrey Godfrey, Christchurch, January 2006.
  • Governer's Bay, near Christchurch
    • She Cafe, in Governer's Bay (just over Dyer's Pass from Christchurch). They have numerous gluten-free options on their menu, both savoury and sweet, as well as catering to other dietary requirements. They're open for lunch and dinner, too, and have musicians some nights. Gorgeous views of Lyttelton Harbour. Kiri Dean, March, 2006.
  • Greymouth
    • Parky's is a fish and chip shop on the main street of Greymouth. They make gluten-free burgers, which is a yummy change from having just chips. – Karen, June 2005.
  • Johnsonville
    • NADA Bakery, 64 Johnsonville Rd, Johnsonville, Ph +64 4 478 3291. – Jozsef Torok.
  • Mosgiel
    • The Weavers Retreat at Mosgiel (just 10 minutes out of Dunedin) can alter about 80% of their menu to suit gluten- free. The owner (Jaime) is also a chef and prepared the most amazing gluten-free meal for me upon request. 03 489 7887. – Tenielle Roberts, November, 2006.
  • New Plymouth
    • Yellow Cafe (Centre City) If I'm feeling really decadent (and lazy), the Yellow Cafe always have yummy GF muffins in the freezer – I recommend their orange and coconut ones – huge, and very filling. Just ask at the counter, and they'll heat one up, or you can take it home frozen. – Sue Martin-Smith.
  • Palmerston North
    • True Life Bakery in Palmerston North does GF bread muffins etc as well as sit down lunches that are GF. 262 Fergusson Street. Phone 06 358 3630 – Garry Boyd, July, 2003.

    • Moxies on the corner of George Street and Main Street has all day menus that include gluten-free dishes, as well as gf cakes. Very helpful staff if you say you are GF. Phone 06 355 4238. Open early until late. Great cuisine.– Sheilah Bockett, July, 2003

  • Hamilton
    • Cafe Strata, 7-9 Thackeray Street, in the Anglesea medical centre, Hamilton. Awesome for GF. It's a lunch-type cafe, and about 40% of the stuff (muffins, fritatas, cakes...) is GF. There's a lil cute green star by the label to mark stuff as GF.
    • We have heaps of gluten-free food on offer and are still one of NZ's leading gluten-free cafes. We are open around 7am until around 4pm seven days a week. Ph 07 8381001. – John Pepper, May, 2006.
  • Raglan
    • Salt Rock Cafe, in Raglan, NZ. My mother, my cousin and quite a few friends are coeliacs, and I'm used to cooking for them, so thought I'd do it for the cafe that I work at. We have a variety of wheat-free and gluten-free goodies in our cabinet, sweets, savouries, and the like. We also have GF options on our lunch and dinner menus. Something for everyone. We also have the best coffee in Raglan and yes, we have soy milk. – Yazz Roa, October, 2006.
  • Rangiora
    • Victoria St Cafe in Rangiora (north of Christchurch NZ) does a great range of gluten-free meals marked with a GF on their menu – Rachel Goodchild, June, 2005.
  • Taupo
    • Grand Central Fry - a takeaway shop that not only does gluten-free battered fish they also do GF crumbed fish and all the other goodies like scallops, mussels etc. To top it off they do a gluten-free burger that is so good. Had been so long since I'd had fish and chips and was stoked to find them! Very helpful staff and they don't charge more for the gluten-free options. – Kathy Charmley, October, 2006.
    • Indulgence Cafe, 47 Horomatangi Street, Taupo, NZ, sells a lovely selection of gluten-free food. It is really nice and the owner is very helpful. She has told folk about her cafe and is thrilled that it can be added to the list of safe places to eat at. – Joanie Robinson, Rotorua, NZ, August, 2005.
  • Te Anau
    • The Bakery, Te Anau. I was very excited to find "The Bakery", which makes gluten free bread on certain days! I was lucky enough to call in on a Saturday morning to find a batch had just been made. – Katherine MacKay, January, 2006.
    • Sandfly cafe at The Lane No. 9, Te Anau. Phone 64-32499529. They serve a gluten-free breakfast. Toast (brown, white or with raisins) and yoghurt with muesli. – Petra van der Bij, March, 2006.
  • Thames
    • Chequers cafe, 710 Pollen St, Thames. We had lunch. I was pleasantly suprised to find gluten-free options on the menu from a gluten-free panini through to a yummy chocolate brownie. – Justine Maxwell, Febrary, 2006.
  • Wanaka
    • Amigos Café, Mexican Restaurant, 34 Ardmore St, Wanaka, NZ, Ph 03 443 7872. We have a number of menu items that are suitable for gluten intolerance. – Warren, June, 2007.
  • Wellington
    • Clarkes Cafe at the Wellington library. They have a DELICIOUS orange cake that is very tasty, with an equally great cup of coffee. Highly recommended. – Bronny Cook, March, 2005.
    • Kopi restaurant in Willis St. Chef was good enough to come out and go through the menu with me as the meal I had thought would be o.k. wasn't. – Marge, September, 98.
    • Deluxe Cafe on Cambridge Terrace (near the Embassy Theatre), Wellington. Has amazing GF baking and meals plus the staff are very helpful. – Emma, March, 2007.
    • Maranui Cafe in Lyall Bay, Wellington. Has amazing GF baking and meals plus the staff are very helpful. – Emma, March, 2007.
    • Realm Bistro and Bar in Hataitai, Wellington, has a menu that states which meals are or are not gluten-free. The staff and chefs are also really helpful and flexible with gluten-free options. – Sam Cooper, October, 2006.
  • Wanaka
    • Organic cafe and food store offering a large range of products suitable to coeliacs. The cafe serves a largely gluten-free menu. Check out the gluten-free bread range! We are in Wanaka in the South Island, NZ, easy to find. 03 443 7885 – Ben, September 2003

    • Hi, I have just returned to the UK after a month touring around NZ. As a coeliac I was always insearch of anything that I could eat. Generally I found all restaurants/cafes keen to make a GF meal for me. The seafood places were excellent. The Health food shops were well stocked particularly in Nelson (Bridge St). The Healtheries and Freedom Food range seemed to be the main suppliers. There is an excellent bakery in Johnsonville [NADA Bakery] about 10 miles Nth of Wellington that bakes GF on a Thursday. They have won awards for their cakes and breads. It was great to be back in NZ and enjoy the really fresh tasty food without gluten creeping into it as it so often tries to do here in the UK. Good luck and happy touring. – Jean Rogers, UK.

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