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Coeliac/celiac disease advice, info

My advice for new coeliacs/celiacs
. . . or people who think they may have coeliac/celiac disease.
A doctor's description of coeliac disease
Joseph Murray, MD, PhD, describes coeliac disease, its prevalence, diagnosis, treatment and related problems, such as lactose intolerance.
A specialist answers coeliacs' questions
Joseph Murray answers questions on oats, eye problems, alcohol, biopsies, intestinal complications, cancer, cause of ulcers, dermatitis herpetiformis, Down's Syndrome, TPN, bone pain, kidney disease, joint pain, CD research, lupus, screening relatives, vitamin B-12 shots, wheat allergy, and bone density tests.
Coeliac/celiac cooking hints
Making your gluten-free cooking and baking easier.
Coeliac disease - allergy, intolerance, or what?
Not all people who cannot eat gluten are suffering from the same problem.
Dining out - Australia/NZ
Places recommended by coeliacs for gluten-free meals.
Gluten-free products - Australia/NZ
Gluten-free bread, gluten-free pasta, etc.
Gluten intolerance goes into remission
A fascinating letter from a man who says he has documented evidence that the gluten intolerance he had as a child has gone into remission.
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