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I'm only doing this for the good of the practice, you understand. Marketing, that's what I tell Helen Smyth, my partner in Ashby, Smyth & Co. legal costs consultants. Helen has only just mastered the fax machine, and mention of HTML and FTP makes her eyes glaze over.

Nevertheless, she likes the idea of being - quite possibly - the world's first on-line legal costs consultants. There's more to costs than most people can possibly imagine and we want to provide the legal profession (especially in Victoria) with useful information, hints and survival strategies. Whether you're a solicitor, a barrister or somebody involved in the administration of justice, you owe it to yourself to check out ASHBY'S GRIMOIRE, the legal costing page. I can't quite promise you romance and excitement (unless you're another costs consultant), but you never know what you might find.

And who am I?

I live in the normally quiet bayside suburb of Melbourne, Middle Park (beautiful one minute, a motor racing circuit the next). I share my double-fronted Victorian weatherboard with my husband Derrick (an IT professional or you wouldn't be reading this), two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and two moggies of no particular provenance. And of course the office of Ashby, Smyth & Co.

In my youth (not all that long ago) I used to publish fanzines. One did this with wax stencils on a Gestetner, while waiting for the dinosaur steaks to cook over the open fire. As I recall, I was particularly adept at drawing direct onto stencil with a tapestry needle. Later on, for some years, I edited the newsletter of Disabled Motorists (Vic), which of course meant that I had to write most of it myself. I was using a wordprocessor by then, but Derrick still had to print it out on the laser printer at work - Ashby, Smyth & Co. didn't pension off the typewriter until 1993.

I am well used to the sensation of posting a publication out into the void, the only responses being from people who didn't like something that I wrote - and like as not hadn't read it either. Now I find I have the opportunity to virtually post something into the void. I'm not holding my breath for the responses....

The Mad Woman's Underclothes

Out of the archive and onto the superhighway. Let me reveal the awful truth about disabled toilets, let me take you on holiday to Fiji not once but twice (we've been a third time but I wasn't editing the newsletter by then). Let me even advise you about choosing a lawyer; particularly useful if you happen to be one yourself.

Read my polemic on toilets? Now you can investigate the horrors of disabled bathrooms!

Favorite Links

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Christ in the Desert
The source of the graphics on this page - Benedictine monks in the New Mexico desert.

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