Marine Weather Services

Specialised forecast services are available for any location across the world. Research and development for specialised events or one-off tasks, including instrumentation and analysis for specific locations or examining probability frequencies for weather windows. Forecasts are available by phone, fax or email (including delivery at sea via Radphone, Satcom M and Satcom C). Discount and subscription rates are also available - choose one that best suits your needs. Forecasts are packaged with an overview and synoptic description - written in plain language, not mumbo jumbo or `off the shelf' cliches!! Numerical values of wind speed, wind direction and other weather or sea state are provided with the forecasts. Charts and graphs are also available, if required. All real-time environmental data from +3 hours to +168 hours (7 days) ahead


* long term R&D

* land based, inshore and offshore instrumentation

FORECAST SERVICE             example forecast

Contact Marine Weather Services at least 24 hours prior to requiring the forecast information and it will be sent on time in the desired format. Let us know your requirements and a watch will be kept for that window of conditions.

 wind / weather / sea & swell / current

* CRUSING sailing or powerboat. real-time or pre voyage advice

* RACING yacht racing, pre race preparation, best route analyses

* DELIVERING sail or powerboat. real-time or pre voyage advice

* WORKING fishing, diving, towing, routeing


Where the information may be distributed to many individuals. Daily forecasts issued the previous night or early that morning. Weekly forecasts (+1 to +7 days ahead) issued daily in the early mornings, or at a time prescribed by you. Plan your week or weekends by being informed.

* Yacht clubs

* Fishing co-ops, groups or clubs

* Diving clubs

* Gliding/soaring clubs

FORECAST & INFORMATION can be delivered by:

* voice ... telephone or radphone

* fax ..... telephone or satcom C

* internet .... email or satcom M


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