Marine Weather Services is a company headed by marine meteorologist Dr Roger Badham or "Clouds" to his mates. For 15 years MWS has provided research, forecasts and routeing services to the marine industry, and particularly, yachting. Whether voyaging around the bay or around the world, a personalised weather forecast service enables vessels at sea to travel more safely and efficiently.

Marine Weather Services provides weather information and forecasts to major yachting events such as; the America's Cup, Whitbread Around the World Yacht Race, BOC Single Handed Yacht Race, the Australian Olympic Team, Kay Cottee's First Lady circumnavigation, Admiral's Cups, Sydney to Hobart Race, Transpac Race, Capetown to Rio Race, Bermuda Race etc.

Marine Weather Services also provides forecast advice and information for critical ocean tows, coastal and offshore weather buoy technology and other commercial marine activities.

Marine Weather Services is also active in aviation, particularly sports aviation as well as detailed research and analysis of critical incidents.

Contact: Marine Weather Services

PO Box 135

Thirroul 2515


ph: +61 42 68 3101

fax: +61 42 68 3131


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