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Igor says that das Frankenblog is a liquid document. It can change at any time and often does. In general, touch-ups and editing will be done on the main page. Once a story is archived, it can be assumed to be the final version. However, Igor is anxious to prevent his master appearing a total dill and in extremis may alter, amend, or remove material from the archives.

Archive 011 [17 JAN 2003 - ]

  Five things I should have known
  Newspaper prints nothing about Wolf and Bloom
  Orson Scott Dumpty falls off the wall
  Why general practice is choking
  Molested by alien Satanists!
  Are you autistic?
  Tsarist Russia in living colour
  Gathering the Reviews
  Rattling John Cage
  BIOME link
  Countdown to more Claw!
  Rational environmentalism
  More Claw!
  Huzzah for Punchwin!

Archive 010 [to 25 DEC 2003]

  Christmas in our time
  Review: Watchmen and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
  Unexpected beauty
  Doorknocking for Cthulhu
  Renting, not owning
  Patent numbers
  A petard of one's own
  THE QUIZ: science vs. culture!
  Alternative dissection
  Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum viditur
  Infinite Matrices
  A fistful of essays
  Review2: Intolerable Cruelty
  The next bioweapon could be...measles?

Archive 009 [to 28 SEP 2003]

  Quick review: The Ring
  Quick review: The Bourne Identity
  Quick review: Die Another Day
  Quick review: Insomnia
  Quick review: Below
  Quick review: Shane
  Quick review: Avalon
  Quick review: Spirited Away
  Quick review: Dinner Rush
  A monkey's got rights!
  Ancestral anime
  A shoal of Argument Fish
  Fair and balanced
  Zambian GM timeline
  Tory the Tank Engine

Archive 008 [to 15 JUL 2003]

  Of famines and farmers
  Dear Cthulhu...
  Big News
  The Infinite Precautionary Principle (1)
  Atwood's three-book sale
  Hidden message in Red Jacket
  Different complexions, different customs
  Review: Dreamcatcher
  Placebo myths
  The Standard Book of Alchymical Elementals
  Death and taxes
  A tax on reality
  Creative sparks and starving artists
  Courage over fire

Archive 007 [to 07 FEB 2003]

  Pinker and Hurlbut!
  Jack Magic
  More on crows using tools
  Warning: parental indulgence
  Engineering invades evolution labs
  Vaccines for mad cow disease?
  Grandstanding diminishes important word
  Crows v. chimps
  No abortion link to breast cancer
  Squirrels and ice ages
  Bugs and history
  Mothers, kids, and work
  Character in Psellus
  The locksmith and the rowboat
  Morton's Demon
  The scientist-therapist gap
  We done kill'd the Columbia
  Fight terrorism at home
  Mark Twain's "War Prayer"
  Propaganda redux
  Nanoswitch gets really small
  Chinese fossils reveal dinosaur ecosystem
  Sequencing Skippy
  How old is Mungo Man?

Archive 006 [to 07 FEB 2003]

  Selected quotes
  Columbia burns
  Design Linguistics
  Groundswell of satire in US
  Eidolon closes
Gene therapy and leukaemia; bugs that eat toxic waste; weird new fossil proto-bird; freeze-thaw cycles create natural Arctic art; 3-way symbiosis/arms race in ant evolution; the knuckle-headed investigation of The Skeptical Environmentalist saves Lomborg from his own petard; and other stories.

Archive 005 [to 14 JAN 2003]

  Xmas is cancelled
  With apologies to Craig Kilborn and his writers...
  Nice turn of phrase
  Gravity and light
  Atlantis rising
  Your soothsayers are better
  DIY bloodwriting
  PhysicsWeb stories of the year
  Books dying to be filmed
  Late Night Xmas jokes
  LOSE MONEY FAST!!! -- Or Time Warner's Excellent Web Adventure
  National science priorities
  A scarecrow of the law
  Two hacker tales
  Orwell goes recursive
  Round up of Nature #6915
  Review of Donnie Darko

Archive 004 [to 28 NOV 2002]

  Plus ça change, plus ça même
  The madness of historical method
  Shameless self-promotion: Spectrum SF #9
  Not crufty are we
  A working analogy at last!
  Online gaming strategies bleed into real world
  God bites bug
  Where is Ralph Nader when you need him?
  Pre-Ediacarian humour
  Curious Yellow, Curious Blue, and the terrifying future of the Internet
  Evolutionary pressure on Creationists
  Credit where credit's due

Archive 003 [to 28 OCT 2002]

  Recommended book: Secrets and Lies by Bruce Schneier
  Recommended page: Undiscovered Laws
  I am the Jerry Lewis of science fiction
  John Snow and the Broad Street pump
  Malaria and mosquito genomes published
  The camera that builds itself
  Advanced astronomy in your own back yard
  Three disturbing websites
  But where do they keep it?
  Recommended site: Tech Support Nietzsche Style
  Philosophical illumination
  Curse them all!
  Genetic pacemaker

Archive 002 [to 10 SEP 2002]

  Cancer screening not always a good idea
  A little bit of truth in the Web of lies
  Greek police seek man with joystick
  The blind radiomaker
  Recommended reading: the Casimir effect
  Plankton eats fish
  The most beautiful experiments
  Recommended site: Druidic Technology
  Science quotes
  Deadly influenza due to single mutation
  Fun experiments with your own brain #1
  Mitochondrial shake-up
  Gingko no go
  Go policosanol
  Transplanted uterus bears live mice
  Papal bull
  Six hundred hits and the Eureka Prize essay
  Five million km observatory in space
  A fast algorithm for prime number testing
  No rationale for $30 M trial of chelation therapy
  Speech gene defines modern humans

Archive 001 [30 JUL - 16 AUG 2002]

  Why life took so long to blossom...perhaps
  Malaria vaccine takes new approach
  Update: scramjet engine works
  Ice-cream banned by Geneva Convention?
  Watch out for that sheep!
  A gene for violence
  Bioterrorism at work
  Another take on c changes
  Bumper crop of science papers
  Is the speed of light slowing down?
  Not life after all?
  Review of The Miraculous Poison
  The trouble with privacy
  The trouble with junk email
  Moon prospecting for Earth history
  Solar wind. Sell! Sell! Sell!
  Australian scramjet takes off
  National Science Week August 17-25
  Television, the educational medium
  Anthropologists dissolve in ethical miasma
  Quantum physics peeks behind the Standard Model
  Second Law broken (sort of)
  Matter more stable than anti-matter