The Sephiroth & the Tarot
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Sephiroth or Tree of life
  1. Origin                       (p.1)
  2. The Sephiroth
  3. The Ten Commandments
  4. The Lord's Prayer
  5. Numerology

    The Sephiroth & the Tarot.

  6. The Hebrew Alphabet       (p.2)
  7. Major Arcana of the Tarot
  8. Groupings within the Major Arcana
  9. Overview
Anatomy of Self
  1. The new Tree of Life        (p.3)
  2. The Aspect of Colour
  3. The Chakras

  4. Hermetic Alchemy                 (p.4)
  5. Astrology .
  6. Spirit, Mind, Soul and Body
  7. Overview

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TL 1.6 - The Hebrew Alphabet

The Hebrew alphabet is also symbolised on a Sephiroth Diagram. Each letter is placed on the connecting branch between the two spheres which are related to that letter.


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TL 1.7 - Major Arcana of the Tarot cards

The Tarot pack is a set of cards which may be used as an esoteric tool for discerning future events or unknown things ('divination' or 'prophecy').
Tarot cards are known to have been used since the 17th Century, but the style and character of the images suggest that they date back at least to the Middle Ages. There is a compatible system in the Tibetan philosophy by the name of Dakini *

A complete Tarot pack consists of 78 cards which are divided into two different groups.

The cards of the Major Arcane are closely linked to the Hebrew Alphabet, and through these to the Sephiroth. Many of the illustrations on the Major Arcana cards for example echo the shape of their affiliated Hebrew letter.

On most currently used Tarot packs the Hebrew letters associated to three of the cards very clearly are not matched properly. These are the cards depicting World, Sun and Judgment.


The three figures at the base of the Judgment card (shown above) clearly simulate the Hebrew letter Shin, while the body and shawl composition of the woman depicting the World are inspired by the Hebrew letter Qoph . Also a symbolic meaning of the Hebrew letter Resh is 'face', which is shown in the image of the Sun.

I have realigned the Tarot card images, their numbers and associated Hebrew letters accordingly, which, as the illustration below shows, makes much more sense.


Below a list of the 22 cards of the Major Arcana, their affiliation with the Hebrew alphabet and their corresponding place on the Sephiroth (as indicated by the numbers 1 - 22 on the diagram).


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TL 1.8 a - Groupings within the Major Arcana

Pin 4 down 2005. C.F.
    During my long interest, study and research in the esoteric fields I discovered a coherent system in the Major Arcana of the Tarot carts, based on the principles of Duality and the alchemic elements ; Fire, Water, Air, Earth. (Spirit, Soul, Mind, Body)

    • there is a duality between Fire and Water and a second duality between Air and Earth,

    • there is also duality between the pair of Fire & Water on the one side and the pair of Air & Earth on the other,

    • further more, Fire and Air are non material and Water and Earth are material.

    By using the aspects of Duality combined with the alchemic elements ; Fire, Water, Air, Earth. I found that they pair on different levels thereby revealing coherent, dynamic and numeric structures. Which in turn clarify their position in the Tree of life and relationships within the Taro.

TL 1.8 b - Primary grouping within the Major Arcana

16 cards of the Major Arcana in terms of their affinity, with the four alchemic elements, in groups and as individuals.

Fire Water Air Earth




1. Magician

2. Priestess

3. Empress

4. Emperor

6. Lovers

7. Chariot

8. Justice

9. Hermit

13. Death

14. Temperance

15. Devil

16. Tower

18. Moon

19. World

20. Sun

21. Judgment

  • Primary grouping (P)

    The cards are arranged into four groups (1-4, 6-9, 13-16 and 18-21) symbolising the four alchemic elements.

  • Secondary grouping
    Within each (P) group the four individual Tarot card characters also symbolise Fire, Water, Air and Earth.
  • Coordinators
    The 6 remaining Tarot cards left out support the four main groups in various functions.

  • Coordinators
    •  5. Pope acts as a 'Mediator' between the Red and the Blue (P) group.

    • 16. Star acts as a 'Mediator' between the Yellow and the Green (P) group.

    • 11. Strength (acting as 'Ruler') personifies the material nature of the Red and the Blue (P)groups.

    • 12. Hangman (acting as 'Ruler') personifies the spiritual nature of the Yellow and the Green (P)groups.

    • 10. Wheel functions as the point of control or Axis between the material (two left (P) groups) and the spiritual (two right(P) groups).

    • 22. Fool functions as the free spirit with understanding of but unattached to any.

    All above interpretations are included on the diagram below. The Sephiroth also shows that the four groups (as indicated by the four colours) line up in a logical and symmetrical configuration.


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    TL 1.8 c - Secondary grouping within the Major Arcana

    Fire Water Air Earth
    Fire 1. Magician 6. Lovers 13. Death 18. Moon
    Water 2. Priestess 7. Chariot 14. Temperance 19. World
    Air 3. Empress 8. Justice 15. Devil 20. Sun
    Earth 4.Emperor 9. Hermit 16. Tower 21. Judgment


    The Secondary grouping illustrates (below right) how the natural (material) energies Earth and Water pivot around the central column, revealing the Caduceus. While the mental (non material) powers Fire and Air surround and hold the structure stable.


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    TL 1.9 - Overview

    An overview of the Sephiroth diagrams with their meaning and relationships.

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