The 'Mutus liber' by Altus

This picture (but without the Stone's geometric lines) is one of the illustrations of the Mutus liber by Altus, published by him in 1677.

The Mutus liber ('Mute book') is without text, but contains "nonetheless all the Hermetick Philosophy depicted in hieroglyphic figures".

The name Altus (meaning 'high') is most likely a pseudonym and anagram for the author's real name Jacob Sulat.

The Mutus liber was reprinted in 1967 by Jean-Jacques Pauvert, Paris, with the addition of an introduction and commentaries by Eugène Canseliet.

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It is remarkable how my overlay of the Philosophers' Stone so neatly fits over the arrangement of figures and symbols of Altus' illustration.

This raises the possibility that Altus has used the geometry of the Philosophers' Stone as basis for the composition of this and perhaps also some other "hieroglyphic figures" .

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