by Claus Furstner

Inspired by the recent Sculpture Symposium at the Tanawha Botanical gardens (Sunshine Coast Australia).
Over the last month or so (October 2005) I have changed several of the sandstone rocks (left since the upgrading of Upper Rose mount road) in to Sculptures.
The Road has been buzzing with approval.
To enhance there appeal even further; They are representing aspects of my philosophic background, forming a Mandala* in there sequence.

3 stones = 7 stages
The evolution of the Soul.

progressing from the primordial fire of consciousness to pure self awareness

1 Fire - a Dragon Head emerging from the earth.
2 Water - a drop spilling into the Yin/Yang Principle.
3 The Calliper and sperm, representing Knowledge (Air) and Life (Earth).
4 The 4 Alchemic elements:
  -Fire- (lightning) -Water- (wave) -Air- (sun and Moon) -Earth- (snake).
5 The passing of time (history and future)
6 Dreams (Rain and sun shine) and aspirations (Lake and productive paddocks)
7 The components of the Philosophers Stone *


2 stones = The DNA of the Soul.

8 Sun (Conscious), Moon and Stars (Sub Conscious) .


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