Complementary Meditation for the Spinning

Health, Wealth, Success and Love.

by   Claus Furstner
This Meditation clears the Brain from distracting thoughts and stimulates an Energy flow in accordance with the Kundalini* or Chi*

Meditation on the four Alchemic Elements is a starting procedure which engages the four fundamental levels of our identity, (Body, Soul, Mind, Spirit.) to guide the mind from the ordinary reality into a state of deep Meditation.

  • Start by sitting comfortably, spine erect (but not stiff), with or without support.
  • Put your hands in your lap or on your legs, form an 'O' with each index finger touching its thumb.
  • Rest the tip of your tongue behind your top teeth and relax all parts of your body from toes to top (become the Earth).
Take a few minutes for this.

  • Now visualise your entire body from above the head to the toes being immersed by the purest white spiritual light (become the white light.)
  • Than focus on each of the four main Spiritual Centres:
    Base of the Spine, Heart, Head and Crown

  • Start from the base of the spine with Earth or Body
    than through the spinal column up to the shoulder blades Water or Soul
    than From the Shoulder blades to the top of the Head Air or Mind
    and emerging from and above the Head Fire or Spirit
    Repeat Fire or Spirit
    than descending through the Face and throat Air or Mind
    than chest an intestines Water or Soul
    than the base of the spine Earth or Body

  • After 3 to 7 rotations change to
    up Health, Wealth, Success and Love
    down Love, Success, Wealth and Health

  • Continue this cycle for 5 to 10 minutes. :
Energy cycle of the Elements







medit8a.jpg   ©







Fire and Air are within each other (Wisdom).
Water and Earth maintain the material duality (Compassion).

  • After 5 to10 minutes go into deep Meditation by : Slowly drifting 'as a neutral observer' into the space between and behind, mundane thoughts.

  • When thoughts intrude, give the "Energy cycle of the Elements" a spin.
    Or, inhale upward with Love
    and exhale downward with Wisdom.

  • Finally 'after about 20 to 30 minutes or whatever is comfortable' let normal reality flush back through the body.
    Starting from the tip of your big toes upwards through the entire body, while counting backward from 10 to 1.

  • Now open your eyes, reaffirming you self you are, refreshed, relaxed and awake.

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