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  1. Inner peace and Meditation
  2. Visualisation on the four Elements
    Privy Quintessence
  3. Meaning of the Mantra
  4. Disturbing Noises during Meditation

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    Complementary Yoga


Meditation is not to Escape this Reality but to become one with it.

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ME 1 - Inner peace and Meditation
Life gives the maximum of growth when Body, Mind and Spirit are balanced and energised.

The spinning and its associated Yoga exercises generate vitality and passion.
Vitality and passion without inner peace can cause imbalance.


The essence of Meditation is to achieve stillness behind thoughts and feelings.
This stillness opens the Intuition (Direct knowledge ) to the source of ALL.

Two simple and yet very powerful Meditations are :

  1. Watching the breath
    While breathing through the nose focus the mind on the breath as it passes the tip of the nose. At the same time think :   "breathing in"   "breathing out"   or   " in"   " out".

  2. One pointed Meditation
    Focus the mind on one object or symbol such as an apple, your navel, or a single word (Mantra)*, while at the same time gently disregarding any intruding thoughts and feelings.

After meditating in above manner for about 15 minutes (or longer if you wish) return to reality by slowly counting down from 10 to 1 (10 - 9 - 8 - etc.).


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ME 2 - Visualisation on the four Alchemic Elements
Visualisation shuts out intruding thoughts and feelings, allowing the mind to focus.

Visualisation on the four Alchemic Elements (Fire, Air, Water and Earth) is a starting procedure, which engages the four fundamental levels (Spirit, Mind, Suol and Body) of our identity
and guides the mind from the ordinary reality into a state of deep Meditation.

  1. Start by sitting comfortably, spine erect (but not stiff), with or without support.

  2. Put your hands in your lap or on your legs, form an 'O' with each index finger touching its thumb.

  3. Rest the tip of your tongue behind your top teeth and relax all parts of your body from toes to top

  4. Visualise your entire body from above the head to the toes being immersed by the purest white spiritual light (become the white light).

  5. Than focusing on each of the four main Spiritual Centres of the body, from above the Head to the base of the Spine and repeatedly think (or speak) the words :(I am) Loving , Successful , Wealthy and Healthy or the Mantra* or the Elements.

Focus Word   or as
Above the Head



Below the Navel



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After 5 to 10 minutes go into deep Meditation by :
  1. Slowly drifting into the "empty" space between and behind, thoughts, mental images and feelings.

  2. Finally, after about 20 to 30 minutes, let normal reality flush back through the body
    starting from the tip of your big toes upwards through the entire body, while slowly counting backward from 10 to 1.

  3. (Optional) Before returning to the normal waking state say once only .
    "Every day in every way I am getting better, better and better.

  4. Now open your eyes, reaffirming you self, "I am, refreshed, relaxed and awake".


* has four states: the first is the waking state , the second the dreaming state, the third is deep sleep and the fourth state is found in the"empty" space behind Thoughts.

It is in this "empty" space that the true essence of 'Self, Consciousness or God' enters in to this Reality. (The ever continuing "Silent" Big Bang )

The "empty" space is the Fifth Alchemical Element "Privy Quintessence" (Private 5th. Essence) or Ether.
It represent; the space of manifestation , created by the Self.

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ME 3 - Meaning of the Mantra*

The illustration on the right shows Avalokiteshvara.

He is the Bodhi Sattva * of Compassion* who is holding the Mantra* :
"OM     MANI     PADME     HUM"

  • OM and MANI are symbolised by the two central hands holding the Jewel (Conscious Mind)

  • PADME is symbolised by the left hand holding the Lotus (expression of the Soul)

  • HUM is symbolised by the right hand holding the Rosary (Space & Time)

I first learned about Mantra* meditation in the early 70's with Transcendental Meditation (T.M. popularised by the Beatles) where the student is given a personalised Mantra* (word) to meditate on.

I found this rather difficult because I could not just accept a word without knowing what it meant.

I have therefore included below easy to grasp meanings for each of the four words and there associations, used in this Meditation.



Element  Mantra Action
Mental Focus    
Attribute Body Focus
  OM awareness of spirit   and being
  MANI control over mind  and thought
  PADME relax soul    and emotions
  HUM transcend body   and actions

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Fire gives enthusiasm and creates.
The original desire to be.
This is the spiritual plane of
Air gives thought and knowledge.
The capacity of enlightenment.
This is the mental plane of
Water gives emotions and love .
The capacity of compassion.

This is the emotional plane of
Earth gives substance and beauty.
The opportunity to be.
This is the physical plane of

Creating and Destroying   -   Knowledge and Ignorance   -   Love and Hate   -   Beauty and Ugliness

are opposites for the analytical mind. Meditation takes us beyond all of them.

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ME4- Disturbing Noises during Meditation

After focusing the mind with the Mantra or starting the relaxed observation of thought patterns, distractions from noise or outer events will occur in the beginning.
However, they can be helpful.

  • For example you can focus on the stillness between the ticking of a clock or after the sound from a closing door, etc...

  • Focus on the stillness in the background of the wind, traffic noise or any other continuous event.

  • With several different noises continuing simultaneously select one to focus on, or go back to the Mantra * to regain focus.


Complementary Yoga (Spinning)

Complementary Meditation for the Spinning

Meditation including; Chakra cleansing with Colours

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