Colours and Chakras


including Chakras and Colours

by   Claus Furstner
Put your hands in your lap, make an O with your index fingers and thumbs and rest the tip of your tongue behind your top teeth.

Sit with an erect spine, close your eyes and relax the body during the count down from 21 to 1 scanning and relaxing the whole body from top to toe.

You may scan - count do both or,
feel and see the body slowly being drenched with healing an rejuvenating white light

21.Top of head. 20. Temples, Forehead. 19. Eyes, Eyelids.18. Ears, Jaw, Chin.
Lips,Tongue, Throat.

16. Neck, back, front, sides. 15. Shoulders, Shoulder blades. 14. Arms .13. Hands, Palms, Fingers.

12. upper Chest. 11. Heart, Lungs. 10 Back, upper and lower. 9. Abdominal. 8. Pelvis. 7. Buttocks.

6. Thigh, Hips. 5. Knees. 4. Calf's, Shins. 3. Ankle, Heel. 2. Feet, Sole, Instep.
1. Toes and releasing all through the big toes.

You have now relaxed your whole body and have come to your
inner world.

In this inner world YOU can Create your own Space of Peace and Beauty.

This "INNER SPACE" is YOUR private work shop.
You can cleans yoursef before entering.

Chakra cleansing.


Scan yourself from the ground to above the Head.
Visualising vibrant pure colour corresponding to each Chakra.


Cosmic Consciousness
Starting with the Earth connection going up to above the Head

Deep Brown
Dark Red
Time - space
freedom of confusion and misconceptions - Physical comfort.
(This is not a chakra perse but it does participate in our colour identity)
Gonads - Eliminating
doing - excitement of life- the independent Self - Material Bliss
Adrenal - Generating
Desires - purpose - endurance - efficiency
Pancreas - Stomach
connectedness - Control - self & other .
Thymes - Heart
Intuition - Feelings - Strength of character - Divine Love
Thyroid - Throat
Communication - Channelling -- Dreams - Art - Truth
Pituitary -"3" Eye
Aspirations - The window to Angels & the higher Self
Pineal - Spirit
Union with and Trust in the Higher Self - Sanctuary of the soul


After the Chakra Cleansing you go down a further 12 steps.
12 - 11 - 10 - 9 - 8 - 7 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1.

As you are coming down you are greeted by a light being.
You see this light being as a white light in front and above you.

The white light is the essence of your Over Soul.
The Wisdom and Love of the Spirit
You can enter and submerge yourself in this light.


Modelling your inner space

Your inner space can change on demand but should represent the environment you feel most comfortable in.

It can be a Forrest, Mountain or City a Castle, Office or shed, in the open or inside.

Any tools or objects you need, chair, table, clock, etc. you may visualise on demand.

When you have created YOUR INNER SPACE you see yourself in it.
Radiating in perfect health and with abundant means.

Here you can Create the future by seeing yousef already there .

Your imagination is the limit.

Stay and play with this imaging for a while,

This is the perfect place to meditate and connect with your higher energies or

The All is Mind

Here in YOUR INNER SPACE you can alter and enhance your self image and manufacture your future success or failure by visualising yourself already there.

In YOUR INNER SPACE, you have two spirit helpers "one male and one female, representing understanding and love.
Ask them there names an they will help you with any task you can give them.

With permission from your and their Over Soul "the white light"
you can call up any entity for healing or information.

Never do harm to others or intrude.
Before returning to normal reality you can give your spirit helpers tasks to work on.

Coming back, reconfirm the white light and give yourself a generous dose of white light energy.

Go back up the 12 steps
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 -10 - 11 - 12.

Let normal reality flush back through the body starting at the tip of your
big toes while counting backward from 7 to 1 and than open your eyes, refreshed, relaxed and awake.

Colours and Chakras

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