Magic Wand,   Taro Key   &   Caduceus

The Hebrew letters Shin, Aleph and Teth are here represented as the Magic Wand, with their Taro equivalent and the Caduceus.

Note how the Taro pictures echoe the graphics of the Hebrew letters and the Caduceus.

A note of caution: The male and female characters represent the masculine and feminine within all.

On the top representing Shin,
the new born Soul (Son or The Christ within) presents The Father and Mother (Holy Ghost)
Like No' 1. From the Occult Key. the Male and Female have swapped places, the feminine Grasps (understands) and the Masculine holds (cares and loves).

The Magician holds the wand with the Right hand while the Hermit holds the wand (Staff) with the Left hand.


M 3. Magic Wand. - Occult Key.

Copyright © 2001 Claus Furstner