1. As Below so above

  2. The Guardian Angel

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A. 1 - As Below so above

The all is MIND.

Within MIND itself are higher and lower planes, or spheres of refinement.

  • The Spiritual plane is the Higher Self and CAUSAL.
  • The Mental plane is the Self and EGOIC.
  • The physical plane is the Lower Self and ASTRAL.

    Angels* are aspects of the Higher Self and represent there particular character, attitude and vibration.

    The Diagram below, from Anatomy of Self , shows the ,CAUSAL, EGOIC and ASTRAL, spheres as they overlap the pillars (from left to right) of Mind, Self and Emotion.

    All aspects of the Self are always within us, it is by nurturing and developing the higher - and controlling the lower vibrations that we reach access to our Angels and Enlightenment.

    By increasing the integrity of the EGOIC , CAUSAL and ASTRAL planes, they will automatically refine.

    angel1.jpg angel3.jpg
        Mutus liber 1677 by Altus.

    The higher SELF armed with the trident of the triple dissolution , Poseidon - Hades - Hera, heralds the birth of Apollo and Diana,
    future parents of the philosophers stone.

    (The Mutus liber portrays the masculine and feminine characteristics of one person only, male or female.)

    CAUSAL spiritualisation evolving love
    EGOIC motivation personality friendship
    ASTRAL reproduction generating desire

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    A. 2 - The Guardian Angel

    The Guardian Angel* is the purest aspect of Your Higher Self.

    You are the intent of Your Higher Self (to experience and better this denser reality).

    Your union with Your Guardian Angel equals Your Higher Self's union with the ultimate creative principle or GOD.
    "As below so above".

    Angels* are aspects of the Higher Consciousness (Spiritual & "mental") and are portrayed with bird wings.
    Wings which fly during day time and in the light.

    The Owl being the exception with knowledge of the dark or subconscious energies.

    Aspects of the Lower Subconscious are portrayed with Dragon or Bat wings.
    Wings which fly during night time and in the dark.

    The volatile nature spirits are portrayed with dragon fly - or Butter fly wings.

    Access to Angels can occur through; meditation , prayer, intuition, visualisation or various forms of medium ship and innocence.
    Angel giving strength.

    The two oil paintings are by Wivica Furstner. Spiritual Artist

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