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Chenrezig as the central figure presents: the Flower of love (The feminine) on the right and on the left the rosary represents (The masculine) time and space.

The two groups of four figures (Lokas) are displayed in reverse (left the feminine or dynamic aspects and right the masculine or symbolic entities).
Thereby illustrating that in enlightenment the feminine and masculine are in accord and understanding of each other. Similar to the reversal of SHIN in the magic wand. or no.7. of the Occult Key
The four corner figures represent the dance of the natural energys like the alchemical; Fire, Water, Air and Earth.

1. Buddha Amitabha - Red - Begging Bowl

2. Asura - Green - Sword - Warlike
3. Human - Yellow - Staff - Bowl - Sakya Muni
4. Deva White - Guitar - Art - Sciences
5. Dreams - Self                      Path

6. Yama Raja - Judge of the Dead.   Action Teachings

7. Society - Other                    Community
8. Hell smoke - Fire - Water - Consume Purify
9. Pretra - Red - Box of desirables - Cravings
10. Brute - Blue - Wisdom - Dogma

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