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Meditations and comments
on aspects of this reality.

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  1. The Abyss               (page 1)
  2. As Above so Below
  3. Ownership

  4. Reality.MANU.Hologram     (page 2)
  5. The Big Bang
  6. Chaos
  7. The Free Will

  8. Love                     (page 3)
  9. Wisdom
  10. Soul Mate & Dual Flame

  11. Snakes and Ladders     (page 4)
  12. Thunder Bolt
  13. This point in time
  14. I AM therefore I AM
  15. Reincarnation & Karma

  16. History & Future       (page 5)
  17. Karma
  18. Astrology & Karma
  19. Quotes & Comment

             Vajrapani *

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16 - History & Future

This Reality can not exist without History.
Logic supplies the solution for the nonexisting time with Memory and Imagination.
Memory and Imagination shape the Future.


Sustain the Wheel of life and Procreate .

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17- Karma *

The original cause of all existence is singular.
The first duality carried the concept of harmony.
Karma identifies the imbalance of that harmony and projects the consequences in Time.

Anger and fear "born in ignorance"
maintain the strength of "negative" Karma

The empty (non prejudice) Mind
which is open to Wisdom,
can overcome "negative" Karma.

The Souls purpose of being in this reality is to experience and refine life.

-- T A R O --

T - Represents this point of time and gives birth to Life.
A - Like the first cry of the Baby represents Life .
R - Represents the complexity of this reality.
O - Like, Ooo now I know. represents enlightenment

The Snake.(aggression), Anubis.(fear) and Osirus (Ruler of the other world).

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18- Astrology and Reincarnation *


Our solar system is held in place by the gravity of the Sun.
Each planet also has its own vibration and gravity like the Sun.
We are influenced by these vibrations and natural forces,
with the Sun this is most apparent as heat and light.
These influences do not override our free will, we can dress for them, go in the shade, go swimming or not.

Astrologers have researched the characteristics of the planets for thousands of years and found that each individual person and event has its own Planetary Signature, imprinted at its first manifestation (birth) in this reality.

As the planetary system is in constant motion, it identifies the ever changing relationship between original Signature and Present Astrological configuration, which can be identified in terms of friction or harmony.

Soul *

The individual Soul Reincarnates* at an Astrological Signature and Environment for its own karmic* benefit and enhancement.


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19. Quotes & Comment.


Second Epistle of Clement
When Jesus was asked what moment the kingdom would come. He replied:When the two shall be one, outside like inside the male with the female neither male nor female.
Siva Sutra's*

From the Prayer to Samkara.:
Samkara is the Supreme Awareness that brings about the bliss of the revelation of Supreme Non - dualism.

From the sixth Sutra:
With  Bhairava* consciousness the entire universe appears as an expression of Siva's Sakti * and when the mind is united with that Sakti, the world as something separate from consciousness disappears.

Tao Tê Ching*

From the first chapter:
Non - existence * is called the antecedent of heaven and earth.
Existence is the mother of all things.
From eternal non - existence we observe the mysterious beginning of the universe.
From eternal existence we see the apparent distinctions.
These two are the same in source and become different when manifest.

Erwin Schrödinger:
Subject and object are only one, the barrier between them can not be said to have been broken down as a result of recent experiments, for this barrier does not exist.

Claus Furstner
The "Mind" gaining awareness of Self,
creates the first duality followed by
the BIG BANG of Chaos and Ignorance.

To reunite awareness with Self is Enlightenment.

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