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Meditations and comments
on aspects of this reality.


  1. The Abyss               (page 1)
  2. As Above so Below
  3. Ownership

  4. Reality.MANU.Hologram     (page 2)
  5. The Big Bang
  6. Chaos
  7. The Free Will

  8. Love                     (page3)
  9. Wisdom
  10. Soul Mate & Dual Flame

  11. Snakes and Ladders     (page4)
  12. Thunder Bolt
  13. This point in time
  14. I AM therefore I AM
  15. Reincarnation & Karma

  16. History & Future       (page 5)
  17. Karma
  18. Astrology & Karma
  19. Quotes & Comment

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11.Snakes and Ladders

Chimney sweep
All LIFE is ONE omnipresent essence created

You create your own Snakes and Ladders

Snakes represents the Spirit
Volatile or capacity
Ladders represents the Structure
Fixed or attitude

is the operator of

Thou Art That

Seed and Calliper
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12 - Thunder Bolt
The Vajra or Dorje is called the Thunder Bold.
It symbolises the lightning strike of consciousness entering this reality
and the duality of Mind and Matter.

Vis Vajra.

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13 - This Point in Time
There are many areas where people look at the complexity of a subject without looking at the foundation or origin of the issue, especially in the case of our human existence in this reality.
My fascination always has been the fact that past and future do not exist.
It is only the point where they meet "NOW" that there is true existence.

It is ironic that this smallest (virtually non existing) speck of time contains ALL of existence.

The MIND travels with it.

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14 - I AM therefore I AM   & The Seven Hermetic Principles
"I AM therefore I AM", is the only statement that can not be refuted and has its Existence in the consciousness of 1.The Mind .This consciousness can be seen as a Mental 2.Vibration which finds existence in the concepts of 3.Correspondence "As above so below" , "Mind and Matter", etc... and the concept of 4.Polarity everything is dual (The Eye can not see itself).

The ALL exist in this, I AM.
This "I consciousness" is able to exist in this "speck "of time and not fall apart at a whim like a dream, because it is dependent on the Natural Law or Manu*. The Manu* is a matrix based on the Harmonic 5.Rhythm of Consequences and the Law of 6.Cause and Effect which is expressed in 7.Gender

When One "Mind" becomes dual, multitude is created.
Gender can be seen as; YIN &YANG* the weak and the strong, giving and taking, breathing in and breathing out etc...

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15 - Reincarnation * and Karma *

Reincarnation* has its identity in the Law of,
Cause and Effect
Each Cause has an Effect and Each Effect has a Cause.

The Mind or I Consciousness exists and has the power of change in the NOW * only.

By changing the characteristics of the
I Consciousness in the NOW *, different reflections, counterparts or Causes are created.

Karma is simultaneous the Cause and Echo of

If the Karmic wheel where only One wheel,
Life would be stagnant and useless.


This Life gives us the opportunity of,
shifting wheels of refinement.

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