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Meditations and comments
on aspects of this reality.


  1. The Abyss               (page 1)
  2. As Above so Below
  3. Ownership

  4. Reality.MANU.Hologram     (page 2)
  5. The Big Bang
  6. Chaos
  7. The Free Will

  8. Love                     (page3)
  9. Wisdom
  10. Soul Mate & Dual Flame

  11. Snakes and Ladders     (page4)
  12. Thunder Bolt
  13. This point in time
  14. I AM therefore I AM
  15. Reincarnation & Karma

  16. History & Future       (page 5)
  17. Karma
  18. Astrology & Karma
  19. Quotes & Comment


                  Siva and Sakti *

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8. Love

The first String , Atom or Molecule attracted to its own kind (vibration), was the first step to self recognition.
Facilitating the build up of the essential nature or Soul.
(The essential principles of this reality are: Attraction and Harmony the essence of Love.)

The Minotaur* and Theseus
Physical, Mental and Spiritual

Like clouds becoming rain drops or cosmic dust creating planets, the Soul* is attracted to its own vibration for growth.

Sex is based on energies and instincts with its main focus on perpetuating the stronger , physical gratification, possession and power .

Friendship is focused on the intellectual and social compatibility stabilising and strengthening identity.

Love is the most precious and pinnacle of life itself. It is the capacity of the soul to interact with "aspects of" its reality in total unity.

Love increases the happiness and wellbeing of the Self

(Measurable in the left frontal brain).

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9. Wisdom

Understanding is the fulfilment of knowledge.
Understanding does not change knowledge but is at one with it.

Love is the crown of life's emotions.
Love does not change the emotion but is at one with it.

Wisdom is the perfection of humanity.
Wisdom is the union of knowledge and emotion.
The harmony of Understanding and Love.


To increase Understanding and Love is the road to Enlightenment.

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10. Soul Mate & Dual Flame

A Soul mate is a good friend

A Dual Flame is "Two Leaders who follow and support each other"

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