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Meditations and comments
on aspects of this reality.


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  2. As Above so Below
  3. Ownership

  4. Reality.MANU.Hologram     (page 2)
  5. The Big Bang
  6. Chaos
  7. The Free Will

  8. Love                     (page3)
  9. Wisdom
  10. Soul Mate & Dual Flame

  11. Snakes and Ladders     (page4)
  12. Thunder Bolt
  13. This point in time
  14. I AM therefore I AM
  15. Reincarnation & Karma

    History & Future       (page 5)
  16. Karma
  17. Astrology & Karma
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4. - Reality & the MANU


Reality is subject to the MANU * or "Natural LAW".

The MANU is the consequences created by action in the environment, effecting all planes; Spiritual, Mental and Physical.

The MANU always sustains equilibrium.

The Individualised consciousness (Soul) manifest "in" this Reality (Matrix) for its own refinement.

Inherent in ignorance and error is their detriment, until burnout or enlightenment.

4.a - Reality as Hologram

Reality or the Universe we are experiencing is created by the Mind.
Like an infinite Hologram, of which the consciousness is the centre.

Each conscious aspect of this Hologram has its own intersecting Hologram but is held in this reality by the "MANU".

"the universe you see and experience is but a holographic image created by the mind"

David Bohm (Quantum physicist)
Karl Pribram (neurophysicist)
Stanislav Grof (prof. in psychiatry)

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5. -The Big Bang

Humanity has searched for its origin in the obscure recesses of time and space and prefer to make consciousness the consequence of a Big Bang* in the past.

Science can not find a solid particle of Matter or Consciousness*.

Would it be appropriate to identify the entrance of consciousness in a more tangible aspect of this reality like "NOW" At the point where consciousness enters time and space?

The big bang* is equally a consequence of "NOW" and to be found in the construct of the mind.

Life expresses it self in the crossover from the coming and going of time.
Like the crack of the whip is created at the point where the backward and foreward movement meet each other, breaking the sound barrier.


Meditation and the four states of Consciousness

Sri Yantra*

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6. - Chaos

Moiré pattern       and       Vis Vajra* .

It is the circle, which creates the
fractal called Chaos* thereby
creating its own universe in
self reflection.

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7. - The Free Will

The "Free" Will is dependent on desire.
Desire is dependent on like and dislike.
Like and dislike are dependent on judgment.
Judgment is dependent on knowledge.
Knowledge is dependent on consciousness.
Consciousness is dependent on THE SELF.
THE SELF is the potential to refine life.

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