You Get That by Classically Blue


1/ Crosscut Saw 2/ Love Her With A Feeling 3/ Cheap Haircut 4/5/6/ Each Long Day parts 1-2-3

7/ Need Your Love 8/ Outskirts Of Town 9/ Shipbuilding 10/ My Turn To Lose 11/ Room 8

12/ You Get That 13/ Stupid Kid 14/ Just A Little Bit 15/ Each Long Day (reprise)



Fellow Music Lovers..."You Get That" is one heck of a CD..

The Classically Blues Trio are: Geoff Achison - vocals and guitars, Adrian K. - violin and Steve Sampson - bass and vocals. "You Get That" also features guests Jeff Lang, Jackie Orszaczky and his rhythm section with Tina Harrod and a 12 piece String section and String Quartet comprised of members of the Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra and also the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. This CD is dedicated to those who lost their lives or lost loved ones in the tragic landslide at Thredbo Village in August of 1997.

Albums that shine not only in talent but also in feeling are at times rare to find, but "You Get That" is one of those rare at times finds and one that you will find yourself playing time and time again. Opening with 'Cross Cut Saw' the trio add a new dimension to this song followed by a heartfelt acoustic 'Love Her With A Feeling' with both songs also cutting deep with Geoff's trademark vocals.

Jeff Lang hits hard next up with the first of two songs that he wrote specifically for this album. "Cheap Haircut" features the mighty Lang magic in a duet with Adrian K on violin. A true masterpiece of talent and songwriting. It is Geoff's turn next in the mighty 3 part original "Each Long Day" which features the 12 piece string section. Tina Harrod lends her haunting vocals to 'Need Your Love', soulfully backed by the string quartet including Jackie O on electric bass. 'Outskirts Of Town' is another sizzling jump blues number performed by the trio and features a hot bass solo by Steve Sampson, which combined with Adrian's exotic violin magic and Geoff's vocals and guitarmanship makes for one heck of a track.

Elvis Costello's 'Shipbuilding' is beautifully rended with Jackie Orszaczky's smooth vocals and sutle bass lines blended with the soulfull talents of the string quartet.

Another trio original 'My Turn To Lose' comes alive with a cool funky groove that you will lose your mind to. This track is a party starter for sure, getting the guys happenin' and the gals swingin'. There ain't no escaping the way the funky groove grabs you. 'Room 8' was penned by Steve Sampson for this album and hey this guy can write as well as getting the trio happening. A great instrumental in which Steve, Geoff and Adrian each shine in their individual moments. The title track 'You Get That' also composed by Steve for this album is where he gets his chance to show the world that he can sing with a passion in this haunting ballad about accepting the way life deals its cards. That magic Lang man is back again with the second of his contributions to the album in the track 'Stupid Kid' once again a haunting Jeff Lang/Adrian K duet.

If you thought 'My Turn To Lose' was a groovin' masterpiece, then 'Just A Little Bit' will take you further as the trio sizzle their way through this awesome rendition. And to bring you back home and let you know that you have been listening to real music by real musicians, 'Each Long Day' has it's reprise.

A truly magnificent album....if this doesnt grab you then you need to make an appointment with your medical practitioner to find out what happened to your feelings.

A must have for any serious music lovers collection....this would have to be an album of the year contender.

Australia has class and talent, just so happens this album proves " YOU GET THAT "

REVIEW by Mark 'radar' Watson (MR BLUES)

A Larrikin/Festival release number LRF504

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