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        Send an mp3 of the song / track you need arranged.. or direct me to where I can pick it up online; at best the recording can even be arranged for you here, and posted/couriered on CD track for track, on a Paris or Protools format, or I can have it online for you to pick up.

Bear in mind the low Australian dollar...


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Below is one of the busier sections for a tune from Geoff Achison's repertoire we do live, actually. Violins top, Violas middle, 'cellos / bass on the bottom. As it happens, it also sounds pretty good.

I take the point of view, that arranging strings or brass in Rock & Roll, Blues, or any other original music, is not a matter of stuffing chords in "appropriate places". Although in some of the sessions I used to play on, that seemed to be the general idea. I keep meeting people in bands who have a relative, who is an ace keyboard player who writes these brilliant arrangements...

I think I have had enough of playing strands of long note sounds with no rests it is a bit like not putting punctuation in this sentance or not using language rightly.

Arranging requires knowing the internal rhythmic dialogue of each of the parts already on the track first, and either playing with, or against this - at least to start with. A sence of what constitutes good taste, balance & proportion is also presumed.

My tack has always been to 'orchestrate' what already exists on the track - by example, it is remarkable how well doubling a rhythm guitar part can sound, if the stringies also do it.
'each long day' features the string parts dovetailed in this fashion.

Writing for strings occassionally in the style of brass players charts is also effective.
In 'my turn to lose' I had this in mind with at least half of the phrasing.

'Empty Space' released by Field Day I was pretty happy with - again, answering what Dan Newall's guitar had to say made the job a lot easier.

Playing and writing for Hubris is the most fun - 'Out With the Old' turned out a treat.

Who are my favourites?
Jackie Orszaczky
is probably the most impressive and original arranger I have ever played for. His body of work in the top groups of Australian Rock & Roll speaks for itself.