Fern Valley Ranch is not open to the general public. This website is designed to show our friends what we have been doing on our farm, how to get there and how to contact us at the farm.

What do we have:

We have bush tracks; waterfalls; citrus trees; Hereford & Welsh Black cattle; pet chickens, ducks and goats; and an artificial lake.

What do we do:

Bush walks

Waterfall viewing

Fruit picking

Cattle & goat feeding

Boat rowing


180 Silvesters Road, Somersby (Turn off from Wisemans Ferry Road).



0412 773 775
        Int'l. (+614)-1277-3775

Fax:        9411 5098
        Int'l. (+612)-9411-5098

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Fern Valley Ranch is our small multi-purpose farm nestled in a wooded area of Somersby, north of Sydney, near the Gosford Reptile Park.

A murmuring creek runs through our property, which features two waterfalls. The tallest fall, Paleesade Fall, has a drop of more than 10 metres, followed by shorter cascades until the creek disappears into the gully below. On one side of the creek is a sheer wall, which makes the area cool and shaded with an exuberant growth of ferns and native plants.

Though there are cattle, citrus trees and experimental yabbies growing on the farm, a considerable part of the property is left in its natural state. There is an old track for bush walking in our rainforest-like woods for the not too ambitious walker. There are a few dams on the property and in some of them we put water lilies and lotus flowers. One dam is big enough to row dinghies in.

What Do We Do There ?

Bush Walking and Waterfalls
A part of our farm is left in its natural state, mainly covered with native gum trees and Gymea Lilies with luxuriant growth of palms and ferns. A walk meanders through tranquil woods with native fauna and flora. A steep track leads to our spectacular Paleesade Fall.

Fruit Picking
We have 2,500 citrus trees. We pick throughout the year, one kind of citrus fruit or another. We have the following varieties:

Valencia oranges
Jan - Jun
Navel oranges Jul - Dec
Kara mandarins Dec - Mar
Silver Hill mandarins May - Aug
Tangelos Sep - Jan

Cattle Feeding
Among our cattle is a special breed newly introduced to New South Wales called the Welsh Black. This breed was bred through the high-tech process of embryo-transfer.

A large dam with grassy banks and young trees is an idyllic setting for rowing our dinghy.


From Sydney:


  1. Take the Sydney-Newcastle Freeway towards NEWCASTLE.
  2. Pass Mooney Mooney Creek Bridge.
  3. Pass green sign:
    Woy Woy
  4. Pass white sign:
    Somersby Interchange
  5. Turn left at sign:
    Central Mangrove
    Peats Ridge
  6. Then follow the map. (5 minutes to Fern Valley Ranch).

180 Silvesters Road Somersby

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