Cairns 2012 Eclipse - Beethoven Ode to Joy Theme


This rendition is in the preferred Windows Movie Maker format at 1,500 kbps of which 128 is audio [ie normal MP3 quality]. As such double click [or right mouse] will get you to Full Screen and the definition is still quite good.

If your ISP connection is slow or bad on downloading "packets" the buffering may take some time, so one way to avoid those annoying stops is to start the video and hit Pause, then wait for the downloading to happen in the background. Then Stop and Resart the video.

The title is Eclipsolypse Now and for sure that's a Pronk. The action starts at 5:20 AM with Sunrise at 5:35 AM and the Full Eclipse was at 6:38 AM, with the partial phase about 45 minutes either side.

The video is mainly sped up by a factor of 4 except for the Full Eclipse which is at real time [from 11 minutes to 13 minutes].

The clouds were bad news for the scientists but helped my camcorder by providing some filtering of the direct sun, which as you can see totally overexposes it. Of course both Exposure and White Light were set to Auto and you can see they worked overtime.

Yes that is a plane that flew past twice, very low.

I waited 41 years to use the Moody Blues' album Days of Future Past and this was ideal, and The End fitted in well for the Full Eclipse, followed by Cat Stevens with the "like the first morning" song.

The darkness for a minute was amazing and I could see the stars, and yes the birds did suddenly stop singing until one brave one started up again and all was well.

My camcorder was directed at the Sunrise position which was slightly to the left of The Low Isles, about 10 km out from the beach and behind that is Bat Reef where Steve Irwin lost his life. There is a lighthouse on The Low Isles and if you use Full Screen and look carefully you will see a flash every 10 seconds or so in the very first minute of the video, before Sunrise. You can also see a star on the upper left.

If you look carefully during the Full Eclipse you will see that the lighthouse is flashing so maybe it works on a light sensor and it came on again once it was dark enough.