What is Website Appetiser?

Website Appetiser is a webpage that is COMPLIMENTARY to the actual website of establishments such as Hotels, Inns, Caravan Parks etc.

The PURPOSE is to provide a "One-Stop" (single page) summary of the important information (see example - Pinnacle Village) of the actual website, without needing to open up a series of pages.

It is not intended in any way to replace the actual website, but rather to whet the appetite of the surfer to go TO the desired page on the website (hopefully the Booking page), but without the pressure imposed by the myriad "booking sites" that infest the Internet and generally push the surfer AWAY from your site.

The DEPLOYMENT would logically be from a link on the Home Page of the actual website (but that is optional), and it would open the Website Appetiser as a separate Window/Page. However the Website Appetiser Page exists stand alone on the Internet so can be found and indexed by Google etc providing an additional way for a surfer to find the establishment. For that purpose Website Appetiser has a linked tag which says:

Therefore in either case the actual website as well as the Website Appetiser Page are open for the convenience of the surfer.

As for "Contact Us", we make no apologies that the main feature of these Pages is the stunning 360 degree moving panorama(s) and these require our own personal visit to the establishment to initially perform the specialised photography and then a very complex rendition using 10 different software Applications to achieve the final unique result (which you will not find on UTube).

So generally it will be a case of we will contact the establishment (in our areas) for an expression of interest. However for the simple jpg images for these Pages, we would expect the establishment owner to provide the images to us as he/she is in the best position to take these photos when the subject matter is at its best (lawns mowed etc). We then "tag and map" them on the Page.

Here is a (non interactive) example of the type of tags and information for a typical English Inn.

there will be one or more moving panoramas, one of which will start automatically.

give "track movies" to establishment.

give short-form room rates etc.

give short-form typical menus and can be bar/lunch/dinner menus as required.

give short-form typical wine/beer lists as required.

show an image of such as bar, dining, lounge, guest rooms as required.

~~ Any other Tags as required ~~