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Christobel and Peter at AMC XIV, Braidwood NSW (2007).

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Draft Articles we’re working on:

Rus' Trader Costume (1995)
resurrected 27.06.19

'Wickelbander' (Leg Bindings)
resurrected 27.06.19

Experiments with Historical Glue and Paint
added 15.07.14

Cloak from Tirā Bog, Latvia
added 07.06.14

Bedding in the Byzantine World: Archaeological Evidence from Funeral Biers
added 16.03.13

Clothing Lists for a Byzantine Military Expedition against Crete
added 24.02.13, from Varangian Voice no. 72 (forthcoming)

Byzantine Shirt from Manazan, Turkey
amended 24.02.13

Varangian Armour, & Limb Defences in Byzantium
revised 01.11.12

Costume of Byzantine Mummies of Anatolia
added 14.11.11

The Hedeby Klappenrock - A Viking Age Cross-over Jacket
added 22.09.09

Byzantine Legwear - an Interesting Constructional Detail
from St. Saviour in Chora

added 28.07.09

Viking Hanging Dress from Haithabu
added 03.12.08

Early Medieval Footwear from Moshchevaya Balka
added 16.08.08

Mail from the ‘Garrison’ of Birka
added 12.07.08

Leather Rusalia Masks from Novgorod
added 3.10.07

Resources for Quilted Armour (Gambesons)
A Nineteenth Century Quilted Cavalry Armour from Sudan
added 9.7.07
A Gambeson Pattern for Byzantine Re-enactment
added 21.7.07

Discovery of Viking Age clothing from Pskov, Russia
updated 5.10.08, from Varangian Voice no. 71, April 2007

Under Construction
Old Russian Helmets 10-13th cent.
last revision 14.06.06

Relics of the Varangians
last update 6.9.08

Viking Shields from Archaeology  MORE NEWS!
From Varangian Voice no. 35, May 1995, LAST UPDATE 30.09.11.

Russian Temple Rings
published in Varangian Voice no. 53, February 2000

Byzantine Tableware
last update 27.11.99

Varangian on an Ivory Panel?
Citation: Gouden Hoorn: Tijdschrift over Byzantium 8(1), Summer-Fall 2000.

Byzantine Coinage
reprinted from Varangian Voice no. 27, May 1993

Byzantine Infantry Formations
by Graeme Walker
reprinted from Varangian Voice no. 49, November 1998

Glimpsing the Byzantine Infantryman
in preparation

Byzantine Lamellar Armour
reprinted from Varangian Voice no. 49, November 1998

from 'Radical Romans' site - rescued from oblivion by public request...
last update 15.03.04

By Popular Demand!Never-Fails Simple Shoe Pattern

revised, from Varangian Voice no. 28, August '93
click the pic for a closer look

We’re medievalists, in case you hadn’t guessed.

New Varangian Guard at Armidale living history weekend, Easter 1998.

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