Privacy Statement

General Privacy Statement

Brett and Jo Ann Fitzgerald understand the important nature of your personal information. We want to ensure all users and customers we respect your nature of privacy. We have a very strict agreement between us (which we will refer to as "The Agreement" here onwards) which mandates guarding your information responsibly. Further, The Agreement stipulates that we legitimately and honestly in all of our transactions.

We believe that in treating you respectfully, and in doing so, you will return and refer others to our website because of the straightforward and trouble free experience you've had in using our service. We do collect information from you; however, we will only do so by your usage to make further improvements of our website and to make your further visits more enhanced and enjoyable. We will acquire the information necessary for upgrades and development by using an assortment of tools to observe website movement in which information will remain anonymous.

We do understand that privacy is a sensitive issue. At any time, if you believe we have not adhered to the principles or The Agreement, please let us know us by email at and we will make every effort to review and correct the problem. We do welcome your questions and comments about privacy and The Agreement.

Our Online Information

The information within our website is as complete and up-to-date information as can be regarding our personal business. This includes our contact information. We do understand that this information helps you share information and ideas with us. Please be assured if you have a problem with any of our services, we have effective mechanisms and procedures for you. We can be emailed at if there is a problem. If you would like more information about The Agreement, please contact us for further information.

Gathering of Information

We only collect information that is necessary for our reporting for what we we can improve. An example of this is when you visit our website; we will need to have what you have viewed, including links, for information so we know what everyone wants to see on our website. Having this information allows us to update the website efficiently. In addition, collection of highly sensitive information (e.g. racial, ethnic origin, political opinions, etc.) is not acquired because, it is not necessary for our website. If information is required, we will always tell you who we are and what we intend to do with your information. We strive to be open in our practices, we will let you know what sort of personal information we hold, how we collect it and how we use and disclose it. For more information email us at

We only collect information by lawful and fair means by observing the following: Commonwealth Privacy Act, and the Australian Victorian Privacy Laws.

We may also gather non-personal information from our customers. This helps us in our improvement of our web site and the online experience for you. We will use this information to: to make improvements and monitor usage of the website and provide you with topics you might be interested in. We will make every opportunity to collect your facts directly from you.

We Will Respect Your Preferences

Information we collect will be used to keep you well-informed of changes to our website. We do allow for customers who would rather not receive this information, and all they have to do is email us at We always provide customers with an opportunity to refuse receiving future offers via email. If you don't wish to receive new information, just email us at and we will delete your details from all future promotions and internal lists.

Sharing Information with Other Parties

We only disclose information about you in ways you would expect. This means, as discussed above, we will only use information to improve our website. In terms of disclosure, there is no instance where your details might leave our system. If you feel as if your name has been traded, please email us at

System Security

There is no reason for System Security as we require no informaiton from you by any forms necessary. If anything, we are giving you links on how to contact us throughout, by different Social Media types. Each type and usage is covered by a third party's security (an example would be Facebook which has its own security). Please review these different parties terms and conditions for their System Security, as we are not held responsible for third party's security.