Under The Influence Under The Influence

I have long been an admirer of the work of young choreographer/performer Kate Champion and was thrilled to hear she had won the Helpmann Scholarship last year. Her experience with the renowned DV8 physical theatre was of particular interest as I've always had a high regard for (and envy of) their wordless, emotionally charged depiction of the politics of human relationships.

With the show All of Me, it was apparent that in Legs on The Wall we had a company in this country with similar aims and outstanding levels of performance. So when I heard Kate was teaming up with Legs on The Wall I eagerly attended their workshop presentation and quickly decided that this remarkable new piece Under The Influence was one that should be shared with our Company B audience.

Whimsical, funny, troubling, weird and erotic, it looks at the hidden compulsions that paradoxically can both draw people together and drive them apart. How a relationship can go from a tender embrace to a suffocating trap. How our 'happily ever afters' are so often thwarted by the true, complex and fickle natures we hide from each other and ourselves.

directed byKate Champion
withBebra Batton, Veronica Neaves, Bernadette Regan,
Gavin Robins, Brendan Shelper
designJoey Ruigrock
soundMax Lyandevert
lightsMark Truebridge

Company B