The Judas Kiss The Judas Kiss

On my recent trip to Britain I was lucky enough to see David Hare's exhilarating new play Amy's View. Hare is one of the great dramatists of our time, absolutely at the peak of his powers, managing to articulcate the anxieties of our age - to embody them on stage through character and action.

I was lucky enough also to read Hare's most recent, extrordinary work The Judas Kiss.

The Judas Kiss plunges us into the drama of two critical moments in the last years of Oscar Wi1de: the day of his decision to stay in England to face prison for 'acts of gross indecency', and the night two years after his release when the lover for whom he risked and lost everything betrayed him.

Told with elegance and wit to rival that of his protagonist, this remarkable play stirs deep emotions as it traces, with a quiet but burning sense of outrage, the consequences of taking an uncompromisingly truthful moral position in a world defined by fear, expedience and conformity.

byDavid Hare
directed byNeil Armfield

Company B