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Autodesk Mechanical DeskTop 2005, Inventor 9 AutoCAD Mechanical 2005
AutoCAD 2005& AutoCAD LT 2005

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AutoManager Meridian 2004
Versatile, Scalable, Targeted Document Management,

Today a company's success is often measured by its abilty to compete on a global scale. Design teams can be located anywhere in the world and they need to stay connected and share information as if they were located in the same office. Companies also need to assure customers that their engineering teams can produce - quickly and efficiently - products that are both better engineered and of higher quality than the competition. Not only have businesses turned to 3D solid modeling as a means to increase accuracy and inprove overall product quality, but they are also embracing the Internet to support them in day-to-day activities. While advances in 3D design and prototyping have moved mechanical design forward, the lack of availability of design documentation slows collaboration and, therefore, time to market. Increasingly, the ability to perform changeorder management, remote markups and approvals, control analysis output and track all product documentation is required for global manufacturing success. Design professionals are looking for sophisticated document management systems that will ensure they are working in a safe and secure environment and can get the right information to the right people on time.

Manage all Documents
CAD models and drawings, are also about supporting documentation. The power of AutoManager Meridian makes it possible for companies to share a wide range of popular industry formats.

AutoManager Meridian fully intergrates with the user and group security model of the NT server to provide a maintenance free approach to user security. Documents are stored at the NT server in a secured location to prevent accidental deletion or unauthorized access.

Customize it to fit your needs
AutoManager Meridian is an EDM system that's flexible, fully customizable and can be adjusted to your needs over time. Customizing is possible through the AM-Meridian Configurator that is included with the software. You can also extend the system and program new functionality using Visual Basic 6.

AutoManager TeamWork 2004

AutoManager TeamWork is the premier document management add-on for engineering workgroups of 5 - 15 users. As the next generation of AutoManager Workflow, the world's most popular document management solution for engineering workgroups, AutoManager TeamWork incorporated more than 10 years of experience with workgroup support and productivity in day-to-day design tasks.

Managing the complexities of today's design workgroups

Todays CAD Manager is confronted with many time demanding issues including: implementing approval processes, managing the transition from 2D to 3d drafting, controlling the complexity of hybrid design environments, online collaboration, reducing cycle times and others.

AutoManager TeamWork provides a simple, reliable and complete enigneering document management (EDM) system that delivers the featurs you need most. Power your workgroup with:

Advanced capabilities include full support for mechanical engineering workgroup transitioning from 2D to 3D design tools. Seamless intergration with AutoCAD, Mechanical Desktop, Inventor, Solidworls and MicroStation, makes it easier for workgroups to manage both 2D and 3D drawings and related data through the document lifecycle.

AutoManager View
AutoManager View Screen Shot


AutoManager View is the fastest, easiest and most powerful document viewer available today. AM-View not only provides a quick way to view, print, compare and redline your most popular document formats, it also makes it easy to exchange those documents using Cyco's special "BriefCase" technology. BriefCases can be exchanged via your existing, MAPI compliant, E-mail system with co-workers, outside contractors, and clients. AM-View bridges the gap which often exists between the engineering department and the rest of the organisation. It is so user-friendly that everyone in the office - not just the engineers - can use AM-View to quickly access and view everything from AutoCAD and other CAD files to spreadsheets and word processing documents. AM-View brings departments such as Accounting, Quality Control, Marketing, Sales and Administration into the information loop.

For network users, AM-View is available in network ready packs of one (1) Additional Licence Pack, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 ALP's.

Autodesk Mechanical DeskTop 2005

For mechanical designers who prefer to create 3D designs in native AutoCAD ® software, Autodesk ® Mechanical Desktop ® 2005 unites 3D solid modeling with freeform surface and 2D/3D wireframe. Mechanical Desktop 2005 delivers improved design and detailing, enhanced workflow and standards compliance, and a built-in STEP translator. You can leverage legacy data by editing AutoCAD and imported solids directly, use add-on feature recognition to create parametric features automatically from nonparametric solids, and take advantage of our hosted service Autodesk Streamline™ to collaborate with your extended manufacturing team. And because Mechanical Desktop is updated with each new release of AutoCAD, you get the stability and ease of migration you expect.

Autodesk Inventor Series 9

Autodesk Inventor lets you focus on form, fit and function - not on figuring out your software.  Its intuitive features - like simplified menus, intelligently selected options and tools to pinpoint and repair failures - actually adapt to the way you work.  Try it, and discover the most liberating design enviroment you've ever experienced.

The revolutionary adaptive technology in Autodesk Inventor does away with the limitations of parametric design.  You'll handle large assemblies with ease.  And every user can count on up-to-date information, every time.  The application's adaptive technology boosts productivity tremendously - achieving the same results in half the steps required by traditional systems.

Autodesk Inventor is the one solution that focuses on the entire product development process.  You'll work more effectively with your partners.  Your products will get to market faster.  And when you need to conduct your business on line, Autodesk Inventor is ready for the WEB.

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AutoCAD Mechanical 2005

AutoCAD ® Mechanical 2005 is THE AutoCAD for 2D mechanical design and engineering, offering intelligent production drawing and detailing with standards-based design and content. AutoCAD Mechanical 2005 has enhanced design and detailing tools, built-in IGES translation, improved workflow and standards compliance, and simpler administration and deployment. The latest version of AutoCAD Mechanical helps you produce drawings, BOMs, and reports, and share your design data on Autodesk Streamline™, the new hosted project-collaboration service. And it operates seamlessly with Autodesk ® Mechanical Desktop ® 2005 as well as the premier 3D design system, Autodesk Inventor™. With AutoCAD Mechanical 2005 you can create designs AND leverage them for collaboration with your extended manufacturing team.

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AutoCAD 2005—It’s what you do with your design data.

You’ve come up with the perfect solution for a complex project. And you’ve produced a set of drawings to match: rich in content, flawless in execution. So now what? Your partners, consultants, and clients are all located in different places, and they all want your design information now. With AutoCAD  2005, you can get your design information where it’s needed— quickly, easily, and accurately. Its design collaboration tools help you maximize the value of your design data—by sharing files, accessing design resources, and meeting in real time with the entire project team. For the strategic competitive advantage.

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AutoCAD LT 2005. Connected. Collaborative. And powerfully 2D.

Design data. Whether you create, edit, or view it, you definitely rely on it to get your job done every day. With AutoCAD LT ® 2005 you’ll work more accurately, collaboratively, and productively. It’s the only 2D CAD program providing 100-percent DWG compatibility with AutoCAD ® 2005 - based products. That means you can open, edit, and exchange drawing files (DWGs) with complete confidence. A comprehensive Internet toolset streamlines collaboration between design team members—shortening cycle times and reducing costs. Plus drawing productivity tools like automated associative dimensioning help you create quality designs more efficiently. AutoCAD LT 2005. Connected. Collaborative. And powerfully 2D.

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