Mechanical Desktop vs. Autodesk's Inventor

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- Prologue.

- Past, Present and Future.
- Why Pay Again and if you have to how many times is reasonable?
- Tell Them Nothing More Unless You’re Paid!
- What It Costs if you cannot get relevant answers to your questions?
- Future Development One Most Important Feature Still to Come.
- Why Did I Do It?
- Background, mine.
- CAD and B-Doubles are fairy tales that have come true.

- Engineers Versus Accountants a Paper by Daniel Chan
- Inventor  $1500.00 ($AUS) Information Challenge

- Feedback and comments to

Digitizer Puck

Chair Leg

Tape Dispenser

Stirling Engine

Fry Pan


Laundry Trolley

Block A

Block B

Waves Dimples and Bits


Pump Impeller

Otto the Bin


Cams For All

The Challenge

Please Note!

These images and documents represent only a small portion of the work we have done comparing AutoCAD, Mechanical Desktop and Inventor.  The reasons behind and for the effort are detailed in the other documents but I will say here I was looking for a way and reason to change and to consolidate, but that change had to be profitable, and I believe what we have found proves beyond doubt that what is being offered as a solution is not! This was and continues to be very disappointing and costly.

The details in the documents are for discussion purposes, they are not provided to assist vendors in developing their products, as market research or as tools for competitors to use as whipping sticks.

If you, as a user of the products mentioned (or similar products) wish to know more about what, why and how or my comments please do not hesitate to ask.

R. Paul Waddington.

Updated 02/05/2003

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