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My Life with Arthritis.  Read about my first 58 years of experience with one medical complaint after another until I was almost crippled with arthritis. Starting when I was an infant up until I discovered I was a victim of natural chemicals in fruit and vegetables and artificial chemicals added to our foods.
Food Intolerance Network of Australia (FIN).  New data published in 1985 resulting from research done by the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Allergy Consulting Clinic, Sydney, revealed why the Dr Rheingold diet did not always work.  The 'Rheingold low salicylate diet' was based on measurements of salicylates in foods that had not been updated since the early 1900s.  The latest research available in 1985 was used to produce modern values.   The RPAH's  'Friendly Food'  book resulted from this research.
The Illawarra Local FIN Groups & Email Discussion Groups.  Many people across Australia have benefited from the work done by RPAH. Many families struggle with their children's sicknesses and behavioural problems. The drive to make food intolerance known to as many people as possible, and to try and help our children, has resulted in many families getting together. Families meet to share the company of others, communicate via phone, and many hundreds share their experiences on the Internet.
Sue Dengate's books available.  Different Kids; Fed Up; Fed Up with ADHD and Fed Up with Asthma.  Full details of price; postage and method of purchase are on my other website on which there is a return link back to here. The site is: www/foodintolerance.4mg.com.
Managing Amines.  Two people, dealing with very high sensitivity to amines (natural flavour enhances), have compiled a list of things to avoid.
Printer Friendly Files.  Stories or information available for download as text or document files to allow easy printing
My other Website.  www.foodintolerance.4mg.com  This site is being used to hold general information.
Talks and Seminars.  There is a great demand for knowledge about food intolerance. Any group of people coming together may be able to get the support of a guest speaker. I give my seminars and talks without charge. This is to encourage an awareness of the existence of food intolerance.
Food Intolerances.

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