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Double eXposure                                       A Fish Called Krycek

"Denial" by O.T.C. MK
Mulder and Scully think that having Krycek, quiet and beaten, in their care is the pathway to all the answers they seek. Neither of them are quite prepared for the rat’s machinations.
"We should have been friends," Krycek said, the words slightly slurred.
"In your dreams," Mulder growled, pulling his hand free.
"Yes," Krycek replied, completely serious. "In my dreams we are."

"Current Address Unknown by Maria  MK
Krycek’s private dreams and thoughts are delivered directly into Mulder’s hands.
My hands were cuffed behind me, and when he pushed against me it hurt like hell. When we weren’t kissing, I was begging him to uncuff me, I wanted to touch him, rip his fucking clothes off and touch every part of him. Memorise every inch of his body with my mouth, starting with his cock.

"Subaudition" by Torch MSk
Mulder does what he must to ensure the future of the X Files.
Moments later Mulder felt pressure against his anus, a finger slipping right in, deeper than he’d expected. "That’s cold."
"It’ll warm up," Skinner said, "You’re hot enough…"

"Wilderness by Sugar Rush MK
Set during Tunguska – sex, violence, lust, and revenge in a Russian Gulag.
"You’re a whore, Krycek, plain and simple – always were, always will be. I’ve got nothing left to say to you."

"Private Dancer" by Jill MK
Suspicious of his new partner, Mulder follows Krycek into the viper’s nest.
Shaking the hair from his eyes as he pulled the shirt off, Krycek drew the garment slowly over his shoulders, down the front of his chest before leaning over to wrap it around Mulder’s neck. Krycek, Mulder thought, was gorgeous, cheeks flushed, eyes blazing, mouth not quite open.

"Purely Fiction" by Gloria Lancaster MSk
Mulder and Skinner in a gay club? In leather and little else? Against the come-ons of the patrons, Mulder has little defence – against Skinner? None at all.
It would take too long to explain why he had his left hand on the right butt-cheek of a leather-clad Assistant Director of the FBI.

"Rat Tale" by Liza McGrath MK
Um… okay, this one I can’t explain.
He’s standing in front of the TV. It’s the only light on and it silhouettes him. He pulls the shirt open and the light catches it… just for a moment, I see wings. The trick of the light shining through the fabric… he reminds me of an Italian statue. An angel standing over a grave. I shiver.

"Spalniy Vagon" by Bren Antrim MK
Krycek walks right back into Mulder’s life, or so Mulder believes… at first. First appearances can be deceiving, so can second…
Mulder’s own jaw dropped. He didn’t know Krycek knew how to blush. The now painfully red young man opposite him slowly slumped into his seat, and dropped his face into his hands. "You don’t believe me either. You think I’m this Crutcheck person."

"The Shaft" by Elizabeth Holden MSk
Down a hole, in the dark, missing time, what a lark (I’ll have to apologise to Elizabeth for that one!)
He thought about what he knew about the Consortium, what he didn’t know about the men who ran it. He thought about Marita Covarrubius and the involvement of the UN in cloning activities. He thought about the time in forth grade when Sally Macintosh had laughed at him for his theory about plate tectonics. He tried very hard not to think about Assistant Director Skinner, six feet and one inch of stunning musculature and attitude.

"Krycek Unarmed" by Kal Romine MK
Maybe it’s a game of control, or revenge, maybe it’s pity. Mulder knows Krycek is still beautiful, but Krycek is the one who needs convincing.
Mulder kissed a quick trail past Krycek’s adam’s apple to the left side of his neck, kissing across the clavicle, then, slowly, down the shoulder.
"Mulder – Mulder, don’t –"
"Ssh, it’s all right, Krycek." Mulder nuzzled the amputation first, hoping to get Krycek warmed up to the idea.
"Mulder, you don’t understand how that feels."

"Fish are Jumping" by Jane Symons MK
Krycek finally finds a Mulder he can love, who can love him, but is it really Mulder? Where does this illusion end…?
When the phone rang, Krycek was busy.
He was being spanked with hard methodical slaps that resounded excitingly around the room. Soon Krycek’s buttocks would be on fire. He lay sprawled over the man’s legs, firm upturned cheeks high in the air, head almost touching the floor.

Poetry by Silk, Laura Trout, and Gwendolyn

Cartoons by Katy Deery, Art by Cody Nelson, Bernice Russell, and Liza’s husband. Titbits from Gwendolyn.

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A Fish Called Krycek
by Sarah Bellum
A Mulder/Krycek AU zine with with Additional Stories from
Jane Symons and Maria M
Art by Melanie And Bernice

(Flier wording supplied by Gillian Middleton – she recommends reading in a dramatic tone of voice as preferred by deep voiced men who announce upcoming movie attractions).

Coming soon to a zine near you!
Fox Mulder as Fox Mulder. Rules are meant to be broken, and this ichthyologist breaks them all!
Dana Scully as Dana Scully. What terrible secrets does Mulder's boss keep, and for what price?
Walter Skinner as Walter Skinner. How far will this mild mannered accountant go to keep the woman he loves?
And Guest Starring, Alex Krycek as A Fish Called Krycek! What secrets dwell behind this enigmatic face??
An Alternate universe story of epic proportions bought to you by the author of 'Sympathy For The Devil’. This story has everything: drama, fish, romance, fish, hot, steamy sex, and of course, fish!
For anyone who's ever dreamed a dream, chased a fantasy, or fancied a fish, this story reaches the pinnacle in a love that dares not squeak its name!

Both Zines– prices inc post & pack
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Double eXposure 144 pages is 134,784 words, tight formatting with good readability, 11pt text, laser printed and photocopied, spiral bound, double columns, public transport safe covers.
A Fish Called Krycek is 72 pages, blue perfect wrap around covers, partially colourised, laser printed.