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eXposure Sympathy for the Devil
Sympathy for the Devil is available online, hosted by the Marvellous Maria M. Click the title above to go to that site. It is also available as a free companion zine to eXposure, including the Once A Thief sequel written by Quill 'War of the Roses'.
"Phantom Pain" by Cody Nelson Mulder/Krycek
Mulder and Krycek have their own particular ways of dealing with their losses…
The tape had become an unvarying ritual, a dark path with steps that must be followed precisely, in order to avoid the pitfalls. Fucking Alex Krycek was a dangerous game, even when it was happening only in his own mind, and without the proper attention to the rites, he’d wind up stalking through the apartment looking for something to break, or sobbing in the floor, rather than curled up in a boneless puddle of steamy satisfaction.

"Homecoming" by Bren Antrim Mulder/Krycek
One of Bren’s strongest stories yet. Krycek comes back from Russia to take care of some unfinished business.
"It’s bandaged, Krycek. It’s not going to gross me out." Wary eyes, dark with expected rejection, slid sideways to meet his own. "It doesn’t matter to me, Alex," he added fiercely. "I’ve seen worse." Dark brows rose in disbelief, and he snorted impatiently. "Fuck it. When did talking ever convince you of anything? You lie too well. So do I." With that, he leaned down and traced the tops of the visible scars on the stump of Krycek’s left arm with his tongue.

"Temptation" by M. Fae Glasgow. Mulder/Skinner
A lush tail of seduction; Mulder sets out to get exactly what he wants… Skinner
And then, the final act of the short-sighted: he took his glasses off, finally truly naked. He stepped closer to the broad, pale expanse, close enough that the sweet line of shoulder came into clarity, the muscles delineated and smooth, the long, sweet dip of Mulder’s spine begging for the touch of his tongue.

"Left Buried" by Gillian Middleton. Mulder/Krycek
"I know that of all the things I’ve done, and all the things I bear responsibility for, I can feel no regret over my actions that night. What I did was not murder, it was execution."
Mulder knelt on the bed and pressed the gun to Krycek’s forehead so hard it left an impression. "And who gave you the right to judge my father?" he hissed, tears squeezing from the corners of his eyes. "Who gave you the right to execute him?"
Krycek closed his eyes. "The Government of the United States of America," he said clearly.

"Shark" by Elizabeth Holden. Mulder/Krycek
He could not tell which of many confused emotions was uppermost. Anger? Hatred? Triumph? Pleasure? "Alex," he said, as if it were a friend he was greeting.
The bright eyes flashed with ironic amusement. "Fox," replied Krycek, the mockery suffused and sultry. "Care for a game?"
"Many games," said Mulder. "Which one did you have in mind?"

"Then Something Else Will Happen" by Gloria Lancaster. Krycek/Skinner
Rescuing Krycek from the Consortium proves more rewarding than Skinner ever anticipated; a sexy twist on the usual pairings…
"This your way of saying thanks," Skinner growled, and his head tipped back, the sensation of those patient, wonderful hands on his cock getting better and better. This was insane, horrible, this impulse to give in, let Krycek pleasure him, let Krycek play whore, do whatever he wanted. And it could happen, it was there in every touch from those hands, every breath in his ear, now groaning in time to that push at his ass. "Sir, sir," over and over. Krycek would do whatever he wanted him to, would obey every order from now on.

"Grief" by Elizabeth Holden. Mulder/Skinner
Skinner is caught up and consumed by Mulder’s inexpressible anguish.
Skinner could not cry, but if he could have, he would have now, under the spell of Mulder’s consuming anguish.
Mulder did not cry. Nor did he speak. Instead, his eyes still on Skinner’s, he reached up and unbuttoned the top button of his shirt. Then the second…

"Not in this Zipecode" by Quill. Mulder/Krycek
Mulder finally finds his truth. Or rather, it finds him, takes him over, takes control of his life, and gives him every answer to every question he never had.
"They locked me away, Mulder. Locked me away so that I couldn’t betray them. But they forgot one thing, Mulder..." Alex Krycek opened his eyes and stared out at Fox Mulder.
Mulder looked into those eyes and to his horror a black film seemed to cover them. "Sweet Jesus… what are you?"

"Mulder in the Middle" by Spookette. Mulder/Skinner/Krycek
Sexy indulgent PWP with three of our favourite boys
Krycek was right beside him and he was making the most delicious noises. He propped himself up on an elbow and immediately discovered the reason for Alex’s moans. Walter had Krycek’s cock in his mouth and was working him intensely. He moved to press his lips against Krycek’s. His ex-partner wrapped his arms around him, clinging to him in his pleasure.
Alex broke off the kiss long enough to pant out, "Is he always this good?"
"Oh, yes, always."

"Dostoyevsky’s Tea" by Jane Symons. Mulder/Krycek
Mulder meets his match when it comes to onanistic style, and learns to have a little fun at the same time.
Dear Scully, I am having an interesting time here in St Petersburg. It is snowing again. My original plan may have been to bring Krycek back to Washington with me and put him in jail, but I don’t want you to think I’ve gone completely out of my mind when I tell you I am now hiding in a hotel room with him and we are both on the run from the Agency for Federal Security. We are planning to escape from Russia together. At least I will have some interesting holiday photos. Please feed the fish for me. Love, Mulder.

"Q-File" vignette by O.T.C. Read it, be surprised.

"Taking A Thief" by Gillian Middleton
A short, smart, Once A Thief story.
Vic finally gets as much as he can take of Mac’s smart ass ways…

Cartoons by Nola Frame-Gray and Sarah Bellum

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Sympathy for the Devil
By Sarah Bellum

Sympathy for the devil, a novella in zine form, presented as with eXposure, is 80,409 words, 106 pages, M/K (some K/Sk)

"I gave you the evidence I’d collected on you, gave it all to you and let them think I’d failed again. I took another strike against me in order to let you go on unmolested. And you threw me out, treated me like something you’d stepped in. And don’t tell me you’re the only injured party here were you ever planning on telling me you were married?" Krycek ran out of tirade as he ran out of breath.
Skinner turned away, his face flaming with anger and humiliation.
Skinner grabbed him by the throat, pushing him against the wall. "Don’t you call me that, you don’t have the right. Not any more."
Krycek smirked, slow and sly, his eyes cold, "How about... Daddy?"

A long twisted (in every sense of the word) novella, picking up after Apocrypha, referring back to Krycek's first appearance in Mulder's life, and onwards to Tunguska, Terma and beyond.

He picked up Mulder’s toothbrush, studied it for a moment, then licked it. He scrubbed his tongue, fooling himself he could taste Mulder’s saliva, then finally added paste and brushed his teeth, before helping himself to deodorant and cologne. The scents reminded him of Mulder, and he closed his eyes to savour them, remembering when they were partners, when he would invade Mulder’s personal space – just trying to be close to the man, and Mulder would casually lean back against him, or turn his head so their faces were only inches apart. So close Krycek could see the individual pores on Mulder’s skin and almost taste the clean, masculine scent of him, could have leaned over and run his tongue across the sharp lines of Mulder’s jaw, felt the slightest stubble... Krycek brought himself sharply back to the present.

Willingly and otherwise, Mulder and Krycek team up to fight: against mutual enemies; against each other, and against them selves.

Krycek stared out from the rooftop where he had climbed. It wasn’t a great view from here, mostly of the streets and surrounding suburbs, but this late at night the area was quiet. With the moon out, its light bleaching colour from the landscape ‘til everything looked like a black and white movie, moonlight kissing the details away. There was a peaceful unreality that allowed him to let go of all the confusion, pain, and anger. He breathed deeply – fresh air – tinged with car fumes, alcohol, cigarette smoke and left over smog. He’d enjoyed the recent past, the almost innocent affair with Mulder had come to an end unfortunately, and never again, no matter what happened, would they ever know that pure untainted joy in each other. For good or ill, any relationship they would have in the future (be it working, friendly, or even – he dared hope – romantic) would be tainted by their past.

This is not a 'skippy' story. Krycek as a tortured and desperate man, betrayed by his country and beliefs, and willing to do anything necessary to survive and destroy those who destroyed him. Mulder as bitter and obsessed, and as perverted as he ever is.

Krycek’s trembling hands rested against his cheeks, and Mulder could tell he was desperately trying to hold back from pushing Mulder’s head down, too polite to force Mulder to move. Mulder just waited, manipulating the testes in his hand – they were moist from his own drool, and soooo close right now. He continued to wait, his tongue never stopping, over and around, pushing against the heated shaft, until Krycek’s squeaks and cries bordered on the distressed – before pulling off, his lips pressed tight and hard, tiny indentation of teeth, then forcing down again. He slipped one finger into Krycek’s anus, moist with sweat, pressing in just one knuckle, rotating and pressing delicately. Over and over he lunged on Krycek’s cock, taking it deeply, until Krycek finally came, his whole body contracting violently with the force of the climax, snapping up, bending around Mulder’s head in a rictus of ecstasy

War of the Roses
by Quill

Inspired by Sympathy for the Devil. Quill takes the ‘Once A Thief’ characters (Vic and Mac, introduced very briefly in Sympathy) and continues their adventures, showing how their lives continue to intertwine with Mulder and the X-Files.

Adjusting the glasses Mac had given him, (these are a disguise? muttered a little voice in his head, then another added, Hey, they work for Clark Kent, don’t they?), and still blushing, while the two of them was hustled down the hall towards their offices, all Victor could think was, ‘Oh, God... what the hell has he been up to now...’

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