The White Rose of Night

The White Rose of Night was written some time ago by Felicity Granger, and the fanzine was originally only available in Australia due to its huge size.  At nearly 230 pages it was simply too expensive to post this great tome overseas.  Since then I've learned a few things about formatting, and have brought the fanzine down to approximately 150 pages, and fixed up a few other things.  Since it's now possible to post this fanzine overseas, I'm re-releasing it for a limited time.   You can see me for original copies, or contact AWS in the States for the new updated version.  You should be aware though, that this new version has no artwork (you can see some of the original artwork on my art page). 

White Rose is a wonderful AU based on the television show UFO, but set in the 12 century.  A very long romantic tale of the crusades, battles, and alien mystique.  White Rose is an example of the best of Felicity's writing as she gives us an incredible love story between Ed Straker, and his squire Paul Foster, from first glances, developing relationship, and on throughout their lives.  

In Australia this fanzine is $15 including postage, but contact Mysti Frank to get her prices for overseas.  It's laser printed, spiral bound, with public transport safe covers.

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